Day Collar

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A wedding band is a symbol of one's commitment to his spouse. It's worn 24/7 to let other people know that you have already found your better half and that you are no longer available for any romantic involvement with anyone else other than the one you married.

Couple shirts and couple accessories are affirmations of belongingness, and couples wear them proudly in public.

They say times have changed, and people are more open-minded. However, many people still raise their eyebrows when they see something out of the ordinary. When one is expressive about his BDSM lifestyle, he gets judged and frowned upon.

You have been screaming for collars that are discreet and wearable anytime, anywhere to signify your bond with your slave, sub, little girl, kitten, or pup. Rejoice, for right before you is a vast collection of day collars that every slave or sub can proudly wear in broad daylight without fear of being judged.

The extensive collection features a variety of designs that will delight both Master and slave. From simple to elaborate designs, there's no doubt these collars will up your submissive's styling game.

Seal your vows as Master and slave with chunky metal chains that are lockable with padlocks. These will turn heads and wow others as they are very fashionable accessories. Either men and women can sport them in their casual outfits.

You will also find dainty, elegant collars for your little girl to match with her little black dress. These neckpieces are beautifully handmade of lace or velvet adorned with bows, flowers, or pearl beads. Some also feature exquisite pendants. And if you're looking for more elegance and luxury to treat your princess right, go with shiny, shimmery rhinestone-encrusted collars that will go well with her formal evening dresses.

If there are collars for formal occasions, this extensive collection also offers PU leather chokers with metal spikes and studs. These will complete your partner's gothic or punk style. Impressed? We've got far more than you can imagine!

Feast your eyes on a variety of designs, and satisfy your fantasies. Your slave needs something stylish to remind her of your dominance and her submission. As such, we've made sure they won't slip off her neck. Lobster clasps, snap buttons, pin buckles, and padlocks are not only reliable and secure closures, but they are also quick to lock and unlock.

Most of these options are adjustable for a comfortable, snug fit. And as you can adjust them with ease, there are more than a dozen of collars that will embrace her neck.

We want your exciting sexual relationship to last, so we made our collars from A-grade materials. We used high-quality PU leather that is as good as genuine leather. Our metal chains are durable and are corrosion-resistant. Velvet and fabric materials will last as long as they are taken care of properly.

Our collection is so tempting that we don't have to tell you to browse through them. Add to cart whatever pleases you, and don't forget to check out.

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