Nipple Clamps

Do you think you've had enough of pleasurable pain? If that's what you think, we're here to prove you wrong and change your mind with our collection of nippie clips! This array of nip toys are designed to give you more than the satisfaction of having your nipples on lock, but it might help you achieve that long-awaited orgasm you've been craving for!

What might be underrated to you might not be anymore once you try them on! Tit clamp has been in use for many years, mostly for BDSM purposes. Your nipples are as underrated as this toy is. If you think they have no other purpose but to be watched by your partner as they sway and jiggle about, then you haven't been doing everything possible.

A tit clamp is created for one single purpose only: it's to restrict your nipples from getting the proper blood flow, making them numb. After the clamps are removed in about 10-15 minutes, the blood flow will come rushing back, and your nipples will be even more sensitive because of it. Every stroke, lick, and suck will feel even more stimulating, and this can help you achieve nipgasm at last!

There are different kinds of nipple clamps to cater to your needs. Most clamps are made from either metal or stainless steel, which are high quality, medical-grade, body-safe, and rust-resistant. These materials are sturdy and good enough to give your nipples some tough love! If you want something at a beginner's level or not into pain and punishment, you can gravitate towards our plastic clamps, which don't hurt as much, if not at all. The plastic material is also high quality and medical grade.

After settling on the material, you can start thinking about the style of the clamps. Beginners and first-timers can get our adjustable titty clamp. These clamps have screws or metal rings used to adjust the intensity level of the clamps so you can modify how loose or how tight you want your clamps to be. Butterfly clamps or clover clamps are considered the most torturous of all titty pinching devices as their spring mechanism only increases the pressure to its full potential. This can be perfect for BDSM people who are ready to go all out for a gratifying experience! Tooth-style clamps are also like adjustable type as their pressure level can be modified, but the clamps themselves have small and sharp teeth that can add to the stimulation of your nips, hands-free!

Do you think we’ve offered enough? Bet our nip plus clit clamp will amaze you even more! If you want to increase more of that pleasure you’re craving, grab this selection to satisfy more than one erogenous place in your body. Some of our nip plus clit pinchers are even available in tweezer style. With these tweezers clipping on your sensitive skin, you’ll enjoy a number of indescribable sensations!

Aside from the different styles, our collection also has different colors and additional decorations. The traditional silver metal to a gold-tone, with different colored rubber tips such as black, pink, red, and clear. You can also choose to have a hanging decoration such as a tassel or a charm dangling along. If you want to hear the sweet melody of your breasts dancing along to the sweet lovemaking, you can hear the bells jingle as your breasts jiggle.

Browse through our great collection of nip clips and pick your favorite pair...or pairs!

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