Squirting Dildos

Let that instinctual feeling of being pumped full of cum come to life with an ejaculating dildo. Find realistic cocks or extreme fantasy dildos, including monster, dragon and animal shaped dildos, all formed from body-safe silicone. Fill the pump of the dildo with warmed fake cum or lube, then squeeze at your climax to unleash a passionate torrent.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Squirting Dildos

What Do Ejaculating Dildos Feel Like?

When you squeeze the dildos bulb or syringe, you will notice an extreme feeling of warmth and wetness as the fake cum flows. Soft squeezes maintain that wet feeling, while hard squeezes result in toe-curling bursts of pressure internally.

How Can I Clean My Squirting Dildo?

Gently scrub your silicone squirting dildo with warm soapy water before and after each use. To clean the cumming tube and pump, fill it with warm soapy water by placing the tip in a bowl and squeezing the bulb or drawing the syringe up and shaking gently. Spray all the soap out, then repeat with non-soapy water to rinse.

Can I use real cum for my squirting dildo?

Yes. If you can get your hands on enough cum, it can substitute fake cum for a real breeding fetish. For a pleasurable alternative to the turkey-baster impregnation method, mix real cum with lube so there’s just enough to travel through the tubes.

How Much Fake Cum Will I Need?

Most squirting dildos can hold around 3.5fl oz or 100ml, though they don’t need to be completely filled up.

Unleash a Hot Torrent With a Squirting Dildo

Experience the simultaneous orgasm of your dreams with a squirting dildo capable of unleashing massive loads of warm, fake cum at the peak of your climax. These delicious dildos feature a squeezable pump which can be filled with lube or cum, adding even more pleasure to your sessions as the toy cums with you.

How to Use Your Squirting Dildo

Lovegasm Ejaculating dildos are all formed from body-safe, medical grade silicone, with some designs mimicking a realistic dildo, while others take a breeding fetish to the extreme with horse , alien and dragon dildos. Our cumming dildos deliver their load primarily with a soft, re-fillable bulb that can be squeezed with varying pressure to release as much cum as you want. Most other squirting dildos use a syringe which fits into a small pipe which runs through the shaft into the dildos urethra, allowing you complete control over the quantity of cum.

Choosing Your Fake Cum For Squirting Dildos

The best part of buying a squirting dildo is getting to choose the cum! There are plenty of products specifically designed for this purpose, with different consistencies and thickness and can serve as a lubricant in their own right. Water-based lubricants also make perfect fake cum, with an added bonus! You will never have to take your ejaculating dildo out as they also double as lube applicators. To re-apply lube, simply squeeze and keep yourself wet and ready without stopping. This makes them perfect anal dildos as stopping to frequently re-lube is a frustrating way to ruin an amazing session.

Silicone lube must be avoided as it can react with your silicone dildo and make it begin dissolve. While DIY fake cum recipes exist, these are not body-safe and can lead to yeast or bacterial infections. When shopping for fake cum, make sure it is listed as body-safe with a pH between 4 to 5 for vaginal use, or 7 to 8 for anal play to avoid harmful pH imbalances. If you love the feeling of hot, realistic cum squirting inside, Warm the fake cum in your microwave in 10 second bursts to avoid burning it, checking between warms that the temperature is not too hot. When you're ready to fill up your squirting dildo, draw it up with the syringe, or pour it into your bulb before re-attaching the hose.

Get your fill and feel realistic, intensified squirting orgasms inside as you ride.
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