Penis Sleeves

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Penis extenders are a fantastic way to add a couple of inches to your cock without pills, surgery, or pumping, and they can even help with some penile dysfunctions!

Wwhat is a Penis Sleeve?

This question appears to be the most obvious one, and to describe the toy, we will introduce the term penis enhancer. It pretty much sums up the whole point of this sex aid. This condom-like product is slipped over the penis to give it extra size and volume.

With many happy users all over the world, penis sleeves are proving to be one of the biggest hits on the market. There are two primary reasons for that:

  1. Enlargement pills don’t work.
  2. Penis pumps are slow and often a hassle to use

So sleeves are a much more efficient way to enhance the size of your organ and the pleasure of the recipient.

The number of shapes, colors, or kinky little add-ons you can find is almost infinite, so it’s not just a one-type-fits-all kind of toy. That’s why it is essential to do some research and find the one that suits your needs and desires.

Effects Of Penis Sleeves

The most important thing you should ask yourself is what you expect from your toy. Of course, this question sounds too vague, so to narrow it down, you can use some of the queries below as guidelines.

  • Do I need a longer dick?
  • Do I need a thicker dick?
  • Is my partner a sucker for size?
  • How kinky do we want to go?

The point of this little questionnaire is to help you determine what the best type of cock sleeve for you and your partner is. Let’s take a look at each question in more detail.


Don’t we all want to be just a bit longer? Well, now we can, at least during sex. Penis sleeves add those extra inches to your penis and make you not only look better but consequently feel like a porn star.

You can go anywhere from a little above average to monster-size in a matter of seconds. One of the best treats of the toy is that it feels natural, so using it feels realistic too.

Though some sleeves come with an extra-long top, they may feel a bit unrealistic during sex. However, going for super long is good if your partner is into deep penetration or if you are both turned on by long dicks.

Our advice is to go for those that add an inch or two to your size. If you have an average penis, that is still a decent extension.


Penis extenders start to shine when it comes to girth. And to be honest, it’s more about how thick a penis is than how long it is — at least when it comes to pleasuring your partner.

Having a girthier penis puts additional pressure on the G-spot and helps your lady reach an orgasm. So adding girth is always good, unless you are very thick already. But maybe even then!

Penis extenders designed to make your dick thicker are an excellent choice for beginners. They don’t look too scary so your partner won’t be intimidated, and wearing one feels like wearing a thick condom. Additionally, the inside of the sleeve will often have a special texture to add to the excitement!

All in all, experimenting with girth is the best starting point. Once you get the hang of it, you can explore further. We are sure that your partner will not object if your member gets slightly thicker.


The texture of a cock sleeve can be quite interesting as it can make those orgasms mind-blowing for both of you. As with many other sex toys, the texture of a penis sheath adds extra stimulation that plays with our senses in a way that is impossible during regular intercourse.

And we are talking about serious stimulation here. The inside of a penis sheath comes with knobs that provide extra sensation for the wearer, while the surface will enhance the pleasure for the recipient.

What’s so great about sex toys and penis extensions, in particular, is that they stimulate different areas simultaneously. Since that is next to impossible to do on your own, we discover a whole new meaning of sexual pleasure once we start using them.

When it comes to penis sheaths, the texture plays an important role. For the wearer, it is vital to keep the feeling realistic. On the other hand, the recipient can benefit in various ways and even fulfill some of their kinkier fantasies because there are sleeves that have spikes, bumps, or even ridges. If your partner is willing to experiment, you should check these out.


What would a sex toy be without the vibration option? As we see more gadgets with this feature, most of us are tempted to give them a go. And speaking from personal experience, we should!

The thing is that you can be long enough, thick enough, and enduring, but your dick can never vibrate. And vibration is a clear path to orgasm. Vibration makes women go crazy and scream with pleasure, and adds a completely new sensation for men.

Some sleeves have built-in little bullet vibrators that turn your thick, long penis into a high-performing sex machine. Being a treat for all senses and a sure hit in the orgasm department, the vibrating sleeve will not disappoint. Unfortunately, these boys can be a bit pricey. If you are unsure how you or your partner will react to it, start with a regular, non-vibrating cheaper version.

Size Definitely Matters

Since we are using penis sheaths to add some size to our trooper, this discussion may seem obsolete. However, we are talking about the size of the toy, and that is something you should pay close attention to.

Not all sleeves are created equal, and you must choose the right size for it to work. Yes, they are all made of elastic materials that stretch, but not every sleeve is made for every dick.

When picking up the extender, be sure to read the description and understand what the idea behind that particular model is. Also, your size will determine what type of cock sleeve will work for you.

The best-case scenario is that you have an average organ because you will be able to choose from a variety of products. Most extenders will fit best on average penises since most of us have those.

If you are smaller or larger than a average Joe, make sure to check if the product comes in all sizes. Usually, the manufacturers will have a chart with sizes, so take the ruler, measure your penis, and buy the right toy.


We should be highly conscious about the material our sex toys are made of, and penis sleeves are no exception. It is of the utmost importance to get a product made of a body-friendly material as it is the only way to avoid injury and infection.

To cut a long story short, you should get a silicone extender. It is the best material for several reasons.

  • It feels natural.
  • It’s flexible.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is durable.

The downside is that it can be pricier. However, that doesn’t mean you should get all thrifty about it. The market is flooded with cheap products, and sleeves made of plastic and rubber can be harmful, so make sure you avoid them.

Silicone fits better than any other material. It will give the most natural feeling to intercourse and carries little risk of hurting yourself or your partner. Silicone is also much easier to look after, only needing a cloth and soapy water to keep clean.

Most other materials are porous and develop tiny holes or get damaged, which can turn them into nests of bacteria. In such a case, a regular cleaning procedure will not suffice.

Overall, we think it’s better to be safe than sorry, so we advise you to invest in your toy. On the plus side, silicone extensions last longer, so it’s a win-win combo.

How to Use Penis Sleeves

Extenders are easy to use, so you shouldn’t have any issues with putting them on. The tricky part is to get used to them in the beginning. Once again, we cannot stress enough how crucial it is to choose the right size and material.

If you are new to penis sheaths, you should start with a model that has a strap-on that goes around the balls for stability. It is much easier to relax if the sleeve doesn’t move, and you don’t have to worry whether or not it will come off.

The best advice we have is to try it on before sex to make sure you get accustomed to it. Just wear it around on your own. Most guys get aroused just by looking at their improved penis size, so it may even be an overture to an exciting solo session.

Also, once you start with the play, make sure you begin slow and gentle. A sudden increase in penis size may be strange for your partner in the beginning. Both sides need to adjust to the enhanced penis.

When you become a pro user, you can experiment with the size and texture, as well as the positions and the intensity of the intercourse. For beginners, it is better to use safe angles and to be extra careful.

Cleanliness Equeals Godliness

With the risk of stating the obvious again, you need to take care of your sleeve. So always clean it before and after use. Besides water and soap, you can use a body-safe disinfectant, but if you made the smart choice and bought a silicone toy, a simple, thorough wash will do. It is equally important to store the sheath properly. Use the original packaging and keep it dry. By following these simple instructions, your toy will last longer, and you won’t have to worry about infections and injuries.

You should get rid of the sleeve if it:

  • Gets damaged.
  • Changes in color or texture.
  • Starts to feel uncomfortable for you or your partner.

While sex toys are all about adventure, staying healthy and safe should come first. You can always get a new toy, while injuries and infections can have severe consequences. In other words, the best penis sleeve is a safe penis sleeve.

Lube Is Good

Although many people fail to realize it, quality lube should be a part of any sexual play. That also applies even if you are not using toys. Lubricant prevents injury, enhances comfort, and makes everything a whole lot easier.

In the case of dick sheaths, it is obligatory. Before putting on the extender, apply some water-based lube around the glans, as it will help the sleeve fit easier. However, don’t go overboard because you can produce the opposite effect.

For penetration, on the other hand, use lube generously. Your partner may be all about the size, but the chances are that they will need to adjust to the new you. So lube will make everything feel comfortable and effortless.

The Talk

You should always discuss the idea of a dick extension with your partner before you run off and buy a king-size sleeve. Although we love this toy, not everyone reacts to it well in the beginning.

As with any other gadget, both of you must be on board with it. This conversation may feel odd at first, but most couples benefit immensely from it and can freely continue to explore and experiment in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. Still, make sure you have that talk.

Penis Sleeves and Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the number-one sexual dysfunction in men, and though many will shy away from the topic, it is a widespread issue. But is there such a thing as premature ejaculation treatment? Well, there are many ways to help people with this problem, and penis sleeves fit into the category.

You’ve probably heard of the special condoms that help men last longer during sex, right? They come with numbing agents that make you less sensitive, thus allowing you to go that extra mile. Unfortunately, these agents can sometimes be too much, and many guys complained that they even lose their erection because of them. That is when the penis sleeves can come in handy.

Since your dick is wrapped in silicone, it will feel numb, and you will not be as sensitive as you are during skin-to-skin play. That alone can make you last longer! Make sure you choose a plain penis sleeve, as a textured one will provide more stimulation and could make you finish even faster.

It may also be useful to practice on your own first. You can stimulate yourself while wearing the sheath and perform some control exercises. That is an excellent way to start because you can focus on yourself and don’t have to worry about your partner. Another fantastic toy for this situation is a masturbation sleeve.

The truth is that we all obsess over our stamina. Even guys that don’t have PE issues always want to know how to last longer during sex.

Nevertheless, please be aware that premature ejaculation is a complicated issue. It is usually psychological, but other factors like chronic illnesses or a bad diet can also contribute to it. Since these causes can intertwine, it might be wise to consider seeing a therapist or doctor to achieve the best results.

Dick Extenders and Erectile Dysfunction

Sheaths can come in handy for various penile issues. One of the most common ones is when a man cannot maintain an erection. Some products are designed for this particular problem and do wonders for people who have it.

Guys who are struggling with erectile dysfunction should look into cock sleeve models that come with a ball strap-on. Essentially, they are a combination of a dick extender and a cock ring. While the texture of the sleeve provides additional stimulation, the ring prevents the blood from returning to the body and keeps you hard.

Also, many men who have smaller penises simply feel inadequate, and this toy will make them more confident and relaxed. Giving their partner an orgasm is the best way to boost their manliness. And that is what extensions can help with.

A lot of us fear that we underperform in sex. In many cases, it may have nothing to do with us. We can have a partner that simply needs more time to come or does not have particularly loud orgasms. Although penis extenders can be a hefty novelty, we also advise being open with your partner because a simple heart-to-heart can resolve many issues.

In the End

It seems that there are no cons when it comes to dick sleeves. They are fun, user-friendly, and exciting! Once you enter this world, the possibilities become endless. You can be spiky, you can be hung like a horse, and you can even change colors! But most importantly, you will get to explore your sexuality and have a better sex life, so sleeve up!

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