Silicone Penis Sleeve

Whether you want to upsize your cock's girth or length, wearing a penis sleeve can give you an instant upgrade without going through painful and expensive surgeries. It also saves you from wasting your money on penis-enhancing drugs that cannot guarantee results. And if you're looking for a sleeve that feels as smooth and silky as your penis' skin, then take a closer look at our collection of silicone penis sleeves.

Some women wear push-up bras to enhance their bosom, and they're not getting judged for it. So, if you're reluctant to wear a pleasure tool that will boost your manhood, don't be. In today's day and age, enhancing your package's size to make sure you're providing ultimate sexual satisfaction is no longer a taboo. With a girthier and extended phallus, you can reach your partner's sweet spot without putting too much effort.

And what better way to enhance your junior's size but by wearing a sleeve that is not only skin-friendly but also feels real and life-like. Silicone is the most preferred material of sex toy enthusiasts. After all, it has all the desirable features you'd want your pleasure tool to have. First, silicone toys are very durable and stretchable. And a tensile cock sleeve means that it can give your phallus a tight and snug fit. Hence, it stays secure, will not slip or get loose as you destroy your partner's puss. Plus, this tight squeeze can also help you delay your jizz. As this elastic sheet traps your blood inside your dong, you can enjoy harder and firmer erections that last long.

But there's more to these silicone sleeves than their evident and physical attributes. This material is famous for its non-toxic and nonporous structure. And since it has a life-like touch, wearing a silicone cock sleeve feels as if you have an extra-skin around your shaft - a skin that is free from odor and phthalates.

Our collection of silicone toys features a repertoire of sheaths in different shapes, colors, and sizes. From realistic, spiky, or ribbed designs, these erotic sleeves are sure to satisfy each of your desires. Do you want to wear a sleeve with a natural skin tone? Or perhaps, one as deep and dark as your desires? Better yet, get crazy and try our silicone sheaths with bright and vibrant colors. Alternatively, you can also make your nights wilder by getting cock enhancers with a vibrator. This small vibe will arouse your partner's clit or perineum. Additionally, some sleeves have an elastic ball ring for added security and improve your stamina's longevity.

Keep your silicone cock sheath as good as new by being consistent in washing it with warm water and mild soap. For more comfortable wear, you can apply a sufficient amount of water-based lube inside the sheath. And of course, don't forget to smother the outer surface with lots of it for a slithering and toe-curling entrance. Drastic temperature changes can ruin a silicone sleeve's luscious structure, so make sure to keep it in a storage that is away from heat or sunlight exposure.

Giving your dong an upgrade can also boost your confidence. At the same time, your partner will surely appreciate your effort to provide him or her with maximum orgasmic satisfaction. Beef up your secret weapon, and get your silicone cock armor now!

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