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Give your body the love it deserves with our range of sex toys for men. Enjoy intense hands free orgasms with a prostate massager or enhance masturbation with pocket pussies and male masturbators. Or lock your cock up in a chastity cage, experiment with new sensations with a urethral plug and many more.

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Just because men can orgasm quickly and easily, doesn’t mean they should. There’s a whole host of pleasurable toys that can enhance a man’s experience and make any sexual activity feel more intense and enjoyable.

There’s lots of reasons for men to avoid sex toys, such as:

  • Sex toys are only for women.
  • Sex toys make me less of a man.
  • Anal play is painful.
  • Anal play is gay.
  • I don’t know which sex toys to use.
  • I’ve never thought about sex toys.

Luckily, none of these are real reasons not to try sex toys. Don’t be one of those men who misses out. Start enjoying everything your body has to offer with our selection of toys specifically tailored to the male body.

Types of Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys fall into two distinct categories: sex toys that men can use as well, and sex toys designed for men. The former may have additional features to improve a man’s pleasure, or be exactly the same toys used by women, while the latter will be tailored to a man’s body and be unusable by women.

Lets start with the toys designed for men:

Cock rings are, unsurprisingly, designed to go on a man’s penis. While they won’t produce any pleasure on their own, they improve almost anything a man does with his cock. Masturbation, sex, or even using other sex toys are all enhanced. These simple rings are placed around a man’s penis to restrict the blood flow. This lets you have stronger, harder and longer lasting erections, and stronger, more pleasurable orgasms. Some cock rings even include vibrators , adding an extra level of stimulation to your play.

Male masturbators , pocket pussies and jelly eggs are a collection of products specifically designed to enhance a man’s masturbation. All of them are designed as artificial vaginas which a man can use on his penis in a similar way to his hand. They come in a variety of shapes and styles, with different ridges and grooves to provide extra stimulation. Some even have heating or vibrating functions!

Truly adventurous men may take on a penis plug . These simple rods are placed inside the urethra, allowing a man to experience penetration in a way unlike any toy. You should approach these toys with caution as incorrect use could be painful or even dangerous, but when used correctly they can provide a totally unique kind of stimulation.

For some men, an orgasm isn’t the goal. Instead, they like to be restricted and controlled by their partner. For these men, a male chastity device is the ideal tool. Commonly called a cock cage, these are placed over a man’s penis and locked in place. While worn, they prevent erections of any kind, and only with good behavior will they be allowed out to enjoy themselves.

Prostate massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate gland, which is only found in men. This gland, sometimes referred to as the p-spot, is able to provide much more intense pleasure and even orgasms that don’t require penile stimulation. The prostate orgasm is difficult to reach, but a prostate massager allows direct stimulation of the gland, making the journey much easier.

Any men who are a little on the smaller side may want to take a look at cock sleeves . These handy toys are similar to dildos, but hollow, so you can slot your penis in and experience what it’s like have a larger cock.

Another option for the lesser endowed is a penis pump . These tube-like devices are designed to create a vacuum around your penis and encourage blood flow to create larger erections. While there’s heavy debate on whether or not the effects can be permanent, in the short term they can definitely give you a bigger erection to take advantage of in the bedroom.

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from when looking for a male sex toy, but that’s not even all of them! Men can still enjoy dildos , strap ons , vibrators , butt plugs , anal beads , or even bondage and BDSM toys.

Making the Most of Male Sex Toys

With so many different toys to try out, it can be overwhelming at first to decide what you’ll enjoy the most. Depending on your interests, different toys may be more appropriate to your pleasure. Check out some of the articles below to get a feel for which toys might work best for you:

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No matter your preferences, there’s plenty of pleasure waiting for you in Lovegasm’s sex toys for men collection. All you need to do is be brave enough to take the first step.
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