Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device
Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device
Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device

Men naturally think about sex more often than their lady counterparts. That's just human nature. However, what if you have the power to control the sex drive of your husband or lover? If you are interested to know how, we have the perfect device made for this purpose!

Say hello to the Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device that will encapsulate your lover's penis. Imagine putting your man's dick inside a birdcage. This is what our product is all about.

The Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device is made from high-quality metal. It has several ring-like shapes to limit the sensations that your man can feel. The chastity cage measures 3.86 inches at its longest side, 3.31 inches in its interior size and 1.42 inches in diameter.

Aside from the cock cage measurement, another thing to consider is the ring diameter of the cage. We have an assortment of ring sizes to fit your man's penis. Select from our small, medium, or large ring sizes to get the perfect fit.

It is absolutely critical to get the right size for your man's dick. It must not be too tight or else the blood circulation will be cut off. It must not be too loose or else your man will have an erection which defeats the purpose of having a cock cage.

Estimate your man's member by determining the dick's circumference. Using a measuring tape, take note of the measurement just behind the balls. Once you have the number, divide it into two to get the diameter. To get the length, use the same measuring tape and figure out how long the penis is in its flaccid state.

Once you have the Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device, attach it to your man's penis. Using the brass lock and key set that came with this chastity device, secure your man's cock inside the cock cage. While in the process of doing so, you can discuss the rules like how long he should be wearing it and other important stuff. You can let him wear it for a few hours or a few days. Once you set him free, we are sure that you will have the best sex you ever had!

Make him a happy camper with our Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device today!

Color/Type Silver
Material Metal
Ring Dimension (inches) Diameter: 1.57, 1.77, 1.97 
Cock Cage Dimension (inches)

Length: 3.31, 3.86 (full-length)

Width: 1.42 


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Ring Bearer's Metal Chastity Device

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