Male Chastity Devices

Let's face it. In the world of sex, women have it all. Almost every pleasure tool is made for their satisfaction.

But it makes sense, doesn't it? It's so easy to create a toy for every vagina. Any object can be used in or on a lady's love tunnel, giving them endless options to fulfill their sexual desires.

We're here to change that. It's time to give men their right to attaining their manly needs. Our collection of Male Chastity Devices has the right products for your erect soldier.

Or should we say frail? A real bonafide male chastity device has a sole purpose, and that is to prevent any manhood from erecting.

In a dom-sub relationship, anything can happen. Even women are taking over and having their men beg on their knees. If you love the feeling of being owned and controlled, then you're in the right collection.

Feast your eyes and flip through our dozens of products available to keep every cock on the lock. They all have different shapes and sizes to suit every need and fetish. But they all bring the same results. It just depends on how your mistress to use it. In this sex toy, she's the boss.

Most of our items are made from stainless steel or metal. These cold and hard materials give a sense that your precious package is indeed behind bars. You might have been a bad boy, so your mistress decided to do something about it. Or it's a fool-proof way to make sure that you're not penetrating anyone else's holes while she's not around. Either way, these are the toughest materials available.

If your lady still has a bit of compassion for you, she might go for our silicone, plastic, or leather options. Silicone and plastic still keep your cock at bay—but unlike metal—these materials are more forgiving and easier on the skin. Choosing leather only means that your woman wants you to be immobile in the most stylish way possible.

All of these materials have passed our strict quality tests. Just because we promote cock submission, that doesn't mean we shouldn't do it in the safest manner. Our metal cages don't rust, and most of our cages are easy to clean. Our leather products are soft and feel very high-quality.

Your lady can choose the design depending on how she intends to use you. A full enclosure devoids your manhood's right to see the light of day, while a few windows of opportunities here and there just gives her the privilege of teasing you whenever she feels like it.

There's absolutely no excuse to take it off once it's on. Each device has ample space at the tip just enough for urine to pass through, so you have no choice but to go while it's still on.

Different locking mechanisms are fashioned onto each device to keep your shaft at bay. Only your mistress has access to the keys, so there's no use trying to break free.

Are you ready to give yourself to the woman you worship? Only you can answer this with one of our Male Chastity Devices.

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