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Within the male body is a hidden pleasure button. The prostate, also known as the p-spot, can produce incredible pleasure, and even prostate orgasms can be achieved without touching the penis. It can be awkward to locate with fingers, so try a prostate massager which is shaped to hit all the right spots and vibrate, then lay back and enjoy.

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Men spend far too much time thinking about their penis, and not enough time thinking about the rest of their body. It’s time for the prostate to have it’s moment in the sun with our great range of prostate massagers.

What is the Prostate?

Often men will go through a significant portion of their life without even knowing about their prostate gland. But this little gem is a unique part of the male body that can offer plenty of pleasure if stimulated in the right way.

Situated in a somewhat awkward position, the prostate gland is deep inside a man’s body. Found just below the bladder, it is responsible for controlling what comes out of the penis. Tubes for both urine and semen run through the gland, and it will open or close either tube when necessary.

The little known fact is that this gland is also a pleasure center. Sometimes referred to as the p-spot, simulating the gland can be very pleasurable, and for some lucky men can even lead to a prostate orgasm (an orgasm without any penile stimulation at all)!

How to Stimulate the Prostate Gland

Due to it’s unfortunate position, actually stimulating the prostate gland can be quite difficult. There’s two options you have, going through the perineum, or the anus.

Stimulating through the perineum is the preferred option for some men, as they don’t have to put anything in their butt. With this method, you find the softer skin on the perineum (or gooch), and press down on it, stroking back and forth. If you find the right spot, you should feel it on the gland deep inside.

Entering through the anus provides a much more direct route to the gland, and gives much more intense stimulation. By inserting a finger and curling it towards your belly button, you should be able to touch and stroke the gland directly.

Of course both of these methods leave a lot to desire, so there’s a sex toy that can make prostate stimulation simple and easy. Enter the prostate massager.

What is a Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is a sex toy that is similar to a butt plug . Rather than a simple bulb though, prostate massagers have a unique curved shape. This allows them to touch the prostate gland once inserted and provide all the stimulation you need.

The simplest models don’t do much on their own, and you’ll have to either leave it in place or move it back and forth once it’s inside. Some models come with additional features, such as heat or vibration, giving you the chance to experience prostate pleasure completely hands free.

Depending how deep your prostate gland is (every man is different), you might need to choose a larger model to make sure it reaches. Its a little bit trial and error, but finding the right one is completely worth it.

You can also choose between metal and silicone versions, each with their own benefits. Metal models are firmer, and will provide much stronger stimulation, while silicone models are softer and have a bit of flex to them, which can make positioning easier.

How To Use a Prostate Massager

When you’re ready to give it a try, using your massager is simple and easy. Just like any other toy, make sure you use plenty of lubrication on both the toy and your anus to help it slide in easier. If you’re less experienced, start with a finger or two and rub the anus in gentle circles before inserting your finger slowly. Once you’re used to a finger add another, before moving onto the massager itself.

Gently push it inside, with the curve facing forwards towards your belly button. You don’t have to insert the whole thing at once, and can take breaks whenever you feel like you need to. Once it’s in position, you should feel it pushing against the gland, and it might make you feel like you need to pee.

Then you can simply leave it in place and go about your business (sexual orgasms are particularly intense while wearing a massager), gently move it back and forth to rub the gland, or if it’s a vibrating or heated model, turn it on!

Reaching a full prostate orgasm isn’t something every man will experience, but combining your massager with masturbation, sex or other toys can provide much more intense and explosive orgasms than you might be used to.

Stop thinking with your penis! Try a Lovegasm prostate massager and open yourself up to more pleasure than ever before.

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