Aneros Prostate Massager

The greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places—like money in the house wall or sex toys inside a shoebox. However, the finest of all lurks deep inside a man's asshole, the erogenous P-spot, or primarily known as the prostate gland. Get it well-massaged, and you'll experience extolling orgasm far different from the regular ones you have had from wanking your dick. Sounds pretty exciting, huh?

Well, here at Lovegasm, we provide you one-of-a-kind prostate massaging with our top of the line products. Achieve this and more with our Aneros Prostate Massager Collection.

With its signature look of a plug sitting on a helix, you'll never mistake other prostate massagers from this type. Some of the products in this selection got an arm or two to provide you with double or triple stimulations. The plug takes care of your P-spot while the tab is meant to rouse your prostate externally through your perineum. Should you get the trident design, you still get to experience the same with the only difference of adding your tailbone for enticement to experience delight running up your spine. If you got the single-tab type, don't fret; you'll still get the same pleasurable experience. Remember that the key takeaway in this collection is to invigorate your prostate gland internally and externally. That's all that matters.

Our products come in various materials ranging from the soft and supple silicone, ABS, and TPE to firm and unwavering glass. You can lay your guards down and put your worries to rest as these materials highlight ease of insertion above all else. Alongside these properties is the commendable quality of sturdiness, making all the toys efficient and long-serving. They are all hypoallergenic and delicately manufactured to give you dents-free toys ready for action.

All the gizmos included a promise to be exceptionally dedicated not only for the prostate massage adepts but also for the novices. With its narrow tip coming from the idea of a real-life pecker head, you get to insert your toy of choice easily inside your asshole.

Unlike its vibrating and electric pulsator powered counterparts, patience is the key to this type of prostate massagers. Other users have reported unable to feel any sort of excitement upon getting the toy inside their ass, but that should not be the case. Once the toy is in, you will have to work that Kegel and sphincter muscles of yours. You have to do an alternating contraction and relaxation of these muscles to exhaustion. It will soon clamp on your butt, and you might feel daunted that you might not pull it off. Don't worry; that's relatively part of the magic. Once the muscles tire out, that's when the prostate milking kicks in, and its effect is as magical as you can imagine. It radiates all over your body.

The toys that made it up in our collection come with different colors too. They may be in neutral black and white shades or chromatic tinges. You are free to get whatever hue that matches your personality.

Proper lubrication is vital to all backdoor entries. Make sure never to skip this part to avoid crappy and painful sphincter skin tearing. It is worth taking note of the solution that best fits with the material of each toy. Silicone devices match perfectly with the water-based solution as it doesn't pose risks of surface deformations. In contrast, the rest contents, such as ABS, TPE, and glass, can be partnered with any lubricants.

The high qualities of the devices and your best sexual health lie significantly with your proper handling. Clean the toys before and after use by washing them with warm water and mild soap. You may opt to put the silicone-based ones to boil for 5 to 10 minutes for sterilization; however, you shouldn't do the same with other toys of different materials. The heat will erode the plastic-based devices while the glass one may not withstand extreme heat and shatter to pieces.

Now that the secret is out, try the goodness of getting a prostate massage now! Buy one of the products in our collection, or if you're feeling generous to yourself, why not get them all? Everything here is definitely a worthy collectible item.

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