Glass Prostate Massager

Finally, your dream P-spot massager made of glass! Yes, you are reading it right. You will never have to deal with usual silicone adult toys in your bed and upgrade your sensual experience to a much more substantial, hefty glass-made massager.

Using a glass sex toy is the perfect way to stimulate the anal canal. The P-spot is located around 2 inches inside the rectum. With these firm and reliable glass toys, you will have no problem reaching this spot to achieve maximum pleasure. Glass has that heaviness that will make for a rougher play. Another plus is this material will always feel hard and dense, just like how you want it in rougher sex.

Out of all the materials in sex toys, you are most likely to be a little bit intimidated by the glass and understandably so. You always picture them out as a mirror, thin and fragile.

However, these beautiful pieces are not just made of any ordinary glass. We made sure to incorporate high-quality materials for each of the parts to make sure cuts and dreaded accidents do not happen. Each piece has a solid internal structure that will support all your fantasy sex positions.

In this collection, we gathered different kinds of glass toys to accommodate your changing needs. We have single head plugs, curved shafts, straight and ribbed designs. Each pattern will cater to a myriad of your demands.

Moreover, we added a range of sizes from large glass massager to regular-sized ones so that you can grab the sex toy you feel will fit your level in terms of ass play.

We also added stand-out pieces in terms of color as we know you want to own something that will express your individuality. This collection has beautiful whites, dainty pinks, exquisite hues of black, and some in-betweens to choose from.

These pieces' undeniable beauty is also one of their advantages. Crystal glass has that luxurious charm that is both subtle and awe-inspiring. You can even place them as a decorative addition to your room.

Furthermore, these toys are an excellent medium for temperature play. You can place the product on a cold, ice bucket or a warm bowl of water. Afterwhich, feel the definite change in temperature on the back of your hands before grazing it over your sensitive areas. It will perk you up like never before!

Playing with a versatile tool still requires you to do basic care and hygiene practices to ensure you have a safe session. Adult toys like glass prostate stimulator, glass butt plug (also called anal plug), and other glass-made sex toy is easy to clean. Always do a physical inspection and guarantee no cuts or abnormal protrusions are on the surface. You then have to wash this piece with water and soap before and after each use.

You can use all lube types in terms because glass sex tools are not as sensitive compared to their silicone counterparts. Just make sure you add the right amount to make the entry on the ass easier.

It takes a leap of faith for the best experiences to happen. Don't dwell on routine and shake things up a bit. A little change can be what you have been needing.

Grab any of these pieces today!

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