Electro Prostate Stimulator

Welcome to the SHOCK-ing truth of a good bed encounter! All these enticing pieces are yours for the taking if you have enough courage to try a different bedroom experience.

One thing is for sure, all these products are extraordinary, and when you get a hold of how they work, you will never get back to your old dildo or regular P-spot stimulator.

Our Electro Prostate Stimulator collection will truly amaze you because it can offer a new wave of energy to upgrade your bedroom sessions. These electrosex kits comprise of several sex toys that will enable you to explore various ways to use one toy or maybe two items combined with the other.

Each of these selections has unique toy inclusions so that you and your partner can choose the kinds of electric products you want to work with. We have sets that include a butt plug, a pair of breast cups, and some penis rods for those who want to explore a triple delight kind of play.

We also cater to specific needs for those beginners in electrosex. This collection has a diverse P-spot massager and cock rings designs for those who want to activate a particular body area. Whatever your preference, these sets are ready to stimulate your prostate.

Furthermore, we have an assortment of materials to suit your needs. We have stainless steel products for those who love the firmness of steel on their body. Moreover, we included silicone, ABS, and some very reliable plastic pieces for those who prefer bendability in their sessions. All are high quality to ensure you have the best playing experience.

Dealing with electricity to give you that sexual high, you always have to prioritize safety to avoid any untoward effects. Make sure to test the electric pressure on the back of your hands before attaching the electrodes in the anus or on any sensitive area. Remember that with electrosex anal activities, you want to accomplish that pleasurable pain and not painful pain. If you're new to these, it's always a good idea to search for more things you need to know before using toys for electric stimulation.

The electrical effect on your body will ignite a different kind of excitement. These toys will enable you to direct the charge on a particular body part or distribute it to a specific area. The power source will give you tons of modes and options for you to explore.

If you suffer any heart-related disease, pregnant, or have any stainless steel inside your body (e.g., bone plates or steel rods), you will have to pass on toys that electrify a part of your body. These include the anal plug vibrator, vibrating butt plug or vibrating anal plug with electric shock stimulation, and other products involved in this kind of play.

During the session itself, make sure you prep yourself well by washing the body area you want to stimulate. Make sure you wipe off excess water and dry the surface of your ass before attaching an electrode.

You should also make sure to disinfect this toy with a 70% solution. To make sure you enjoy these pieces for a long time, store them well on a separate container away from any form of wetness.

Electrical stimulation has been around for a long time. If you consider yourself a risk-taker, then any of these sets are excellent for you! Just remember that if you have a partner, it's always right to start a personal discussion before jumping on this journey.

Try one, maybe try on two! We have lots of surprises for you. Get on the electrosex bandwagon and discover why electric play in bed is a favorite, not just for the young, curious crowd, but also for established couples looking to upgrade their sex life.

Choose your weapon today!

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