Knotted Wolf and Dog Dildos

Don't shy away from the call of nature—embrace your primal side with a dog dildo. The unique shape of dog and wolf dildos offers an intense ride, with the knotted base waiting to be slid over before the dildo locks in. Try an ejaculating dildo for an intense breeding experience, or an inflatable knot for a lifelike knotting session.

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What Are Knotted Dildos, And Why Do They Feel So Good?

A Dog dildo has knotted bulges just above the base that lets you use them just like a normal dildo , until you finally relax enough to take the full knot for an intense burst of pleasure.

As soft dildos , their squishy tips mold to your body shape when inserted, which allows their thick head to push against your entrance and walls. Dog dildos have contoured shapes and the thick tip leads to thinner curves and bumps down the shaft before finally reaching the knot. A knot dildo has huge, bulging protrusions near its base that are up to twice as thick as the shaft, and these are what gives a dog dildo its signature feel and look. Their tip provides ample sensations with each stroke, but the knot near the base of the dildo is both the main source of pleasure, and the challenge you accept when you ride one.

Offering maximum prostate and G-spot stimulation, a dog dildos unique shape makes them the perfect toy to hit those sensitive areas. The knot is placed at the perfect height on the dildos shaft which lets you take the toy fully, while the knot places intense pressure on your G-spot.

Puppy play is a fetish in which a dominant partner takes the role of master or alpha wolf, and a submissive partner roleplays as an excitable, innocent yet utterly naughty puppy. A flipside of this cute and playful fetish is revealed when a puppy goes too far, and must be disciplined by their master. Dog roleplay as a fetish requires devotion and trust from both partners, and can be an intense bonding experience when pleasure gets involved. A Dog dildo, like a dog mask or fursuits, is another way to add depth and realism to your fantasies. Most dog dildos have suction cup bases which allows them to be ridden in doggy style, or used in strapons for realistic knotting play.

As part of the larger primal, animalistic fetish that makes sex so intense, dog dildos often have squirting or ejaculating features. Breeding fetishes tie in with dog dildos because their knotted shape is designed to lock a male dog or wolf into its mate. This locking, or knotting mechanism keeps it in place until you reach the peak of climax and unleash the squirting dildo in thick spurts.

Types Of Knotted Dildos

Squirting is one of many dog dildo features that adds realism and pleasure. Other designs add more ways to enhance your experience, with size, material and softness, and design of the knot and tip making every dog dildo feel unique.

Dog dildos are either designed to be anatomically correct and realistic, or non-realistic and just have the knotted shape. Realistic dog dildos have a vivid, deep red color and detailed tips, textures and knots that look like a real dog, while a wolf dildo is generally larger and includes additional details unique to wolves. A knot dildo has the same knotted shape and big tip as a dog dildo, but lacks the realistic dog aesthetic and design.

Other types let you use a dog dildo in ways that bring you the most satisfaction.
  • Medical-grade silicone is the only material Lovegasm dog dildos are made from as it is soft, nonporous and safe, while being moldable into realistic shapes. Avoiding PVC or TPR/TPE is recommended.
  • Inflatable dog dildos are our favorite as they function exactly like a real dog knot during sex. Ride down over the dog knot and pump up the dildo with air. This will cause the knot to expand, locking the dildo into your body for an authentic, orgasmic knotting.
  • Ejaculating dog dildos can be filled with fake cum or lube then pumped out during penetration, fulfilling your animal breeding fetish.
  • Vibrating Dog dildos have motors in the knot to make the prostate and G-spot targeting even more intense, and high-quality designs have a motor in the tip of the dildo as well.
  • A suction cup dildo allows you to ride in orgasmic positions, with doggy style being a perfect puppy play position.
  • Small dog dildos have a forgiving size for beginners who want to feel the sensation of being knotted. Their welcoming widths are forgiving and they usually have smaller knots.
  • For size queens and kings, a thick dildo provides that much needed stretch with an even bigger knot than standard dog dildos.

Dog dildos are designed for vaginal pleasure and are a popular choice for an anal dildo , as their thick knots offer an exceptional way to get the good stretch you need.

Caring And Cleaning For Your Knot Dildo

Keeping your sex toys clean is important to maintain their non-porous surface and prevent them from spreading harmful bacteria and causing infections. Scrub their silicone surface gently with warm soapy water before rinsing before and after every use. Ensure the detailed folds and flaps on the tip and surface are clean and keep your dog dildo in its soft, lint-free bag provided with each purchase by Lovegasm.

Prepare to please your master as you puppy play your way into bliss with a knotted dog dildo.
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