Anal Dildos

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Not all sex toys hit the right spot for everybody. While women can get that “oh so filled” feeling from regular sex toys in their pussies, men, however, need something else. To get that sexual ecstasy from cumming, the ass deserves a special anal toy.

  • But what are these special anal toys?
  • How does it feel in the ass?
  • What are the types of it?
  • How to use it?
  • Can you just jump on the biggest one you like?

This sexual guide from real anal experts will help you cum with top ass-pleasuring toys.

Anal toys exist with its slightly curved end, making it perfect for prostate massage and g-spot stimulation. Its length and girth prove highly satisfying in pleasure-pounding the anal love hole which will deliver orgasms at its best!

These tush sex toys are lengthy enough to imitate the feeling of a big cock thrusting in and out of your ass — something a generic butt plug cannot do.

Who Can Use Them?

Needless to say, any adult with an anus, anally trained, desiring to get pegged or to peg for anal masturbation, can use our anal toys. In fact, Reddit users reveal that it is easy to fall inlove and get addicted to these sex toys; be it realistic, extremely huge, or monstrous.

Why Not Use Butt Plugs Instead?

You see, you can spread your butt cheeks while wearing butt plugs and you’d look like a kinky dessert.

However, most butt plugs cannot make people cum. They are not lengthy enough to reach men's prostate or tickle women’s anal tissues, directly hitting their g-spot. Butt plugs are mainly used to train-stretch the ass. With lengthy anal toys like ours, you can cum easily, without having to shove a toy further deep inside your sexy ass.

Safety Feature

When it comes to anal play, it’s always best to use sex toys created specifically for the anus. Anal toys always either have a hook, a stopper, or any wide or huge handle that serves as an exterior anchor.

This is why we never use regular dildos. Because unlike the vagina, the rectum stretches all the way to the large intestines. In fact, thin dildos without flared ends or huge handles really do get stuck in the ass.

You see, the girthier end of an anal toy exists not just for pleasure, but also for safety reasons. This feature saves you from the possibility of being sent to the emergency room.

Lube Up Like Your Ass Depends on It

Another indispensable requirement in anal play is lube. Lubrication makes every thrust safe and truly pleasurable in the ass.

Lube up because the anus does not have a self-lubricating ability. Note that Silicone or Oil-based Anal lube is way stickier and thicker than regular water-based lube.

Lubing up, along with using condoms, protects the receiver from any infection from the dangerous tiny cuts that may be inflicted during rough anal sex.


Silicone or jelly dildos are the most common type of this anal sex toy. Glass and stainless steel types also exist. These are great for being firm, durable, and are easy to clean.

These anal toys' non-porous nature will keep them from harboring any bacteria. These can be fully sanitized with hot water or ethyl alcohol, killing all the bacteria and microorganisms on it. This will keep you safe from any possible infection.

For beginners, silicone anal toys are ideal for its firm and supple squishiness. Firmness and squishiness matter as these qualities imitate the feel of a real penis. The toy’s exterior softness allows ease in accommodating it past the scrunchy sphincter muscles around the butthole. Platinum silicone ones also exist, whose hydrophobic nature makes itself dry, naturally protecting itself from any bacteria that can live on moisture.

Suction Cup Dildos

These anal toys use a suction cup to stick on surfaces. It allows handsfree solo play, double penetration play, glory hole role play, pegging, and even great for strap-on sex. Just make sure the sex toy you get has a flared base that can be strapped into an o-ring harness.

Where do these toys usually stick? On the bathroom wall, edge of a bathtub, on the headboard, a thin strip of wall, on a clean floor, on a plastic chair, on a tiny stool — the possibilities are endless!

Realistic Dildos

Realistic anal toys look realistic for their skin-tone, veined exterior, and testicles attached to them. Some of these even have an ejaculating feature! However these toys can still get ridiculously humongous despite being called realistic.

Monster Anal Dildos

Meanwhile, for people who are highly experienced and anally-trained, monster anal toys exist to satisfy them. Most of these toys are ridiculously big or fashioned after a dragon or a wild beast's cock. Some also come in the form of fists, tentacles, or huge anal beads — suitable for extreme and kinky ass play.

These sex toys are called monstrous for a reason. And you cannot, should not, and must not, “David” your way, into these Goliaths.

Finding the Best Anal Toy that Actually Fits

A small untrained butthole cannot take a giant sex toy without ripping it. If you're a newbie, you do not want to maim yourself by jumping onto a huge one for the ass.

Sex should satisfy you, not disable you. And honestly, anal sex can be an addicting extreme sport. This is why enthusiasts carefully practice for it for months. The adrenaline rush from it might make you think you can take huge anal toys inside of you from the get-go. Do not fall into this trap.

Be patient, gentle, and persistent

This is where anal starter kits come into play. The incremental size of butt plugs in anal starter kits gradually stretches and expands your anus.

For beginners, start with the smallest plug and sit on it for 2-3 hours. Use the next size up when you think your body is ready.

Once your lubed-up ass is fully comfy taking in the biggest sized plug, only then you should use the type of anal toy in our collection.

Having a lengthy, but thin sex toy is not as anally-traumatic as getting a short but monster-girthed one.

Do not expect that a huge one can fit right into your tight arse. If you have zero experience, we recommend that you stay on the smaller ones, those with a diameter of 1"-1.25." inches, then work your way up. They are cheaper, and will help you figure if you want more of it or not.

After Care

Immediately after use, always wash and rub clean your anal sex toys with running water and anti-bacterial soap. If these are battery-operated, do not soak these in hot water.

Before and after using a waterproof sex toy, you may pour warm water on it or sanitize it with 70% ethyl alcohol, or bleach mixed with water. Also, make sure to thoroughly dry all your adult toys before putting them back in your drawers. Keeping it dry and cleaned discourages the growth of bacteria on it.

In all honesty, sex can be a difficult topic even between partners. Even more so, when it involves introducing a kinky anal toy in bed.

But sex, and funnily yes, butt sex, can only be great and enjoyable when there is ample communication between partners.

Anal sex toys exist only to improve our sex lives and to explore our deepest, kinkiest, and naughtiest sexual desires.

Now that you know everything there is with this dreamy butt toy, finding the perfect one should be easy. Quench your carnal thirst for filling thy tush with Lovegasm!

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