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Explore anal pleasure with an anal dildo designed to hit all the right spots. silicone or glass are hygienic materials for anal, and our variety of soft or firm styles and sizes make finding the perfect fit easy. All our anal dildo's are body-safe with flared bases to prevent the dildo from slipping in. Try a vibrating dildo for even more fun.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Anal Dildos

What Is An Anal Dildo?

Anal dildos are penetrative sex toys designed specifically for safe and pleasurable anal play. Their flared bases prevent them from dangerously getting lost inside, and they’re made of highly hygienic materials which separates them from non-anal dildos. They often have textures, ribs, or bulbs shaped to target male or female anal pleasure spots.

How To Clean My Anal Dildo?

To keep your anal dildo clean, rinse it with warm, soapy water, then gently scrub all across the surface before rinsing with warm water. Once all suds are removed, spray it lightly with a sex toy cleanser . If any bad odor remains, repeat washing until it is gone. Anal dildos must be cleaned before and after every use. Smoother anal dildos are easier to clean as there are fewer hidden surfaces for bacteria to hide in.

How To Use Anal Dildos?

If you’re new to anal play, patience is key and small anal dildos are recommended. To use your anal dildo, being turned-on is a must, and anal lube will help toys glide in and out painlessly. Start small by inserting a finger to help you relax and get used to the sensation. When you’re ready, slowly insert your anal dildo, slowing down if there’s any pain. Simultaneously stimulating your vagina or penis will help you relax to fully insert it and enjoy the experience.

Is Lube Required For Anal Dildos?

The anus is not self-lubricating, so lube is needed for safe and pleasurable anal play. Anal lube is recommended as it is thicker and more long-lasting, and its higher, more alkaline pH matches your bowels, whereas vaginal lube is more acidic and disrupts your natural anal pH, causing irritation and burning.

Anal sex is becoming increasingly popular and is now widely accepted as a pleasurable way to add variety to your sex life. Both men and women can find pleasure in anal play, and the best anal dildo has features and designs that feel amazing, easy, and orgasmic.

Unlike other anal toys like butt plugs, which are designed to stay in place once inserted, anal dildos offer more intense in-and-out stimulation as you’d feel during anal sex. While a butt plug makes a great choice as a first toy to try anal training, anal dildos are intended to offer anal pleasure rather than just to complement and enhance penis or vaginal stimulation.

Features To Make Anal Dildos Feel Even Better
  • Prostate Massagers are bulbed, highly curved anal dildos designed for men, and are shaped with 2 to 3 points that cup and massage the prostate gland.
  • Squirting Dildos can be filled with lube, turning them into the perfect re-applicator of anal lube as the dildo can insert lube during use for uninterrupted play.
  • Anal Vibrators add intensity to anal play and have the same flared base as anal dildos for safety.
  • Inflatable Dildos are perfect for anal training. They fill up with air, growing larger inside you and can slowly open you up for bigger toys or anal sex.
  • Ribbed Dildos make amazing anal dildos as your entrance grips every bead and rib as it passes through, and their textures also add more stimulation to the prostate and sensitive anal nerves.
  • Suction Cup Dildos are commonly used as anal dildos because their flared base has another purpose—hand-free anal riding on any smooth surface.

Choosing The Right Anal Dildo Size And Material

Whether you’re just beginning with anal play or you’re a size lover looking for a satisfying stretch, picking a good size anal dildo gives you what you’re looking for. Too big, and it will feel uncomfortable, painful, or impossible to fit in. Too small, and you may find it lacks intensity or a pleasurable feeling. If you’ve tried anal penetration before, you will already have an idea of what size is best for you. Use the width of any fingers, sex toys, or penises you’ve had inside previously for a guide on your ideal anal dildo width, but note that ribbed, bulbed, and curved anal dildos will feel bigger than their measurements actually state. Length has more wiggle room for choice as you don’t need to insert the entire dildo, so unless you’re looking for something discreet and easy to hide, a longer anal toy gives you more length if you want it.

Choosing a non-porous material for your anal dildo will prevent it from harboring bacteria within its surface so that it can be safely sterilized between each use and not retain any bad odors. Lovegasm recommends buying a medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, or borosilicate glass dildo for anal use as these materials are non-porous, hypoallergenic and do not contain any harmful plastic chemicals while providing soft and firm options. Soft dildos are recommended for beginners as the dildo will bend and flex to your unique body shape, while firm toys are best for providing targeted anal pleasure, especially to the male prostate.

Lovegasm anal dildos are body-safe and designed with features to enhance your pleasure. Shop now and chase intense anal orgasms into the night.
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