Finding The Best Type Of Dildo To Suit Your Body

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In the ever-growing universe of sex toys and acceptance of sexual pleasure, dildos take the crown for their diversity and adaptability. From the targeted stimulation of anal toys to the realistic feel from an uncut toy, dildos are crafted for every desire and outcome. Let's discover how to select the best one that will not just satisfy, but thrill and fulfill you.

Why Are There Different Types?

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Dildos are not one-size-fits-all – they're as varied as the individuals who enjoy them. Imagine a key designed specifically for your lock of pleasure; that's what each different toy offers. Whether it's a prostate dildo that knows just where to press for that earth-shattering sensation or a glass one that combines visual appeal with firm stimulation, there's a reason for every design. From sizes suited for beginners to those crafted for someone who craves the fantastical embrace of a dragon, each type caters to a unique set of needs, kinks, and preferences. Embrace the diversity and let's find the one that feels like it was made just for you.

Soft And Firm Materials

When searching for the ideal toy, both the material and shape are important. Let's explore soft and firm options that will make you comfortable.
  • Medical Grade Silicone – Medical grade silicone is the best choice, it's hypoallergenic, easy to clean, and feels really smooth. If youre into suction cup dildos, silicone is perfect. Stick it to any flat surface and ride your way to orgasm.
  • Realistic Cyberskin – Want something that feels and looks just like a cock? Cyberskin is your go-to. This ultra-real material will have you doing a double-take—and maybe even a double-feel. It's perfect for those who crave that lifelike sensation, down to the very last detail.
  • Borosilicate Glass – Now, for a material that doesn't shy away from a little (or a lot) of pressure. A glass dildo is a hard hitter that will reach your most sensitive spots without a bend in sight. Fancy a firm massage on your g-spot or prostate? Look no further. And let's not forget aesthetics—glass dildos can be gorgeous, with bumps and ridges that are not just for show but for that extra oomph of sensation being just one of many advantages of a crystal dildo.
  • Stainless Steel – If you're in the market for something that feels weighty and luxurious, a metal dildo is a shining star. They're fantastic conductors of temperature, so heat them up or cool them down for a ride of temperature play. The heaviness of a steel dildo also offers a unique sensation that can make your knees weak.
  • PVC – You'll find PVC dildos aplenty, but here's the deal: make sure they're high-quality and non-porous. Safety first—you don't want any unwanted guests during your intimate time. When it's the right kind, PVC can be soft yet firm, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Unsafe Materials – A word to the wise: steer clear of the no-gos. Plastic and silicone composites, porous materials, jelly, and TPE/TPR might not be your friends. The biggest no-no? Porosity. You want non-porous to avoid bacteria parties. You'd also want to avoid chemical leeching.
Whether it's squirting dildo, thrusting dildo, or dildo vibrator, the material matters for your experience. Vibrating dildo in silicone? Yes, please. A suction dildo with the safety of non-porous PVC? Go for it. Your body, your rules—just make sure you play it safe and sensational.

Sizes For Beginners Or Size Queens

When it comes to picking the perfect playmate from the plethora of options, size definitely matters. You're unique, and so should be your choice of a dildo. Let's break down the options:
  • Beginner – Starting small? A beginner dildo is the way to go. Think of it as your friendly introduction to the world of personal pleasure. These are typically a 4 inch or 5 inch dildo – small, non-intimidating, and forgivingly shaped. Perfect for first-timers or those who prefer a more subtle sensation. Plus, small dildos can be a great way to discover what you like without the pressure.
  • Thin – Prefer a slimmer option? A tiny or slim dildo often measures under 1 inch in width. They're ideal if you're looking for something that provides pinpoint pleasure without overwhelming you. Thin silicone dildos glide smoothly and are perfect for those who value finesse over fullness.
  • Thick – Ready to fill up on sensation? Thick dildos, usually boasting a width over 2 inches, are calling your name. They're the go-to for size queens and anyone who craves that full, stretched feeling. A thick dildo can provide that deliciously intense pressure that hits all the right spots.
  • Long – Craving depth? A long dildo, typically over 8 inches, offers deep exploration. These can lead to new heights of ecstasy, whether you're into riding, deep anal play, or cervix stimulation. And let's not forget – a long dildo can be quite the visual treat, feeding into the psychological thrill of the experience.
Whichever size you lean towards, remember that there's a dildo waiting to fulfill your deepest desires. So, whether it's a small toy for a relaxing evening or a vibrating dildo for that extra buzz, the choice is yours – and the pleasure is all yours to claim.

Pleasure Enhancing Features

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When it comes to finding that perfect sensation, the world of dildos offers a feature for every fantasy and need. Let's dive into the pleasure-enhancing features that can transform your solo or partnered play.
  • Inflatable: Imagine the thrill of being filled exactly to your liking. With an inflatable, you've got control in your hands—literally. Simple to use with just a few squeezes of the pump, they let you easily experience the sensation of fullness that a huge dildo offers, without the initial discomfort. And when you're done, it shrinks back down, making it a discreet companion.
  • Anal: Searching for that explosive, internal fireworks show? Anal dildos are your ticket. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just curious, these are crafted to target your most sensitive areas. A soft dildo made for anal play ensures a comfortable experience, while those made of firmer materials apply the perfect amount of pressure to your prostate or g-spot. Every Lovegasm anal dildo is body-safe, which means two things; it has a flared base, and is made of non-porous materials that are easy to clean and keeps them odor-free.
  • G-Spot And Prostate: You want direct hits to your pleasure epicenters. These dildos come with a mission: to find and caress your G-spot or prostate with their bulbous tips. Every thrust is a step closer to pure ecstasy.
  • Suction Cups And Wall Mounted: Go hands-free and let your body move as it wants. Stick them to a wall, the floor, or the edge of your tub. Whether you're in for a gentle ride or a hard pounding, these dildos stay put, freeing you up for more...creativity.
  • Vibrating: It's all about the buzz. Vibrating dildos add a whole new dimension to your pleasure. With varying speeds and patterns, you can customize your journey to climax.
  • Double: Double sided dildo fun equals double the pleasure. Whether you want a big dildo with two tips for a fulfilling double penetration experience or a skinny one that's double-ended for sharing, these toys are all about versatility.
  • Ribbed: Want to feel every inch in vivid detail? Ribbed dildos offer an intensity that smooth toys can't match. A textured dildo can feature different types of protrusions, such as seen in a ribbed dildo, or a spiked dildo—they all work together to send shivers down your spine with varying levels of intensity. They make an amazing toy for additional stimulation.
  • Squirting: Squirting dildos are for those who love a dramatic finish. A squirting dildo delivers this with a bulb or syringe filled with your preferred liquid, and these breeding toys let you decide when and how much of a gush you want. Ejaculating dildos are perfect for a breeding fetish, or if you just love the feeling of creampies. A cumming dildo can also be filled with lube so you don’t need to re-apply it during the act.
  • Aesthetics: Never underestimate the power of visual arousal. The color, the style, the very shape can be the difference between 'meh' and 'oh yes.' From realistic to modern, choose a toy that catches your eye and your desire.
  • Fantasy: Ever dreamt of a rendezvous with a mythical creature? Fantasy dildos are the perfect vessel for your wildest dreams. Whether it's a large toy shaped like an alien or a tentacle with enticing textures, these toys are made to give you a special and enjoyable experience.
Whether you prefer a thin or large dildo, the goal is to satisfy your desires, gently push boundaries, and, most importantly, have a fantastic time.

What Type Suits Me Best?

Alright, you've explored the landscape of pleasure – from the gentle curve of a 6 inch dildo to the wild contours of a dragon. It's decision time. Choose what calls to you, what catches your eye, and what promises the sensations you're craving. Material, size, and special features – let these be your guide.
Only you can truly decide which dildo suits you best. Is it the lifelike detail of a cyberskin cock or the bold challenge of a monster cock? Perhaps the mythical allure of a dragon stirs your curiosity. Your personal fantasies and willingness to experiment are your compass on this journey of discovery.
Do your homework – research is key. Materials matter, and so does your safety. Invest in pleasure from a store that puts your wellbeing front and center. And if you're just starting out, consider a small dildo. Ease into the experience with a size that's comfortable, then level up as you desire. Remember, whether it's a horse dildo or an 8 inch realistic dildo that you're eyeing, the best experience is one that's tailored to fit you.
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