Oviposition: Egg Laying Dildos

The memory of nail-biting tension from director Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi masterpiece still lives to this day. This legendary space horror gave inspiration for many titles to come after, and it still serves as an never ending source of ideas for years to come.

But, when we talk about aliens, movies aren’t the only thing we have in mind. Many kinks and fetishes came to fruition through pop-culture staples of the 20th-century. Blade Runner, Star Wars, and Alien Covenant all gave the blueprint for stylized porn and erotic content we see today.

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Using Ejaculating Dildos For Conception

While most people imagine a cam girl using an ejaculating dildo in a private show, this toy has other purposes as well. Ejaculating dildos are often used for conception as well. The difference is, of course, that instead of using fake, the couple will use the real cum. There are several reasons why this might be the best option for conception.

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Animal Dildos and Bestiality

For most of us, understanding bestiality is a real challenge. Aside from being illegal in most countries, bestiality is regarded as a huge taboo by modern society. People rarely talk about it, and when they do, they describe it as twisted, sick, and pathological.

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Sex Positions for Strapless Dildos

Strapless dildos are commonly referred to as double dildos. Lesbian couples use them most often, but heterosexuals can too. They are among the greatest sex toys as they also allow strap-on sex. What’s more, they free one partner from wearing a harness, which is supposed to keep a dildo in its place.

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Tips, Tricks, and Fun Things to Do With Rabbit Vibrators

Shaking the world (and our bodies) to the core since the 1990s, rabbit dildos and vibrators are one of the best sex toys on the market. But does everyone know how to use a vibrator to its full extent?

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