Advantages Of Soft Dildos

There's something quite special about soft dildos. Squishy dildos feel like real human tissue, making them appealing for both beginners and experienced users.

Let's talk comfort. These dildos are inviting, like a plush couch after a long day. You know the one – it's just right. This squishy friend is forgiving on your body, drastically reducing the risk of any discomfort or injury. That means you can let go of tension and focus on the good stuff.

Versatility? Check! No matter what position you're aiming for, a squishy dildo is there to go with the flow. It's like having a flexible dance partner who's up for anything. And let's not forget the visual aspect – many of these dildos have a look so real, you might do a double-take. The realistic appearance boosts your pleasure during solo or partner play.

Wait, there's more! The flexibility of these dildos goes beyond looks and comfort; it adds precision to the experience. You can adjust angles and positions with ease, ensuring that sweet spot doesn't stand a chance of going untouched. So go ahead, experiment with confidence and see where the next curve will take you.

Ideal for Beginners?

New to sex toys? Start with a soft dildo. If you're new to sex toys, soft dildos are perfect. They're gentle, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free introduction to penetration at your own pace.

And size matters, especially for beginners. Soft dildos often come in smaller sizes, which is great for beginners

Finally, try a combo: pair a dildo with an external stimulator for a complete experience.

Considerations Before Buying A Soft Dildo

When getting a dildo, don't rush. Be a detective to make sure it's safe, satisfying, and easy to use. Let's check the boxes, shall we?

First off, let's talk composition—this is critical. You want a material that's non-porous and body-safe. Why? Stay away from porous materials; tthey can trap bacteria. Choose body-safe options for a clean and healthy experience. Check what your dildo is made of.

Now, onto firmness. Soft dildos are good, but if too floppy, not so great to use. Check the firmness level to ensure it's just right for your needs—it should be yielding but not surrendering entirely.

Do you like to keep your hands free for more... creative activities? Then look for a model with a suction cup base. This feature is a game-changer for solo play and can stick to most flat surfaces, turning your bathroom, kitchen, or where-the-mood-strikes-you into your playground.

Choose the size and shape you really want, like your Starbucks order.

Top Soft Dildo Picks

Picking a soft dildo can be overwhelming, but here's a list of the best ones. Remember, what works for others might not be your preference, so choose based on your taste.

  • Blush Neo Elite: Enjoy a lifelike experience with strong suction on any flat surface.
  • SquarePegToys®: Discover various soft silicone options in different shapes and sizes to fit your mood and body.
  • Mr. Hankey's Toys: Pick from a range of fun-designed dildos with different softness levels. Tailor your experience by choosing the firmness you prefer.
  • Uberrime Handmade Dildos: Expertly crafted for a unique touch, these dildos feel amazing and look like art. Enjoy worry-free pleasure with a focus on body safety.
  • Tantus Super Soft: Trust Tantus for a gentle yet satisfying feel – just the right balance between softness and firmness.
  • Vixen Creations VixSkin: Enjoy the best of both worlds with these dual-density dildos—soft and skin-like outside, satisfyingly firm inside.
Trust your feelings when shopping for pleasure. Pick what feels right for you, be it your first time or as an experienced user. One of these top picks is likely to become your favorite. And, keep in mind, these toys are easy to clean for a safer, more enjoyable experience compared to porous materials.

Maintaining Hygiene

Hygiene is non-negotiable no matter what the sex toy. You've made an investment in pleasure; now, let's ensure it stays safe and satisfying. Start by choosing body-safe, non-porous materials. Easy-to-clean toys are safer and more enjoyable than porous ones that can harbor bacteria.
  1. Rinse your dildo under warm water to wash away visible debris.
  2. Use mild soap or a toy cleaner on the entire surface. Pay extra attention to any textured areas or crevices!
  3. Scrub gently with your hands or a soft cloth, treating your toy with care.
  4. Rinse under running water until clean.
  5. Pat your dildo dry with a lint-free towel or let it air dry completely — moisture is a playground for bacteria, and we're not in the business of ruining fun.
Now, you might be wondering, "Toy cleaner or soap and water — which is the champion?" Both are great contenders. Toy cleaners are formulated for the job, but mild soap and water are often just as effective. The choice is yours; the goal is cleanliness.

Skipping proper cleaning can lead to infections and damage your toy. Nobody wants that. To keep those risks at bay, make cleaning a post-play ritual. For those who frequently indulge, consider a regular cleaning schedule.

Storage and Maintenance For Soft Dildos

Think of storage and maintenance as the VIP treatment for your pleasure pals. So, let's ensure your dildos get the same care and attention.
First things first, grab a dedicated storage bag or container for your dildo. Keep your toy clean for action. A dust-free dildo is a happy one, ready whenever you are.

Avoid tossing all your toys into one drawer. Soft dildos can be drama queens when it comes to cohabiting with other materials. To avoid a material meltdown, keep your dildos separate from other toys. This will prevent any unwanted chemical reactions that could compromise your toy's quality.

Location is key. Keep your soft dildo in a cool, dry place, away from the betraying rays of the sun. Direct sunlight is like kryptonite to the material integrity of your dildo. It is much like sunscreen for your beloved sex toys. Ensure to store it safely under some share to preserve its longevity.

Prior to having good times, always briefly assess the toy to uphold safety. Look over your dildo for any signs of damage. A small tear or crack can lead to bigger problems. Safety first, pleasure second.

Also, watch out for lint and hair—nothing kills the mood like a fuzzy dildo. If it happens, a quick rinse or wipe with a lint-free cloth will do the trick. Keep it looking pristine and ready for pleasure.

Finally, know when to say goodbye. Regularly check your dildo for wear. If it looks worn out, retire it for safety. Don't keep old toys for sentimentality—there are plenty of others out there waiting for you.

Achieving Orgasms

Let's get down to business – orgasms. Soft dildos are not just about their plush and cushy vibe; they play a solid role in sending you over the edge to O-town. But how? They're awesome for different types of orgasms, like mind-blowing G-spot or P-spot sensations. Squishy dildos are comfy for P-spot fans.
Now, if you're on a quest for that elusive G-spot, a soft dildo can be your trusty sidekick. The trick is to find one with a curve that says, "I got your back" – or rather, your front. Gentle, persistent pressure with a soft, curved toy can make your G-spot sing. Soft dildo for P-spot fans feels good.
And there's more! Why stop at one pleasure point when you can double the fun? Combining a soft dildo with a little external action on the clitoris or perineum can turn a solo session into a full-blown concert of sensations. It's like having your cake and eating it too – deliciously satisfying.
Real talk – people love these squishy companions. The internet is abuzz with stories of users who've had their socks knocked off by a squishy dildo. Why? Because they're gentle, they've got give, and they let you focus on the good stuff without distraction.
Now, remember to keep it chill. Relax for better orgasms. Breathe, take your time, and let your soft toy guide you to bliss.
And here's a pro tip – mix it up! Different positions and movements can turn "meh" into "wow." So don't be shy to twist, tilt, and shimmy until you hit that sweet spot. Sometimes a little shift is all it takes to go from "almost there" to "hello, ecstasy!"

Exploring Anal Play

Anal play introduces a whole new level of exploration and pleasure, but it also requires careful consideration. When you're venturing into this territory, soft dildos can be your best friend—offering a gentle introduction. Let's talk about how to make the most of them while keeping your experience comfortable and safe.

First things first, the anus doesn't self-lubricate like the vagina, so your number one rule should be lubrication—and plenty of it. Use enough lube for a comfy experience with soft dildos. Water-based lubes are usually safe, but check compatibility with your toy.

People love how comfortable these dildos are for anal play.The forgiving nature of the material can make the stimulation feel oh-so-good without the harshness that might come with a firmer toy. The squishy feel can really hit the spot, making your toes curl in the best way.

If you're new, start small with a modest-sized dildo. Take your time; it's not a race. Gradually try larger sizes as you get more comfortable.

And here's a pro tip: use soft dildos to prep for more intense sessions or larger toys. They're perfect for gradually stretching and relaxing the muscles, so you can work up to your desired level without any rush or discomfort. Remember, patience is a virtue, especially in anal play.

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