Vibrator Panties

Are you the submissive type? Submissives get all the fun that they want, and it's even more exciting when your partner controls your pleasure. Doesn't it make you hold your breath while you wait for their next move? And you almost always get hyped up when they make a surprising move that can leave you spellbound but ready for more!

That's what our collection of Vibrating Panties is all about! While most vibrating sex toys let you control the rhythm of your pace, these don't. They're tucked discreetly inside your underwear, and they can be controlled in different ways, such as being turned on before you put them on, turned on and off with a remote control, or even controlled by sounds around you.

With that one common denominator between them, each vibrating panty still has a feature or two that makes them unique from the other. That’s what makes these sex toys one of the best vibrating toys on the market!

Some of our products already come with their erotic underwear, so you're ready for action! Those that don't are versatile, so you can use them with any lingerie that you already have in your sex closet! There are also some which are worn via elastic straps. Although they're not panties, they're still wearable and can be worn with or without any underwear. Just slip in the straps on each leg, and you're good to go!

These sex toys give your clitoris a breathtaking sensation every time you use them. But do you also want to give your vaginal walls a share of that pleasure? If so, you can opt for these vibes that also come with a dildo built-in. The dildos come in different shapes and sizes, from lengthy shafts to thick boys. If you want to add in some more oomph, some dildos have texture and complexity in their design, too.

Since these can be worn, it also should make sense that they're all controlled wirelessly as well! With literally no strings attached, you can have all the fun that you want without having to worry about cables getting in the way and spoiling the action. You can even let your partner take charge and simply sit back and relax!

Even the controls are different from one set of vibrating underwear to another. You can go for a device that does not have a remote control, which makes it a lot trickier to fiddle with (submissives get turned on by this). You can also give your partner some control by going for a remote-controlled device. But that's not all. We have a few ones that are more tech-friendly by letting your phone be the remote! You generally need to install an app for this to work.

But whatever the case may be, however you choose to use them lies in your hands. Whether you're going solo on this or you're giving your lover a dominant hand, it's always a fun time with these Vibrating Panties!

Types of Vibrating Panty

When you first decide you want to try out a pair of vibrating panties, it might not instantly be clear which product you should buy. Depending on your current collection, and how you plan to use them, there are a few different products to choose from.

All-in-one Vibrating Panties are the complete package. These are usually sets that come with a pair of panties specifically designed to hold a certain kind of vibrating device, and the device to put inside them. Sometimes these can be flexible, having a pouch or similar area to hold your vibrator so you can mix and match. Others will be more inflexible, only being able to carry the specific vibrating toy that comes with them.

A Butterfly Panty Vibrator sits underneath your underwear. These look a lot like a butterfly (hence the name) and usually have straps to hold it in place over your vagina.

A Wearable Panty Vibrator is similar but usually won’t contain straps to hold it in place. These are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly to the shape of your body.

Remote Control Vibrating Panties aren’t specifically a type of vibrating panty, but rather a capability. While some vibrating panties will have devices that need to be turned on and then inserted into the panties, or have controls connected by a wire, remote control vibrating panties are more flexible. These can be used from a greater distance, with most basic remotes having a range of 5 to 20 feet away. More advanced models can be controlled by an app, allowing your partner to turn it on and off from anywhere in the world.

A Club Vibe is a special type of vibrating panty which is specifically designed to be worn while you are out and about, particularly in a nightclub or music venue. These vibrating panties “listen” to the sounds around you and pulse in time with them.

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