Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

Experience delightful and pleasurable orgasm-inducing vibrations while toning your pelvic floor muscles. Our Remote Control Ben Wa Balls collection features superior Ben Wa Balls whose vibrations are customized by their remote controls. Enjoy convenience, comfort, and luxury as you simply click a few buttons to please your love hole.

If sex has become less exciting because your pleasure hole isn’t as sensitive to stimulations as before, that means your vagina has become stretchy and your pelvic floor weak. There are a number of factors to blame—pregnancy, childbirth, aging, menopause, obesity. But more than knowing the causes, you should be more concerned about toning your pelvic floor muscles and tightening back your pussy. There’s a proven way to help you reclaim glorious tightness and stop those pestering urinary leaks when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or run. Kegels.

You probably have heard about “Kegels” a number of times, and you may have even read a number of articles about it online. Let me guess, you are here because you’re curious what Kegel tools look like or you’re in search for the best Kegel exerciser to help you do the vaginal exercise right. Curious or in search for the best tool, you’ve found the right page where you can see the best collection of Ben Wa Balls that double as vibrators so you won’t just be doing the routine properly, but you will also have titillating stimulations during your solo play or intimate moments with someone behind closed doors. With Remote Control Ben Wa Balls, you’ll have both a Kegel exerciser and a vibrator to keep your nights steamy, whether you're alone or not.

Some of our Remote Control Ben Wa Balls come with cordless controllers while others have cords connecting the controllers to the balls. Cordless remote controls fulfill kinky plans; give it to your partner and you’ll understand what this means. These remote controls will work even when your partner is in the other room next to yours. Use it when shopping together or going on a dinner date, and he’ll be naughty as hell. They are discrete, so no one will ever find out about your kinky secret. The ones with cords are intended for indoor exercise or bedroom sex play. If these balls are not inserted in your pleasure holes, you can use them to tease each other to make foreplay scintillating and sensational.

With sleek and functional designs, the remote controls are handy, and taking hold of them is such a delight. These remote controls are powered by AAA batteries, button cells, or USB chargers. To juice up the pussy trainer balls, all you’ve got to do is charge them using a USB cable. That’s how convenient they are! With our vast collection of Remote Ben Wa Balls, there are plenty of designs, shapes, and colors to choose from. We know it’s going to take a while to decide as they all offer great features. So, take your time to explore and browse through, and before you know it, you’ll be ordering 2 or more products from our collection!

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