DIY Nipple Toys: Find Great Sensations Around The House

Have you ever scoured your home for everyday items that could spice up your personal playtime? Well, it turns out, a treasure trove of impromptu nipple toys might be hiding in plain sight!

In this guide, we're going to navigate the surprising world of DIY nipple toys, showing you how to repurpose ordinary household objects for extraordinary pleasure.

Can You Find Nipple Toys Around The House?

Believe it or not, your home is a treasure trove of potential nipple toys that can add a spark to your solo or partnered play. Before you start, remember that safety comes first. Make sure any item you use is clean and hygienic to prevent any unwanted infections.

It's also smart to test the intensity of the item on a less sensitive part of your body to make sure it's comfortable. Keep it pleasurable by avoiding any harm to your body, and listen to what feels good. Let's see what's lying around your house that could elevate your nipple play to the next level.


When it comes to nipple play, pegs can be quite the game changer. Both wooden and plastic pegs can do the trick, but they offer different sensations. Wooden pegs are typically firmer, providing a stronger pinch, whereas plastic ones can be softer. To tweak the sensation, you might want to modify your pegs.

You can weaken the grip by leaving them clipped on something overnight, so they're not as tight when you use them. Be mindful of how long you keep them on—generally, a few minutes is enough. Any longer and you might risk hurting your skin.

Get creative! Try using pegs while moving or with added weights for varied sensations. You can even wear pegs while doing other sexual activities. Many users have found that experimenting with pegs opens up a whole new spectrum of feelings, making them a favorite in the DIY nipple toy repertoire.


Magnets are another household item that can be repurposed for nipple play. Their pull can create an intriguing sensation that many find extremely enjoyable. But remember, the key is to use the right strength. Too strong and it can be painful, too weak and you might not feel much. Start with small, weaker magnets and work your way up as you discover what feels right. Wrap them in different materials like silk or velvet for a mix of textures.

However, it's crucial to not leave magnets on for too long as they can affect blood circulation. Those who have tried magnets rave about the unique sensation. They caution, however, to always prioritize safety by monitoring the time and intensity of use.

Electric Toothbrush

It turns out, this bathroom staple can double as a convenient nipple stimulator. When using pay attention to the bristles and settings. A softer bristle head is your friend here, as it can provide a more comfortable experience. Experiment with the various modes your toothbrush offers to discover what kind of vibration suits you best. Some prefer a pulsating pattern, while others might enjoy a steady buzz..


Paperclips can be more than just document holders. With a bit of creativity, they can transform into a playful addition to your nipple toy arsenal.

Start by bending and twisting them into shapes that suit your fancy. The great thing about paperclips is their flexibility – you can create loops, hooks, or whatever tickles your fancy. For added comfort, consider wrapping the ends with a soft material or using paperclips with rubber tips. This can help prevent any discomfort and make the experience more enjoyable.

Combine paperclips with other household items for even more fun. Attach strings for a gentle tugging sensation or add small weights for a bit of pressure. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. You can even incorporate other toys into the mix, just for fun.

Cold Metal Cutlery (Not Knives)

Those metal spoons and forks can be your gateway to the surprising world of temperature play. The cool touch of cold metal cutlery against your skin can send shivers down your spine in the best way possible. But before you get started, let's talk safety. Make sure your chosen utensils are thoroughly cleaned and have absolutely no sharp edges or points—serrated items are a definite no-go. 

Now, for the fun part: Chill your cutlery in the fridge, not the freezer, to get that pleasant coolness without the risk of a freeze burn. Always touch the cutlery to the inside of your wrist first to check the temperature—it should be cool, not cold enough to cause discomfort. Once you've got the temperature right, experiment by tracing the contours of your body, leading up to your nipples for that thrilling sensation.


Now, let's turn up the heat with candle play. The warm drip of wax on skin is a classic in sensation play, and yes, it's something you can safely introduce to your repertoire. But before you light up, let's talk specifics.

You'll want to use candles made with low melting-point wax, like soy or paraffin, to minimize the risk of burns. Keep the candle at a safe distance from your skin—starting with a few inches away—and let the wax cool for a moment before letting it touch your skin.

Combining the warmth of candle wax with the coolness of metal cutlery can create an intense contrast that'll have you riding waves of pleasure. But why stop there? Pair candle play with some of the other DIY nipple toys you've discovered around your home for a full sensory experience. You can even incorporate other forms of kinky activity for an added adventure!

The Shower

The shower can offer a playground of sensations for nipple play. The versatility of water temperature and pressure can be just the thing to wake up your senses. Whether it's the gentle droplets from a rainfall showerhead or the more direct spray of a handheld nozzle, you've got options right at your fingertips.

I've heard from many sources that shower ranks high on the list of favorite places for nipple play. Some rave about the pulsing patterns on their massage showerhead, while others swear by the surprise factor of alternating temperatures. Find your own groove and see where it takes you.

Hair Accessories

Bobby pins, hair clips, and even those scrunchies can become innovative tools for a gentle squeeze or a firm pinch. It's all about how you use them.

For those of you who enjoy a bit of role-play or BDSM, hair accessories can be subtly integrated into your scenes. Imagine using a hair clip as part of a restraint or as a surprise element during sensory play. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

But, a word to the wise: always inspect your accessories for any sharp edges or points that could turn your playtime sour.

Simone Brooks

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