How to Use Nipple Pumps

Nipple pumps are gaining traction, not just among new moms seeking to aid lactation but also in the world of adult novelties.  Essentially, nipple pumps are designed to create suction around the areola and the nipple. This suction increases blood flow and can make the nipples more pronounced. The end goal is to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of the nipples for either practical or pleasurable purposes.

In this article, we'll walk you through how to use nipple pumps properly. We'll cover everything from the basics of getting started to tips on how to ensure a safe and satisfying experience.


Before you get started with a nipple pump, you have to select one that fits just right. Trust me, size matters here for both comfort and effectiveness. You wouldn't wear a cock cage that doesn't fit, right? Same goes for nipple pumps. So, take the time to measure up and choose wisely.

Always clean your pump following the manufacturer's instructions. This ensures your toy fends off any unwanted bacteria. Using lubricants can be a game-changer by reducing friction and upping the comfort level. Many users swear by natural options like coconut oil.

Ease into the experience by starting with a gentle suction. Find the level that feels right for you. Gradually increase the suction to discover your sweet spot without rushing into it.

Finally, set the stage for a smooth pumping session. Create a chill zone, maybe with some warm compresses to get the blood flowing and make the whole process more comfortable. 

Using a Nipple Pump

So your new nipple pump has arrived and you're ready to go. Let us make sure you're doing it right. 
  1. Get Comfy: Find a comfortable space where you can relax. Stress is not invited to this party.
  2. Prep the Pump: Make sure your pump is clean. Remember, hygiene first!
  3. Lube it Up: Apply a dab of lubricant to reduce friction. Coconut oil is recommended.
  4. Place & Press: Position the pump over your nipple, pressing firmly to ensure there's no air escaping. It's like sealing a deal with your skin.
  5. Pump it Up: Begin pumping. Start gently—this is not a race. Increase the suction gradually to find your sweet spot.
A few minutes of this activity is enough but some say 10-15 minutes works for them. You can try doing this maybe once a day, and see how your body responds.

As for sensations, expect a bit of a pulling feeling—a good kind of strange. Afterward, your nipples may be a little more out there, saying hello to you or your partner.

Tips and Tricks

Ready to level up your pumping game? Check out these pro moves.
  • Adjust the Dial: Slowly tweak the suction levels. It's like finding the perfect volume on your stereo.
  • Mix it Up: Experiment with different rhythms. It's not just about the destination; enjoy the journey!
  • Combo Move: For more fun, wear breast shells or use a massager simultaneously. Think of it as multitasking for your nipples.
  • Timing is Everything: Pump before your shower or as part of your morning routine. It's like syncing your coffee brew time with your toast popping.
  • Air Time: Go braless afterward if you can. Let them breathe and enjoy their newfound freedom!
Remember, this is about your comfort and pleasure. Take it slow, and don't forget to enjoy the process!

Staying Safe

In the world of nipple pumps, safety should be your watchword. Like a superhero's cape, it’s essential. Going overboard with the suction should not be done. Crank it up too high and you might end up with bruises or, even worse, tissue damage. 

Listen to your body. If you're feeling any pain or discomfort, it's time to stop and take a breather. Your body's telling you something, and it's not whispering sweet nothings. It's more of a 'Hey, let's not do that again, okay?'


After you've finished with the pump, aftercare is your next best friend. Gently clean your nipples with care and affection, like you're pampering a tiny kitten. Then, moisturize! Your skin will thank you for it. Nipple balms or creams can be your trusty sidekicks, swooping in to soothe and protect your skin after your pumping adventures.

Swelling got you feeling like a puffy marshmallow? A cold compress can be your cool companion, bringing down the puff and getting you back to feeling like your fabulous self.

Keep an eye out for any unusual reactions, and if you're ever in doubt, it's time to call in the pros. If your nipples are throwing a fit, or if discomfort is hanging around like an unwelcome guest, consider getting on the phone to a healthcare provider.

Choosing the Right Pump for Your Needs

When it comes to selecting a nipple pump, you've got options, and each one comes with its own set of perks. Firstly, manual pumps are typically quieter and more portable, making them a discreet companion for travel or sneaky sessions. On the other hand, electric pumps are the set-it-and-forget-it kind. They do the work for you, which can be a real treat for your hands, and often offer more consistent suction.

Before you commit, think about what matters most to you. If you're someone who values a quick cleanup, you'll want to look for a pump that doesn't have a lot of nooks and crannies. Portability matters if you're on the move, but if you're a homebody, maybe that's less of a concern. And noise level? Well, if you're trying to keep your activities on the down-low, a loud motor might not be ideal.

A proper fit is essential for comfort and effectiveness. Don't guess your size. You'll want to measure the diameter of your nipple and then add a few millimeters for wiggle room.

Understanding and Managing Nipple Sensitivity

Nipple sensitivity can range from a minor tingle to a full-blown "yikes!" — and everything in between. This sensitivity could be due to a bunch of factors, including hormonal changes, your menstrual cycle, or just how you're wired. When you introduce nipple pumps into the mix, they can either be a sensitivity soother or a bit of a bully, depending on how you use them.

So, start slow with the suction — think of it as a 'get-to-know-you' phase. Gradually crank it up, but keep it at the level of a firm handshake rather than a bear hug. This way, you can build your tolerance without turning your nipples into a no-go zone.

Now, the fit of the flange. That's the part that snugs up to your skin and it's like finding the right pair of shoes. Too tight, and you're in for a world of hurt. Too loose, and you're not going to get anywhere. Make sure it fits just right, and you'll be walking — or pumping — on cloud nine.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Nipple Pumps

Keeping your nipple pumps clean isn't just a matter of hygiene but a cornerstone of having a good, safe experience. Just like with other toys in your collection, you should always follow its manufacturer's instructions to the letter when it comes to cleaning.

Use warm water and mild soap, or a cleaning agent specifically recommended for sex toys, to wash your pump after every use. Harsh chemicals should be avoided; they can break down the material of your pump and irritate your skin the next time you use it.

Consistent cleaning is key. Make it a routine to clean your pump after each session. As for the parts, like the flanges and tubes, check the guidelines. Some may need a weekly deep clean, while others might be fine with a post-use rinse.

Simone Brooks

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