Spiked and Ribbed Dildos

With our spiked dildos, every night will be full of stimulation and indescribable pleasure!

Your love tunnels can only take in so much. Let's test their limits once and for all by trying out one of our spiked dildos.

Bumps and ribs are what give a sex toy some oomph. Without them, all you get is a smooth and bland product that doesn't surprise you or catch you off guard. Unexpected turns are what make us curl our toes and scream with pleasure until we have to catch our breath. Let's hope that these spiked dildos wouldn't leave you gasping for air...or you'd want that, wouldn't you?

Each spiked dildo made from high-quality silicone. This type of material is best suited for this style to mold it to the various rows of spikes waiting to be used.

Don't worry about quality. We've got all of that covered. Our silicone is medical grade, which means it matches the same quality that hospitals use for their medical equipment. Another factor is that our spiked dildos are non-toxic, so they don't include any harmful elements such as BPA, latex, and phthalates. It's also hypoallergenic so you can be sure that it can be used even with those who have sensitive skin types.

Additionally, these are also waterproof spiked dildos that are non-porous. Most silicone sex toys have tiny pores that liquids can take advantage of and seep in them. A non-porous property means it doesn't have any of those pores. So, you are free to use them however you want--even in the shower on in your tub!

This feature also makes them very easy to clean. Before and after use, give your spiked dildo a good lather with some mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. Make sure to get into those crevices and spaces in between the spikes. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly with lukewarm water until all the soap has washed off. Pat dry with a soft towel and store it away from direct sunlight.

To make your experience more comfortable, you can apply your favorite water-based lube. Any other types of lubricants--such as silicone-based and hybrid--aren't allowed to be applied on a silicone spiked dildo as it can cause the toy to react with the materials and disintegrate.

You can choose two types of usage, depending on your preference. If you want some excitement and thrill without ever using your hands, you will definitely enjoy a spiked dildo with a suction cup base. They have a firm grip that's easy to stick on, but a bit of a challenge to remove. Just stick it on any flat and smooth surface for some hands-free fun.

Do you want to be the dominant one? Now, it'll be easy as 1-2-3 when you choose a strap-on spiked dildo. This babe features a few straps that you wear like a belt around your waist. The spiked dildo is front and center ready to pound and thrust into any hole.

Gauge your sexual ability while having fun at the same time with our collection of spiked dildos!

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