Benefits of Male Chastity

While chastity can often seem like something cruel and not particularly enjoyable, there are a whole host of benefits that can come from wearing male chastity devices.

Some of these are quite physical, changing the way you experience sex, while others are much more psychological, and can have an impact on your relationship for the better.

Rather than making sweeping statements though, let’s dive in and take a deeper look at the benefits of male chastity.

Why Do Men Take Part in Male Chastity?

Men all over the world enjoy male chastity for a whole host of different reasons. Some of them can be quite simple, like curiosity, while others can be driven by very complex and unique factors.

Too often though, we come across couples who are trying this kind of relationship, and it isn’t really working. Often this is because the man doesn’t really want to do it, and it’s something his partner is much more interested in.

Ultimately, the most important answer should be that a man is taking part in chastity because he wants to.

Benefits of Male Chastity

Chastity isn’t all submission and orgasm denial. There can be some real benefits for men who enjoy it, although some won’t apply for everyone.

It might surprise you, but male chastity can help with premature ejaculation. When given stimulation by your Mistress, but being told you aren’t allowed to orgasm, you have to practise large amounts of control to make sure you don’t finish. If you do it can lead to some less than enjoyable punishments.

By regularly practising this kind of control (at the behest of your Mistress), you can strengthen the muscles involved in orgasm, and learn to decide when you are going to orgasm. This can take you from someone who orgasms at the slightest touch, to someone who can keep going all night, only orgasming when they are done.

Another benefit to male chastity are much more intense orgasms. Having to go long periods without an orgasm, or experiencing orgasm denial, can allow a lot of sexual tension to build up inside you. When you finally get to release this, the resulting orgasm can be quite explosive.

Additionally, some of the control and power dynamics in a relationship involving chastity can greatly strengthen a relationship. By giving over control of your penis to your partner, you are displaying large amounts of trust in them. There also needs to be large amounts of communication between the two of you, to make sure nobody is going too far.

These elements are both important in relationships, and by putting yourself in a more extreme situation, you test these things to the max. If everything goes well, even if you decide to end your chastity lifestyle, the relationship should be that much stronger for you.

Some men aren’t in a relationship though, but there can still be some benefits to those men too. For example, many men choose to give one of their keys to a keyholder or keyholding service. By doing so, they are completely out of control of their chastity, which can take a lot of pressure off.

Having this release can be great for your mental health, as you are able to truly sit back and enjoy the experience.

A surprising benefit to using a chastity device can be to equalize the sex drive within a relationship. Often a man might find that his sex drive is much higher than his partner’s which can create a lot of friction in the relationship. By wearing a cage, it’s not uncommon to see the man’s sex drive go down a lot, which can make sex much more appealing to his partner.

Why Use a Chastity Device?

While chastity can be accomplished perfectly fine without any chastity devices, most people who enjoy the practise like to use these to take things to the next level.

By wearing a chastity device, the temptation is completely removed from the chaste person, making it much easier to stick to your pledge. The devices also serve as a permanent reminder of your pledge, which can help to reaffirm things for you when you begin to slip.

Although many men will wear a cage to make their chastity pledge stronger, this isn’t always the case! Some men are perfectly capable of controlling their urges and sex drive with no additional help. Why would these men need a chastity device?

Well, some of them just enjoy it!

Whether it’s the feel of the metal on their skin, the weight of the cage pulling on their penis, or just the simple thought that it’s there, bulging under their clothes. The reasons are truly limitless! But if you’re already engaged in a chastity relationship, and you like wearing a chastity device too, then why not?

In addition to chastity, some individuals like to enhance the thrill of restraint by using bondage belts, bondage gear and sexual straps in their practices. Although not as popular as chastity, bed bondage is also a way to give up control and show submission in a dominant-submissive dynamic.

Are Cock Cages Effective?

Cock cages are very effective at accomplishing a number of things in a chastity relationship.

They completely hand over control to the keyholder, which serves to both “free” the chaste person, and make the keyholder feel much more empowered in their role within the relationship. This extra strength for each side of the relationship can serve to greatly strengthen the relationship, and make it much more likely to succeed. These cages are symbols of surrender and ownership, and you may pair it with other accessories such as bondage collars to signify your submission. Wearing a cage while having a BDSM collar and leash on your neck is a seductive display of your loyalty to the keyholder. Adding an open mouth ring gag to the mix can enhance the dynamics, too. The more you restrict and emasculate yourself and the more your Dom feel more powerful, the bigger the eruption of sensations when both of you eventually reach climax.

Chastity cages are also very effective at preventing erections in the first place. When the penis begins to swell up, the cage restricts it. This means before it reaches a full erection you will fill up your cage and then the erection will go away again.

Stopping yourself from getting an erection in the first place can really help your chastity. Not having the temptation of an erect penis greatly reduces the temptation to masturbate or orgasm while wearing a chastity cage which helps you stay chaste longer.

Bear in mind, these chastity cages can be more effective if safety precautions are followed during wearing.

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