What is Chastity?

With the open and sexually liberating attitudes that are becoming more prevalent in much of the world, we’re constantly being exposed to new and exciting ways to spice things up in the bedroom, like using male chastity devices.

One of the more extreme and unusual things you might have come across is a chastity device.

These can leave you with many questions though. What is chastity? Why do people do it? Is it something you might enjoy?

In this article, we’ll be introducing you to the wonderful world of male chastity and everything that goes along with it.

What is Male Chastity?

Male chastity is not a new concept, and there are many examples throughout history of men abstaining from sex, masturbation, orgasms, or all three!

One of the most prominent examples people usually remember are the many varieties of buddhist monks, who often vow to live their lives out in chastity. Rather than simply not having sex anymore though, these monks often move to a monastery and seclude themselves from many more aspects of human interaction.

More recently, the #nofap movement convinced men all over the world to abstain from masturbation for various reasons. This movement started in 2011 and attempted to convince men to give up masturbation touting benefits such as increased concentration and productivity.

In recent years male chastity relationships have also become much more common. In these relationships, the man hands over control of his sexual pleasure to his partner, or Mistress. She decides when he is allowed to orgasm, have sex, masturbate, or even clean his penis.

Why someone chooses to get involved with male chastity may vary, but the core idea is still the same. Staying chaste!

The History of Male Chastity

So where does this whole idea come from? What possibly possessed someone to give up sex and orgasms for an extended period of time, and actually enjoy it?

Well the true origins of chastity can be traced back to Ancient times, with many religious texts referencing chastity belts. However, most believe that these references were meant more as a metaphor than an actual locking up of someone’s genitals.

The first proper references to a chastity belt came from the crusades, where men would need to go off to war for years at a time, leaving their wives behind. They obviously didn’t want their wives to sleep with other men, so they would lock up their genitals and take the key with them. Or so we might think…

The notion of chastity belts appears frequently in literature throughout history, even including drawings, there were no actual depictions of anyone wearing them.

So when did they truly appear? Well many historians believe that the first real chastity belts were made around sometime in the 18th or 19th century, and that these were meant as joke pieces not something to be used.

More modern chastity devices (including belts and cages) seem to start popping up in the early 1900s, so it’s likely that this was the first time that people truly began making and wearing them. Some of the old designs are quite strange though, and wouldn’t really have functioned that effectively.

Throughout the 20th century, designs have obviously improved, and the chastity devices we have today are properly designed to keep the wearer from having sex. So this age old idea was finally able to come to fruition.

How Do Men Take Part in Male Chastity?

For a man to start living a life of male chasity, there aren’t many prerequisites. Simply making the decision to do it is the main part!

Once the decision has been reached though, the way each man remains chaste may vary wildly from one to another. You could:

  • Spend your entire life in solitude, much like the monks.
  • Give up pornography, to reduce the amount you masturbate and only have sex instead.
  • Choose not to have sex until marriage.
  • Ban yourself from touching your own penis.
  • Wear a chastity device.

There are probably many more but you get the idea. The most important thing is sticking to the pledge (whatever it was) that the man makes, and remaining chaste!

Types of Male Chastity

If you’ve made it this far, and haven’t been completely put off, then there’s probably some part of you that wants to know more. Is all chastity the same? Do I have to give up orgasms for the rest of my life?

Luckily there are a few different types of chastity, so your own experience can be tailored into something that you’ll enjoy. Choosing the perfect cock cage can be tricky, however, it is extremely necessary so you can practice chastity effectively.

The most obvious (and perhaps most terrifying) kind of chastity is permanent chastity. This is where a man will pledge to spend his entire life in a cock cage.

While this sounds quite dramatic, it doesn’t mean his penis will never see fresh air again. A big part of chastity relationships is still having sex and experiencing orgasm, but in a more controlled manner. The man will be allowed to take off his cage when his Mistress or Master decides, and will still be able to enjoy all the usual past-times.

Both the cage and the penis will also need to be regularly cleaned, so it will need to be removed usually every week or two to make sure this is done.

Other than that though, he’ll be locked up!

The next kind of chastity is a little less extreme, and is something we like to call part-time chastity. Exactly how this is set up will be down to each individual couple, but a common example is that the man will need to be locked up while the keyholder isn’t present. In a way, this is very similar to the fabled chastity belts of the crusades.

Finally, there is more recreational chastity. Some couples will simply want to explore cock cages and see what it’s like to spend some time locked up or explore the power exchange involved in this kind of relationship. It's more than just the cages, too. It's about playing with your senses and restricting them so they become sensitive overtime. Some couples experiment by adding bondage play to the mix during sex—while the man is caged in chastity, he might also wear a blindfold and leather handcuffs, or he may fill his mouth with an open gag while he's tied to a bondage spreader bar. For some, restricting their senses this way pushes their sensitivity to overdrive.

Overall, it’s nothing to be particularly scared of. The key point is that you get to decide with your partner, exactly what shape your chastity relationship will take. You lay out the rules, punishments, and most importantly, the rewards!

How Popular is Male Chastity?

While male chastity definitely isn’t something you should be considering based on it’s popularity, it would be a lie to say it hasn’t become more popular in recent times. Not only are society much more open about sexuality, so many people are more willing to try things they might not have in the past. It’s also much easier to get both information and equipment thanks to the internet.

You could decide to try out chastity and have a cage on your penis within a few days!

Do Men Enjoy Chastity?

Many people think that chastity is just something forced on a man by a partner, religious view, parents, or some other source. While this is unfortunately true in some cases, many men simply choose a chastity lifestyle because they enjoy it!

Handing over sexual control to another person can be quite liberating and exciting. Not knowing when you’re going to be allowed the sexual release you crave can make it that much better when you finally get it. When you've finally gotten the hang of wearing one, you'll discover the various benefits of being caged.

For some simply freeing themselves of the games and dances of having an active sex life will more than make up for what they are missing out on. Others still might simply choose to pursue a lifestyle that requires periods of chastity or even permanent chastity. Take astronauts for example. When on the space station, they will be many months away from other human beings, and be completely chaste for the duration! But being in space makes it all worth it.

How Discreet is Male Chastity?

Male chastity can be as discreet or out there as you wish. If you don’t want anyone to know about it, then simply keeping it to yourself is perfectly fine. Even while wearing a cock cage or other chastity device, if you choose the right one nobody even needs to know that it’s there!

On the other hand, some people and they want to share it. Rather than just simply telling others about it though, there are plenty of options for these kinds of exhibitionists. Many people hold chastity parties, where each Mistress or Master gets to bring along their slaves and share them among the group.

In addition to cock cages, others wear additional accessories that symbolize their commitment to the lifestyle. A popular choice is the BDSM collar. Submissive collars are common within the chastity community because they are a great way to show a sub's loyalty in public while being subtle about it. So next time you spot a distinct accessory on someone's neck, it might just be more than a fashion statement.

Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you how discreet your male chastity is.

Is Chastity Just for Men?

While our focus here has been primarily on men, women shouldn’t feel completely left out! Anyone can enjoy a life of chastity if they desire, and can also find Mistresses and Masters to keep them in check.

Women obviously can’t make use of a chastity device like a cock cage, but there are other options such as chastity belts, which cover both the vagina and anus and prevents intercourse and masturbation.

Although chaste females in a relationship may be further enforcing historical stereotypes by submitting to a man, there is still a large element of trust and power transfer at play here.

Sometimes a women may even be in a chaste lesbian relationship! It really doesn’t matter who you are, or who you like. If you think you’ll enjoy chastity, then there’s nothing stopping you giving it a try.

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