Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case
Key Pod App Controlled Key Case

Key Pod App Controlled Key Case

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Make your cage even more restrictive with the Key Pod. Once you’ve locked your pathetic penis in a cage, lock your key away too and make sure there’s really no escape.

Hand over control of your cock to anyone, anywhere. Pair your Key Pod with the QIUI app, and let your Mistress, a friend, or anyone else decide if and when you get let out. All it takes is the tap of a button to open the box, but you’ll have to work for it if you really want it.

Thanks to its spacious design, the Key Pod can accommodate all common key sizes, so it will work with any cage you own. But don’t think you’ll be able to just open the box whenever you feel like it. Each time the box is opened, an entry is made in the apps lock records. There won’t be any way to escape Mistress’s gaze.

More of a solo player? That’s fine too! You can hand over control to anyone on the planet thanks to the QIUI app. Or if you’d rather keep things in your own hands, you can set a timer on the app and the box will stay locked until it hits zero. Simple, elegant, agony.

Don’t worry about being caught without any juice. One charge of your Key Pod will last half a year on standby, or persist through 500 unlocks. Once the battery starts to run out, simply plug in the device to any USB slot with the included cable, and you’ll be enjoying chastity again before you know it.

Package Contents

Enhance any chastity cage with the Key Pod and take your pledge to the next level.

Each box contains:

  • One Key Pod Device – In a sleek and stylish blue, your Key Pod device is something that should be in every slave’s collection. Sleek, stylish and secure, just the way it should be.
  • One USB Charging Cable – Charge your device with any compatible USB slot.
  • One Lanyard Wrist Strap – Secure your Key Pod to your wrist, backpack, or anywhere else convenient with the included lanyard.
  • User Manual – Complete documentation on your new Key Pod device, making sure your Mistress knows exactly how to keep your key safe.

Product Support

Please read all documentation that comes with your Key Pod device to ensure proper operation before you begin using your device.

Quick Start Guide:

  • Download and install the QIUI app.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your device.
  • Open the QIUI app and tap the Key Pod button.
  • Press and hold the button on your Key Pod device for three seconds. The indicator will begin to flash.
  • While the light is flashing, tap the button in the QIUI app to open your Key Pod Device.

The following video demonstrates the Bluetooth pairing process.

Keep Your Key Under Lock and Key

Choose the easy way to resist temptation with the fantastic Key Pod device. All you need to do is put your key inside, lock it up, and start enjoying chastity. No more temptation, no more failure, just pure bliss!

Your Key is Always Hers

Once you’ve paired your Key Pod with the QIUI app, it can be unlocked or locked from anywhere on the planet. That means wherever Mistress goes, she’ll still be the one deciding whether or not you’ll be getting a little taste of freedom.

Reports on Every Unlock

Thanks to the apps included unlock records, any Mistress will be able to see every time her slave has cheated on his pledge. You better be on your best behaviour, because she’ll always be watching.

Timer Mode for Solo Play

No matter what kind of chastity you practise, the Key Pod can help you keep your pledge. Whether you’re practising alone, or simply looking to spice things up, activate the timer mode and give yourself plenty of time to earn your freedom.

USB Rechargeable

The Key Pod fits any USB-C charging device, meaning yours will always be ready when you need it.

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