Disposable Numbered Chastity Locks 5 Piece Set
Disposable Numbered Chastity Locks 5 Piece Set
Disposable Numbered Chastity Locks 5 Piece Set
What?! Did you lose your keys again? This time you're going to cut that lock using a saw! Ouch! Sounds painful!

If this rings a bell, you must have experienced losing the keys for your cock cage that you resorted to using a bolt cutter to remove the lock from your penis. Well, with the Disposable Plastic Chastity Locks 5 Pieces, no heavy machines are needed to unlock your dick - it's easy to unfasten, is disposable, and is cheap that's within your budget limit!

The set comes with five durable locks that do the job of imprisoning your dick. It's also lightweight, stable, and disposable, so you wouldn't have to worry about misplacing the tiny little keys to unlock them. It's easy to attach and install—you only need to hinge the mechanism to the cage, then zip it, and voila! You now have the sophisticated lock, and you can feel you're indeed detained and barred from getting an erection anytime! In case you need to remove it, a pair of scissors is the only thing you need to cut the plastic wire.

What's also good about this set is its price—it's cheap compared to the metal locks out in the market. Plus, you also get to save in the long run as you'll no longer need to buy a sex toy cleaner to wash it - all you have to do is dispose of it after use. However, make sure to put it properly in the trash bin where other plastics are located, that is, the recyclable bin. This way, you get to save the environment as well! See how you're saving money and nature?

Don't waste time looking for the lost keys. Don't stress yourself finding ways to bolt cut the metal locks. Lighten up your cock's weight by using the Disposable Plastic Chastity Locks! Get this set now and add it to your cart!
Color/Type Black, White
Material Plastic
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: 1 inch

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Disposable Numbered Chastity Locks 5 Piece Set

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