Premium Chastity Lock and Key
Premium Chastity Lock and Key
Premium Chastity Lock and Key
How does it feel to finally be locked up under a cage? You must have been such a naughty boy. Only the sneakiest of cocks are punished by a chastity device. So if you're one of them, then you better start acting right.

Part of keeping your package in the fence is sealing it with the help of padlocks. It's always handy to have a few spares just in case you decide to get extra cocky and try to hide them. But there's no escaping how devious you've been, and you need to pay the price.

This Premium Polished Finish Padlock is more luxurious than the ones that come in with every cock cage. The material is more exquisite, and the finishing leaves a shiny gleam. It feeds your Mistress's aesthetic hunger for style. The two different finishes (gold and silver) mean that she can switch it up with any chastity device you have.

There's only one key included with every purchase, further solidifying the fact that no one has complete control over your cock besides your dominant partner. Getting hard? You shouldn't be. Wait until one of these gets to your cock cage, and you'll see what's coming for you.


Colors Gold, Silver
Type Padlock
Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions (inches) 1.37 inches (length) 0.78 inch (width)


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Premium Chastity Lock and Key

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