Best Sex Toys for Men

A lot of men are often surprised to learn that there are sex toys for men. Even those that are enjoyable for both sexes such as vibrators are often thought of as being “for women”. Add to that the taboo nature of anal play for many men, and sex toys often seem like something they aren’t really meant to enjoy.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth! There are many different toys and devices that are literally designed for men to maximise their sexual pleasure!

Even if you’ve tried some things before, there are usually lots of things that are not really talked about that much. So there’s always something new to try.

We’ve put together this list of the best sex toys aimed specifically at men, so if you’re just starting out, or looking for something new and exciting, you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Getting Started: Basic Male Sex Toys

For a man just dipping his toes into the sex toy ocean, it’s usually better to stick to one of the simpler kinds of sex toys available. Most people will go through a kind of adjustment period when they start using sex toys. At first things will feel a little odd, and it might be hard to get into the mood and actually enjoy yourself. With something simple, you can overcome this before moving onto some of the more unusual sex toys.

Prostate Massagers are our other entry level male sex toy. We know a lot of men might not be comfortable with anal toys at first, but it’s definitely something you want to try. The prostate gland is a part of the male body often compared to a woman’s g-spot, and stimulating it can bring you immense pleasure.

Luckily, prostate massagers are a special kind of butt plug designed to give targeted stimulation to your prostate gland. They have a slight curve, meaning they can hit just the right spot.

While many prostate massagers can vibrate, this can often be overwhelming when you first start trying prostate stimulation. Instead, we recommend starting with a non vibrating model. This lets you focus on the new sensations and start working your way to a prostate orgasm, rather than focusing entirely on which type of vibration you like the best.

Turning Up The Heat: Intermediate Male Sex Toys

Once you’ve got comfortable with using some of the more basic models of sex toy out there, you might want something that can take your pleasure to the next level. Luckily, men have a lot of options when looking for something to make that next orgasm extra special.

Pocket Pussies are a great addition to any man’s masturbation arsenal. Made famous by the fleshlight models, pocket pussies are now produced by a variety of companies, each with their own selling points. The main attraction is that they can combine the feeling of penetrating a vagina, anus or even a mouth, but inside the textures can be as wild and imaginative as you desire. Ridges, bumps, swirls and many more interesting textures await your penis in the right pocket pussy.

Penis Pumps are another unique option for a man looking to please his partner that little bit more. These devices make use of air or water pressure to temporarily increase the size and girth of your penis. After using it, you can give your partner the ride of their life, and enjoy a huge, throbbing erection to make you feel like the man of the house.

Oral Sex Toys are another unique way for men to make use of their penis. These are designed with rotating motors, which simulate the action of a tongue. With the right oral sex toy, you’ll never need to ask for a blowjob again!

Advanced Male Sex Toys

You might think you’re quite experienced with male sex toys, and that you’ve seen all there is to see. There’s always more toys being designed and made though, so there might be something new that you haven’t tried before.

Or you might have just not considered these toys before. They are a little more on the advanced side, and require a little more work that simply using it during masturbation or sex. The payoff can be well worth it though, as these toys can help you experience things that you never would otherwise!

Sex Dolls are the first advanced sex toy on our list. They aren’t particularly complicated to use, but the cost alone is usually enough to put of some of the less experienced sex toy collectors. Dolls also need a significant amount of maintenance and care to keep them in good condition, so they aren’t one you can just throw in a drawer when you’re done.

For all your extra effort though, you get your perfect partner! Wanted to try anal but your partner doesn’t like it? A doll will let you do exactly what you want. Fantasies about roleplay and costumes? Simply pick the outfit for your doll! You can even snuggle up to them at night so you don’t feel as lonely in bed.

Penis Plugs are the final stop down male sex toy avenue, and they are a place few men dare to go. Rather than using your penis to penetrate something else, a penis plug is meant to be put inside the penis!

This can be a hard one for men to get on board with, but if you’re willing to take your time and plenty of care, penile penetration can be incredibly enjoyable. The nerves inside the urethra are incredibly sensitive, and stimulating them with a plug can give you feelings like nothing else.

While these are our picks for best male sex toy, there are many more things out there to try. We haven’t even begun to mention the sex toys that both men and women can use, such as vibrators, dildos, or even sex swings! The only limit to your sexual adventure is your own imagination, so try something new today!

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