How to Use a Urethral Sound

Choosing and buying sounding rods is only the first step on your journey to this new kind of sexual pleasure.

It’s easy enough to get to this stage, but once everything has arrived you might find yourself a little lost on how to actually go about it.

This guide aims to cover everything you need to know about inserting and using your urethral sounds!

What Is A Urethral Sound?

In case you missed our previous guide on urethral sounds (go check it out!), here’s a quick run-down.

A urethral sound is a long rod usually made of stainless steel or sometimes silicone, which is designed to be inserted into the urethra.

Traditionally they were used as medical devices to help unblock or examine the urethra in cases of infections or other malfunctions.

In more recent years though, people have begun to enjoy using them in urethral play and have felt intense pleasure while doing so.

The use of a sound can allow both men and women to reach some parts of the body that are otherwise inaccessible, and with practise you can reach as far as your own bladder!

How To Use Your Urethral Sound

When it comes to using your urethral sounds, there’s always going to be a stage of preparation needed at the start.

There are a few distinct risks you want to avoid during your session, and thorough preparation helps you deal with almost everything.

The first thing you need to do is make sure your sounds are completely sterilised.

The urethra can very easily pick up bacteria from anything you insert. As most sounds are made of stainless steel or silicone, it’s a simple process to sterilise them and in most cases boiling them will do the job.

Even if you clean them after use, this is still an important step as they can easily gather more bacteria between uses.

If you’re looking to be as safe as you possibly can then you can even wear surgical gloves to make sure nothing gets from your hands onto your sounds.

Stage two is lubrication.

Just like almost any sex toy you use, properly lubricating your sounds will make the entire process much safer and more enjoyable.

You need to cover the entire sound in plenty of lube, and it can also help to put a little on the urethral opening too.

Not just any lube will do though! You also need to make sure your lubricant is sterile, or some ingredients may cause you some internal problems.

The next step is the one you’ve been looking forward to: insertion.

This needs to be done carefully and slowly, and you should try and be as relaxed as possible while you do it.

For men it’s often a lot easier to do this before the penis becomes erect. You simply need to position it at the entrance of the urethra, and gradually allow it to glide in.

Gravity should do most of the work, and you shouldn’t need to explicitly push it inside yourself.

Often while you insert your sound, you might find that you reach a point where it gets a bit stuck.

This will be the point most people want to push a bit to get past the wall, and it’s something you have to train yourself not to do.

In most cases, you’ll have become a little tense, and simply relaxing and waiting a couple of minutes will allow it to move further.

If it still won’t budge, then you can try gently rotating the sound to get it moving again. If is still won’t move, then you’ve hit your limit for now!

Once you’ve got the toy inside, you can try experimenting with it.

Still being gentle, you can try moving it and out of the urethra by small amounts. You can also try adjusting the angle of penetration, as the urethra naturally bends as it moves towards the bladder.

Whatever movements you try, keep lubricating the sound as necessary. If it dries out it can become quite painful.

When it comes to removing your sound, most of the time it will be very simple. There are a few exceptions though, mostly for men.

Certain styles of urethral sound such as the Van Buren have much more pronounced curves, so they can only be inserted or removed while the penis is flaccid.

Even if the sound can be removed while erect, you might prefer to wait until flaccid as it can be easier.

Using Sounds For Pain

For most people, pain will want to be something they avoid, although some people actually enjoy a certain level of pain during their sexual activities!

Urethral sounds are a perfect tool for these people, and while it is risky, it’s definitely possible to enjoy sound pain play while sounding.

This can either be done through slightly less lubrication, a different angle with the sound, or even incorporating electrical stimulation by attaching your sounds to a tens unit.

Whichever method you decide to use, it’s important to pay attention to your body during this type of play as there’s a fine line between acceptable pain and dangerous pain.

Safety Tips

For the most part, as long as you take your time while using your urethral sounds, there shouldn’t be much risk of harm.

There are however a few simple tips you can take advantage of in order to minimise the risk.

The first is to ensure you’re using the right kind of lubricant. We mentioned this earlier, but some kinds of lubricant can contain ingredients which can cause urinary infections.

It’s important to find lubricants that are 100% sterile for urethral play.

The other large risk when sounding, is using a toy that is too big.

Tearing the urethra is something you really don’t want to experience and can have long term effects on your body.

You should never be pushing your body too far, so the size of your sounds should be snug, but not too tight.

Sharing your urethral sounds is also a massive risk.

Even if sanitised before you begin, after being inserted into one person’s body it will pick up bacteria from the inside of their urethra.

Even bacteria which is not harmful to one person can be harmful when transferred to another body, so it’s always best to have separate toys for separate people.

The final tip is to only use properly manufactured urethral sounds in urethral play. Thermometers, pencils, and other household objects might seem like a good idea at the time, but it’s never worth the risk.

If something were to break inside your urethra it would be very difficult to get it back out!

As long as you are gentle and careful, and follow our simple tips, using urethral sounds should be a very simple and easy process.

It’s worth learning the proper way to do it, as one bad experience might put you off for life.

The pleasure from urethral stimulation can be amazing though, so it would be a shame to miss out just because you got in too much of a rush!

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