Female Urethral Stimulation

Much of the time when looking at or shopping for sex toys for urethral stimulation, a lot of the conversation focuses on men.

Don’t worry though, women! You can gain just as much, if not more pleasure, from stimulating your own urethra!

It’s a much more niche sexual practise than many others though, so there’s often a complete lack of information out there.

We’ve got you covered, so if you want to learn the ins and outs of female urethral stimulation then you’re in the right place.

Where Is The Female Urethra?

Just like in men, a woman’s urethra runs from the bottom of the bladder to a small opening. It’s a thin tube which is designed to carry urine out of the body. Unlike men though, a woman’s urethra is only for that single purpose.

A woman's urethral opening is located in between the clitoris and the vagina, and only extends a mere two inches into the body. Due to this much shorter length, women are much more likely to contract a urinary tract infection than a man.

Are Women Able To Stimulate Their Urethra?

Although both sexes are fitted with variants of the same equipment, it’s often thought that urethral stimulation is only something that men can enjoy.

This couldn’t be further from the truth though, and women can take just as much pleasure from the practise! Just like men, many women might have been regularly stimulating their urethra without even realising it!

During masturbation or even sex, the position of the urethral opening means that it’s extremely likely that things will have been stroking and stimulating it without you even knowing.

Urethral stimulation can be very intense, so if you’ve ever felt like there’s one spot in particular which that tingles loads when you touch it, then there’s a good chance that’s your urethra! When it comes to actively stimulating their urethra, it’s an almost identical process between men and women.

You simply start stroking or inserting objects into it. For women this can produce very different stimulation though.

The clitoris isn’t simply the small part on the edge of the body. It extends much further into the body, and the inner parts are much bigger, much like an iceberg.

There’s also the fabled G-spot which is thought to be located a little way inside the vagina. Both of these areas can be touched and stimulated during urethral stimulation.

In general, women might find it much more difficult to stimulate their urethra. It tends to be much tighter, and they will need extra training to get used to the feelings. Due to this, a woman will typically start with a much smaller and thinner urethral toy than a man.

Types Of Female Urethral Toys

Despite the distinct differences between the male and female urethras, the types of toys used to stimulate them are basically the same. Women can choose between penis plugs, urethral sounds, and urethral piercings.

Urethral piercings can vary greatly, with the only common aspect being that they pierce the urethra.

Generally, the Princess Albertina piercing is thought to be the most popular among women and is a female version of the male Prince Albert piercing.

These piercings aren’t specifically designed to stimulate you but having them there means that whenever you do something involving the area you are likely to gain extra urethral stimulation from your piercing.

Penis plugs might sound like a thing just for men, but there are variants available for women. Often these might instead be referred to as urethral plugs. In terms of shape and design though, they are identical to a male penis plug.

Due to the shorter and tighter nature of a woman’s urethra, they will typically want penis plugs that are aimed more at beginners than some of the wider, more advanced models.

Urethral sounds are the most advanced form of urethral stimulation and penetrate much further into the body than a plug. These are long rods which can fill the length of the urethral tube and have a variety of different designs for different stimulation.

Women need to be a bit more careful with sounding than men, as their shorter urethra makes it much easier for them to push too far and cause themselves some damage.

Vaginal pumps can also be useful with urethral stimulation. While these aren’t specifically designed for urethral play, they do draw extra blood into the vagina.This makes the whole area a lot more sensitive and makes your urethral stimulation even more intense.

Tips For Women When Simulating The Urethra

In almost every way, a woman goes through the exact same process when stimulating their urethra.

For the most part, as long as you are using lubricants, using the correct sized toys, and not pushing yourself too far then you’re likely not to have any problems.

Women can have one specific difficulty that may not apply to men though. Their urethra tends to be tighter and a little more difficult to insert things into than a man’s.

You need to take your time and work your way up much slower and gentler to get to the larger sizes. One great tip if you find yourself struggling is to masturbate first. As you orgasm, the vagina relaxes a lot, so the urethral opening is larger than at any other time./p>

This makes it easier to start inserting things and the stimulation you get from the toys should be able to bring you to a second orgasm.

Can You Use A Urethra For Sex?

If you’re using other objects to penetrate your urethra, then shouldn’t you be able to use it to have sex with?

Unfortunately, not. Even the smallest penis is much larger than any urethral toy you might use and attempting to put a penis inside your urethra is likely to be extremely painful and cause you some serious damage.

As you can see, there’s an awful lot to urethral play than you might first think!

It’s definitely not a male only practise though, so if you’re a woman and you find it at least somewhat interesting then definitely check it out!