Male Urethral Play

Male Urethral Stimulation

For a man looking to start exploring urethral stimulation, there are a whole range of different challenges as well as some unique benefits. Much of this comes down to the differences in anatomy between the sexes.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, or an experienced pro, there’s always something you can gain from exploring and experiencing this unusual form of sexual pleasure.

How Do Men Stimulate Their Urethra?

Many of you might have already been stimulating your urethra for years without even realising it!

When masturbating, men will often stroke the frenulum as it is an incredibly sensitive area. The urethra exits at pretty much the same location, so part of the sensitivity can come from your urethra just as much your frenulum. Of course, stroking it is nothing compared to actually inserting something inside the urethra.

Men arguably have more options for this than women, as their urethras are much, much longer.

A man can use penis plugs, urethral sounds, or even have their urethra pierced! Each type of insertion reaches a different length inside the body and can stimulate you in different ways. Piercings will typically be the shallowest.

These can be done in a variety of different ways, although the most common will be the Prince Albert piercing. While it may be painful to begin with and can take a long time to fully heal, a urethral piercing leaves you with something that will always be there.

This gives you added stimulation to almost anything you do with your penis. Penis plugs will reach further into the body, rather than just the tip of the urethra.

These typically aren’t huge, with the longest being around 1.5 to 2 inches. Depth isn’t the real selling point of penis plugs though. Rather than going deeper, most users will typically enjoy getting wider, focusing on plugs with larger and larger diameters.

Before long you’ll find a point where you really feel the stretch and having something large inside your penis is a truly unique feeling!

Urethral sounds are the farthest reaching of the urethral toys. These are often used by medical professionals in diagnosing and treating some infections and disorders.

A sound can be as large as around eight inches, and with practise can reach all the way to a man’s bladder.

They also come in a variety of designs, with different curves and ridges along the length of the sound.

Each design produces a different feeling when inserted by forcing the urethra into different shapes or stimulating it with extra ridges or grooves.

Why Do Men Stimulate Their Urethra With Penis Plugs?

There are two main components to the pleasure a lot of men get from penis plugs: Physical and psychological.

From a psychological perspective, urethral play can be a big deal. No matter how up for it you think you are, the simple thought of penetrating the penis (which is usually the thing doing the penetrating) is just straight up odd.

That’s not a bad thing though, as breaking through a barrier like this can be incredibly intense and turn you on a lot more than you might expect.

It’s also just straight up kinky and unusual, so if you enjoy exploring some of the more risqué parts of sex then this will definitely satisfy your cravings.

Physically it’s a bit of a simpler story. Much like butt plugs, a penis plugs gives you an intense feeling of fullness, only this time it’s in your penis instead!

It’s always a difficult thing to explain to someone who’s never felt it, but the slight stretch and firmness of your body when you experience this kind of fullness is truly unique. Most people enjoy it once they get over the initial feelings of discomfort or pain that they experience.

Then there’s the prostate. In nearly every situation where prostate stimulation is mentioned, the same mantra is told: internal stimulation is better than external.

In most cases this leads to men exploring prostate stimulation through the anus, as this is the “easiest” method to reach it. That’s not entirely true though, as some people might find it quite difficult getting a prostate massager right up there.

Urethral sounds can reach the prostate from a different direction, and for some people this is a much easier way to stimulate it.

It can be much more intense than anal stimulation too, and you even have the option of adding some electrical stimulation to your sounds for some of the strongest prostate stimulation possible.

Dangers To Men Who Stimulate Their Urethra

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, there are always dangers to urethral stimulation.

There are a few things which are more specific to men though. This is mainly due to the biological differences between the sexes. One of the largest dangers is perforating your urethra.

As you are putting an object directly inside your penis, many men might think it’s better to start with as small a size as possible.

This isn’t the case though, and you should go for sounds or plugs that at sit comfortably inside with a slight amount of tightness.

Using a thinner sound is much more likely to cause perforation as it will slide too far too fast and the pressure on a smaller surface area will be more likely to damage you inside.

Another risk that only men will have to contend with is due to the way the urethra works. For men it carries not only urine, but also semen out of the body.

Usually the prostate will work as a kind of valve to control this and make sure only one fluid is able to use the tube at once. When you use a penis plug or urethral sound though, you voluntarily block this tube and if you ejaculate while it’s inside the semen will have nowhere to go.

It has to go somewhere though, and with the exit blocked the semen is forced further into the body. It can travel right the way back up into the bladder, which is called retrograde ejaculation.

Retrograde ejaculation is never a good thing and can lead to some nasty infections if it happens often. You shouldn’t let any worries or dangers put you off though!

As long as you choose the right toys to use, and lubricate everything well, then you can experience many new and interesting feelings from urethral stimulation. It’s a whole new world to explore!

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