How To Use Pocket Pussies

pocket pussy
Hey there, curious cats and pleasure seekers! Still looking for a guide on how to maximize pleasure using a pocket pussy? This is your guide! Think of a pocket pussy as a pussy simulator that's easily held in your hand. If you're sick and tired of stroking your cock with your bare hands, a pocket pussy will make your solo playtime extra special. Cumming with a masturbator doesn't take a genius when you find your match, lube up, enjoy the ride, and keep it clean.

Steps To Use A Pocket Pussy

First things first – lube, lube, and more lube! The golden rule of any smooth ride is proper lubrication. Make it wet and slippery for a frictionless experience that’ll have you soaring, not sore.
Don't just squirt lube into the tunnel. Get your fingers in there. Spread it well like you're buttering toast – never ever miss any nook and cranny.
Once ready, it's time to introduce your pocket pussy to your best buddy – your penis. Once it's wrapped around the tunnel, gently twist the masturbator over your member as though you’re screwing in a light bulb – a light bulb that will make you squirt.
Start slow – this isn't a race. Let every inch of you get acquainted with this new sensation. Once you're in sync, gradually speed up. Find a rhythm that makes your toes curl.
After the fireworks, it’s cleanup time. Flush it out with water, treat it nice – after all, good hygiene equals a long-lasting pocket pal.

Preparing Your Pussy

Before seriously getting into it, let's talk lube. Using the appropriate lube isn't just a suggestion—it's a requirement. Skipping it means ditching the pleasure you're supposed to enjoy. Pick a water-based lube that'll play nice with your pocket pussy's material. Want to crank up the realism? Warm that sleeve up. Some folks soak it in warm water, others use special warming wands – whatever floats your boat.
Now, about the ambiance. Dim the lights, put on some tunes, or whatever else gets you in the zone. And privacy? That's key. Ensure your door is locked and your phone is on mute to prevent interruption. This is your personal intimate moment, so make it count and make it discreet.

Doing The Deed

It's time to begin. Grab your wet and slippery pocket pussy and cozy up in a spot where you can relax. Start by sliding into it, letting the soft, snug interior hug every inch. Find a grip that feels good—firm but not crushing—and a position that doesn't make you feel like a pretzel. Take it slow at first. Feel that? That's your body saying, "Thanks, mate." Listen to it. If you want to amp up the thrill, tweak that suction. Less air means more grip, more air means less. It's all about what sends you to cloud nine.

Techniques For Extra Pleasure

pocket pussies
Crave a bit more zing? Let's talk edging. This tantalizing technique is all about getting you close to the edge, then pausing. Repeat. It amps up the pleasure, making the final climax mind-blowing.
Try this: switch it up! Different angles, different positions. Flip over, prop a pillow, get creative. Every shift can hit a new spot, making your toes curl just right.
And hey, eyes need fun, too, right? Queue up some adult content. The visual feast can rocket your session into the stratosphere. It's like 3D for your senses.
Don't stop there – add a vibe to your stroke, or circle the base with a ring. Mix in these extras, and your pocket pussy experience goes from "oh" to "whoa." Keep it playful, keep it pleasurable.

Cleaning Up

Hygiene first, always. You would always take a shower after a good workout, wouldn't you? The same goes for your pocket pussy. Here’s how to keep it squeaky clean:
    1. Flush it out with warm water - no soap inside the tunnel, please. It can irritate your next round.
    2. If it's open-ended, run the water straight through. For closed models, give it a good shake with water inside.
    3. Pat the outside dry, and for the inside, thread a cloth through a stick to gently dry the tunnel.
    4. Air-dry completely - mold and mildew are the ultimate mood killers.
    5. Store it in a cool, dark place. Some come with their own storage bags – use them. They're like little sleeping bags for your pleasure buddy, protecting them until your next rendezvous.

Choosing A Pocket Pussy

A pocket pussy that isn't too tight or too loose for your penis is like the perfect pair of shoes. If it fits like it's tailored to your member, you can expect optimal pleasure. Besides, you wouldn't run a marathon if your shoes pinch and hurt, would you? Same deal here.

The Right Size

First things first, grab that tape measure – it's time to get personal. You'll want to measure your manhood to ensure you find a pocket pussy that's the Goldilocks zone for you – not too big, not too small. Think snug but not suffocating.
A fit that's just right will not only feel amazing but also add to the realism, making every stroke count. Remember, the goal is pleasure, not a wrestling match.

What Features?

Imagine a buffet of sensations – that's what the features of a pocket pussy offer. You've got textures that range from silky smooth to tantalizingly tactile. Want that extra oomph? Go for one that boasts suction capabilities or throws in a few good vibrations.
Each feature amps up the experience, turning what's already good into something mind-blowing. Mix and match to find what sends you over the edge – because this is one pleasure ride where you get to design the rollercoaster.

Ease Of Cleaning

When it comes to post-playtime, you want a quick exit, not a cleanup that lasts longer than the main event. Don't pick a pocket pussy that's difficult to clean. Instead, go for the one that's quicker to clean and sanitize. You'll probably use one that won't take much time cleaning it. Different models come with different maintenance needs. Some are open-ended for a simple rinse, while others might require a bit more elbow grease.
Materials matter too – silicone can be your best pal for a fast and thorough wash. Don't let dread of the clean-up be a buzzkill.

Anatomy - Asses, Mouths, And Pussies

pocket pussy in a hand
As variety beats boredom, pocket pussies come in many different forms - from mouths to booties and the classic kitty. Each offers its own unique twist on pleasure. Mouths might give you that oh-so-desired suction, asses add a bit of a taboo thrill, and pussies? Well, they're the tried and true classic. Your choice should be a shout-out to what turns you on the most.
Dive into your fantasies – pick the one that gets you going. Remember, it's all about what feels good for you. So, go ahead, fantasize, choose, and get ready to enjoy the ride.


What Do Pocket Pussies Feel Like?

Imagine a blend of soft, supple materials that glide along your skin. A pocket pussy's texture can mimic the real deal, offering a tactile difference from the usual hand-job. It's a velvety experience that hand can't quite replicate.

Do They Feel Realistic, Like Sex?

Yes and no. Pocket pussies can mimic the warmth and tightness, with many users praising their lifelike feel. However, they can't replace the complexity of real sex. Still, testimonials rave about their satisfying closeness to the real thing.

Are They Good Alternatives To Masturbating?

Pocket pussies spice up solo play, offering new sensations and hands-free options. They're a step up from traditional methods, diversifying pleasure. Societal views are shifting, too—what once was taboo is now gaining acceptance as a pleasure enhancer.

Is Cumming Inside OK?

Absolutely. These toys are designed to handle the finale. Just remember, post-climax cleanup is crucial. Rinse out promptly to keep your pleasure pocket fresh and ready for the next round. Neglecting this can lead to a less-than-desirable aftermath.

How To Clean A Pocket Pussy?

Post-play, flush with warm water. Use toy cleaner for thorough sanitization. Then, air dry completely—moisture is mold's best friend. Keep it dry, keep it safe. Proper care means more pleasure, less hassle, and a long-lasting companion.
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