Male Masturbators

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Give your hand a rest and start enjoying masturbation the way it was meant to be. Lovegasm’s range of sumptuous male masturbators will bring you solo pleasure that you never dreamed possible.

What is a Male Masturbator?

You might be shocked, but a male masturbator is simply a toy that aids masturbation for men. There’s a variety of styles, so you might see them referred to as pocket pussies or masturbation eggs. Despite the differences in name, they all provide the same function, extra pleasure.

Most of the time, using one will simply be a way for a man to increase his pleasure and enjoyment during masturbation, but in some cases it provides much more. For men who struggle to reach orgasm in a reasonable amount of time (sometimes called delayed ejaculation disorder) a male masturbator can provide the extra sensations they need to get close before they start having sex. Similarly, men who struggle with “death grip” can enjoy masturbation without worrying about squeezing their cock too hard.

Types of Male Masturbator

What works for one man won’t work for them all, so male masturbators come in a massive range of shapes, sizes and styles to bring pleasure to every penis. You might need to try a few before you find the one that really tips you over the edge, but once you do you’ll be glad you did.

For the sex toy virgin, a basic male masturbator is often the first thing they’ll try. These are the most common type of male masturbator, and usually look like a long cylinder. Most models have a hard outer casing, made of plastic or metal, with a softer sleeve inside. You insert your penis into the sleeve, and move the cylinder back and forth just like you would with your hand.

While the most basic masturbators will be simple sleeves, you can also get a variety of different models that include ridges, bumps and other textures to add extra stimulation for your penis.

Automatic male masturbators take this a step further, and add various functions to allow you all the pleasure with none of the effort. Rather than moving the device back and forth, these masturbators make use of vibrations to provide the stimulation and let you just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Some male masturbators also carry heating functions, which can help provide a more realistic experience by simulating the feel of a real vagina.

Larger models may not be something every man wants, so there’s also plenty of smaller models for you to try. Masturbation eggs are one of the more popular, and they look exactly how they sound. Unlike standard masturbators though, these don’t have the solid outer coating and are usually made of softer jelly-like material. Some models come with additional stimulation thanks to solid lumps found inside the jelly that can be very pleasurable. Unfortunately, most jelly masturbation eggs are single use, so you’ll have to buy them regularly.

Another option is a glans simulator. These small toys look a little like cups, and they sit neatly over the head of the penis. Most models will have small vibrators attached to the cup, with a cord leading to a remote so you can control the stimulation you receive. Glans stimulators can be much more intense as they come in direct contact with some of the more sensitive parts of your penis.

So far, we’ve only talked about sex toys that look like sex toys. But when you’re beating your meat, you might be a little put off by these chunky devices killing your erection. If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to look into the more realistic male masturbators. These look like parts of the body, and can include oral masturbators, vagina masturbators, anal masturbators or even vajankles (male masturbators that look like feet). Whatever body part gets your motor running, there’s a male masturbator that will give you what you need.

Make the Most of Your Male Masturbator

When you make the effort to bring sex toys into your masturbation sessions, you’re going to want to enjoy it. Follow these simple tips to make sure all your sessions are pleasure packed!

  • Use lubrication – Your male masturbator will be much easier to use with ample lube.
  • Warm it up before you start – For a more realistic sensation, warm up the masturbator after you’ve inserted the lube. Make sure it’s not too hot though before you put your penis in.
  • Take regular breaks – If you’re going for a longer session, make sure to take breaks. You don’t want to experience chafing on your penis.
  • Keep it clean – After each use make sure your masturbator is fully cleaned and ready for the next use. Nothing kills an erection faster than having to clean out your sleeve before you start.

Take male masturbation to the next level now with Lovegasm. Choose a high-quality, high-pleasure male masturbator now and start enjoying yourself more than ever.

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