Urethral Sounds

Explore your body in ways you never dreamed of with our exciting range of urethral sounds. Insert one of these simple rods into your urethra (with plenty of lube of course!) and feel stimulation throughout your genitals. These intense sensations are unlike any other kind of play, and men can even go a step further and explore internal prostate stimulation for a session they won’t forget. A sounding kit comes with a variety of sizes for you to explore, and all our sounds are made with body-safe materials to keep you safe during play.

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What Is a Urethral Sound?

Urethral sounds are simple tools designed to be inserted into the urethra. Most common sounds look like metal rods, sometimes featuring a slight curve at the ends. Some versions feature thicker areas to provide additional stretch, or beads for a similar sensation to anal beads. Some are hollow, allowing you to wear them for longer and urinate while you have it in. More extreme options feature vibration or electrostimulation.

Why Do People Use Urethral Sounds?

Naturally, the first question people have is why. Even the thought of putting something inside your urethra is enough to make many people recoil in discomfort. So why would someone willingly use these?

There are two main reasons: medical and sexual.

A variety of medical conditions such as blockages or strictures can be treated through the use of urethral sounding. Unless you have one of these conditions though, you might never have even heard of sounding before.

The other reason is pleasure, and as the old adage goes: “every hole’s a goal”. The genitals of both men and women are packed with sensitive nerve endings, and plenty of people enjoy finding ways to explore these nerves for additional pleasure. Naturally, inserting something into the urethra was something that people were bound to try, and it turns out that it’s quite pleasurable.

Does Sounding Feel Good?

Both men and women can experience a lot of pleasure from urethral sounding. Not only is the inside of the urethra a very sensitive area, but the surrounding areas are also packed with sensitive areas.

For men, the glans and penis head will enjoy the stimulation provided by the sound pushing against them from the inside. Once experienced, they can also explore much deeper with longer sounds and stimulate the prostate gland, possibly even experiencing a prostate orgasm.

A woman’s urethra passes through many genital walls, which are packed with nerves, and can also stimulate the G-spot leading to plenty of pleasure.

On top of the physical elements, sounding is a little taboo! Exploring things that feel “dirty” or “wrong” during your sexual play can be very exciting, and make every part of sex much more intense and stimulating regardless of how much you actually like sounding itself.

Are Sounding Rods Safe?

One big concern for anyone exploring urethral play is safety. Inserting anything into a small opening like the urethra could be quite risky.

Luckily, with the right tools and methods, sounding can be completely safe. It’s not without it’s risks though, so if you’re going to do it make sure you’ve done your research and know exactly what you’re doing.

If you suffer from any medical conditions that can affect your urethra, such as STIs or urinary tract infections, you shouldn’t use urethral sounds.

How Do You Use Urethral Sounds?

As you might expect, using a sound is a very simple process.

Before you even start touching your body, you need to make absolute sure your sounds are sterile. That means placing them in boiling water to kill any bacteria found on the surface. You should also thoroughly wash your hands and genital areas to minimize the risks of bacteria getting inside your urethra.

Start by applying plenty of lubrication to the urethra and your sound. This should be a water based lube that is free of chemicals that could irritate your urethra.

Lie down in a comfortable position and start arousing yourself. This should be fun sexual play, not a surgical operation! Men need to avoid getting too excited though, as inserting a sound into an erect penis is more difficult than a flaccid one.

Carefully insert the tip of the sound into your urethra. It might feel strange at first, so feel free to take it in stages and get used to the sensations as it enters your body. When you feel ready, push a little further. Go as far as your comfortable with, and take the time to fully enjoy the sensations as your do.

If you feel any resistance, don’t force it! You might be using a sound that’s too big, going in at the wrong angle, or just need more lube.

Choosing the Right Urethral Sounds

Making sure you get the right urethral sound (or penis plug) is crucial to your enjoyment of sounding. There are three main things to consider when choosing your sound.

Length: Urethral sounds come in a huge range of lengths, with the shortest only going a couple of inches into your body, and the longest reaching deep inside (all the way to the prostate for men). Generally, you should start with shorter sounds, and over time work up to larger ones. Women should also consider shorter sounds, as they have a shorter urethral tube than a man.

Girth: This is quite simply how thick the sound is. For newer users, starting with thinner is always better. Over time you can work up to thicker ones and explore urethral stretching.

Material: To make sure your sounding sessions are safe, you should always choose sounds made from either silicone or stainless steel.

Once you’ve had some practice with sounding, you can also explore designs with different shapes, vibration or even shock capabilities, but these will be entirely down to your personal preferences.

Does Sounding Stretch Your Urethra?

Sort of… While using the sound, and for a short while after, your urethra will obviously be stretched out. This is part of the appeal after all!

As long as you don’t go overboard though, your urethra will return to normal shortly after finishing play. Generally we’d recommend no more than one sounding session per week to give your body plenty of time to recover.

Start exploring everything your urethra has to offer with Lovegasm’s range of high-quality urethral sounds.
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