Auto Masturbators

A Guide to Automatic Male Masturbators & Blowjob Machines

Have you ever felt like fucking some pussy, ass, or mouth, but doing that without a partner? That’s where automatic male masturbators and blowjob machines come in handy. What are they? How can you use them? What are the top types? Keep on reading, and you will find out every single detail.

What Are Automatic Masturbators?

We love automatic male masturbators, and there is no doubt that you will love them too. Are you wondering why? We can help you to find out the answer to the previous question. But you have to try them. You have to experience that feeling. And if you trust us, your orgasm is going to be super sensitive, super horny, super explosive!

Automatic masturbators are far better than their manual counterparts. That’s because, as their name says, they jerk off your dick automatically. There’s no need for you to move one up and down your dick using your hands. You put one on your penis and let it do the job inside

Their internal part is covered and filled with specially created patterns and textures. In fact, they are made to simulate vaginal or anal sex as accurately as possible. So, when you push your dick in an automatic masturbator, you should feel the same sensations as when you fuck a pussy or a butt.

The texture in the inner part does something that a hand can’t. It reaches and stimulates small nerve endings on your penis, which is impossible during an ordinary handjob. The good thing is that those spots are very sensitive, and you will enjoy every inch and second.

What can intensify the feeling is a set of various other features. For instance, some automatic masturbators have a heating option so that they can reach the temperatures of real vaginal or rectal areas. They can also make different movements and have more than one speed and intensity.

All you have to do is thrust your cock into that toy-hole, sit down, and man-spread on your bed. Click and enjoy it!

What Are Blowjob Machines?

Lots of men agree that oral sex is amazing. However, many of them are not so lucky to have their dicks sucked as often as they would like. Some partners don’t like giving oral, or they rarely do it. Thus, if you want some head, but your partner isn’t keen on performing it, there is no way you can get a real-life blowjob.

Besides, even if your partner wants to suck your penis, that doesn’t mean they will suck it the way you would like. A large number of men love deep throat, whereas not so many people are eager and willing to perform it. So you can end up in a difficult situation when one has to be dissatisfied.

Fortunately, there is a solution. There is a substitute for a real mouth. We present you with Its Highness — an automatic blowjob machine, one of the most popular sex toys for men.

This male sex toy is, basically, a blowjob simulator. It differs from an automatic male masturbator in that it is a dick-sucking machine as opposed to a masturbator stimulating vaginal or anal sex. Although they resemble pocket pussies, they have slightly different features.

Some cock sucking machines are of high quality. They can come in different shapes and forms. For example, some of them are designed to look like lips and a tongue. A rising number of them are high tech and can be synced with virtual reality porn videos.

The best feature of high tech automatic blowjob simulators is that couples who are in long-distance relationships can use them. If you live in New Jersey, and your partner is from Chicago, he or she can give you a VR blowie thanks to these toys.

Hands-Free Masturbators

Have you ever thought about the idea of having a toy that will make your dick cum without you even touching your penis? How many times have you been in a situation when you wanted to use both hands for playing with your nipples, but you couldn’t? And the reason was that you had to jerk off your cock with one hand.

That’s where a hands-free masturbator comes in. Its purpose is to make you feel good by playing with your cock while leaving both of your hands free to do anything you wish. You can caress your body, squeeze your nipples, play with your balls, or even thrust a dildo or vibrator into your butt. And, at the same time, the device will take care of your penis.

Nowadays, there are a lot of automatic male masturbators and blowjob machines. The majority of them are completely hands-free. That means you can put one such toy on your hard dick, set up the features, and then just leave the device do everything for your pleasure. Your only task is to cum whenever you feel like doing so.

Hands-free masturbators are a perfect choice for lazy people. Just imagine! You can lie down in your bed and cum without even a touch.

Make Some Endurance Gains

Furthermore, these are a fantastic toy for those men who love edging and cum control. The point of edging is that you feel controlled by someone else who has power over you and your dick. Usually, a person would play with your penis, whereas you wouldn’t be allowed to do anything with your hands. For that reason, these hands-free male masturbators come in handy since they can substitute the dominant person in the act of edging.

Speaking of cum control, these toys are very useful for guys who have some issues with premature ejaculation. They can utilize a hands-free masturbator and practice how their endurance. They can focus on their thoughts and inner sensations without any distraction, which they would have if they received a blowjob or a handjob.

There are numerous types of these devices. Depending on what type of stimulation you wish to get, you can choose between automatic male masturbators and blowjob machines. As we have mentioned in this article, the key difference is in the kind of sexual sensations they provide. Do you want to feel like fucking a hot pussy? Then go for a masturbator. Do you want to feel like fucking a tight butt? Then opt for a masturbator as well. Do you want to feel like being sucked by a slurpy mouth? Then get a dick sucking machine for a perfect blowjob.

When choosing which one to buy, you ought to consider the following details:

  • Look at the inner part, its material, texture, and pattern.
  • A blowjob machine or an automatic male masturbator should be easy to clean.
  • A big number of features doesn’t always mean they are useful.
  • For high-tech toys, you might need additional equipment.

VR and Teledildonics

Here we will take a look at the cutting-edge technology used for sex toys. VR stands for virtual reality, and in sexual terms, it refers to simulating sex in the virtual world, but with all the benefits you feel in the real world. That means VR technology will make your penis or vagina feel all sexual impulses that you normally feel while having regular sex.

VR (Virtual Reality Masturbation)

The main advantage that VR gives is that you can find yourself in the body of a stranger, change your gender, and have an understanding of how different people experience sex. That could be beneficial not just as a curious experiment, but could also help you sexually satisfy your partner.

Furthermore, it provides couples with the opportunity to explore options and meet their fantasies without risking their relationship. When it comes to partners, a VR experience can also change the way we look at long-distance relationships and help us keep the fire burning while we are separated.

VR has an educational side as well and is a safe learning platform. It is a limitless place for searching for answers to all your weird and awkward questions. Not only does it fulfill your wildest dreams and sexual fantasies, but it also can be used to increase your self-esteem because, compared to the porn industry, VR can give us a more realistic picture of sex.

Although this type of technology is still in its infancy, it is one of the fastest-growing and most rapidly developing markets. There are plenty of options that virtual reality concepts can offer.

For instance, in Canada, VR technology has been used to raise awareness of the importance of consent, while in Russia, one club named VR Paradise offers a unique virtual sexual experience.

Just sit in a comfortable chair, put the VR glasses on, and choose what kind of experience you want to go through. The whole new sexual universe is just one click away from you.


Teledildonics is the technology for remote sex or remote mutual masturbation, where tactile sensations are communicated over a data link between the participants. This explanation is a total turndown, right?

Have you ever asked yourself what the word that sounds so scientific has to do with sexual pleasure? It is even worse if you think of the synonym for it - cyber dildonics.

Let’s make it less scientific and more sexual. Start with the term. It only seems so scientific and complicated at first glance. It consists of words “tele-,” referring to something virtual, “dildo,” referring to the sex toy, and “-nics,” which shows that it is somehow connected to the robotic experience. Simply put, a computer controls these toys to improve or substitute sex with a real person.

How’s It Work?

So, how does it work in practice? Teledildonics are toys controlled remotely by your Android or IOS mobile app. The device can remember various sensations, impulses, or vibrations and turn them into data to give you the most personalized virtual sexual experience. For instance, vibrators can be synced to the music you’re listening to or mimic your cunnilingus skills.

Furthermore, teledildonics offers a unique opportunity to combine interactivity in real-time with both real and virtual objects. Let’s take jerking off with a stranger via online cam platforms. In contrast to you doing all the job and stimulating yourself while watching another person on the screen, those devices give you a chance to use your own skills and satisfy another person with your virtual hands.

So, you just open the app and choose which part of the body of your partner you want to touch. The device then transmits the sensations, and your partner feels like you are touching them for real. In addition, it does not give you just a one-time satisfaction, but it also remembers all previous impulses sent through the device so that next time you can repeat the same “action” by yourself.

So, if you give online platforms a shot, you will get hooked and carry the best masturbation device in your pocket forever. Imagine going to your favorite club and dancing all night with a remote-controlled device in your underwear. There is an array of options to be explored — you just have to be enough horny and creative.

Best Automatic Masturbators

We don’t recommend buying just any type of automatic male masturbator and blowjob machines. They differ to a great extent. And there are a lot of differences.

The first thing to consider when buying such a sex toy is the material. You ought to pay special attention to the inner part because you wouldn’t like your dick to end up with scratches, blisters, or other injuries. The material has to be fine and gentle so that your closest buddy can thrust smoothly.

When it comes to the external looks, it should not be as important as what is inside. Of course, the visual impression of pussy, ass, or mouth is just an advantage. However, if it just looks sexually arousing, but it is bad inside, then it is definitely not the right choice.

Finally, the best automatic masturbators are easy to clean. Hygiene is crucial. You will undoubtedly have a lot of precum to clean. What is more, if you cum inside a toy, everything will get sticky and messy. You have to clean it somehow! Who would risk getting an infection due to a lack of hygiene?

Fleshlight Launch

Do you already have a Fleshlight? Still, you need to use your hands to jerk off with it. Or you literally need to fuck it. That’s because it isn’t automatic, and it doesn’t move on its own. For that reason, the Fleshlight Launch appeared on the market. And it proved to be one of the best male automatic masturbators.

What Is It?

The Flashlight Launch makes your original model move in automated up-and-down strokes. You’ll finally be able to sit or lie on your bed and just let the toy give you some pleasure. You can also change the stroke speed, and you can get up to 180 strokes per minute. Also, you can control the length of strokes as well.

This sex toy usually fits every standard Fleshlight. That’s due to the marvelous cooperation between the companies which produce them — Fleshlight and Kiiroo.

You can find the Fleshlight Launch with two stroking modes: interactive and manual. So which one should you choose? That depends on the type of masturbation you prefer. The manual Fleshlight Launch is excellent for those who like to take control of the intensity, frequency, and speed of strokes. If you don’t want to lift a finger at all, you ought to choose the interactive model. It is hands-free, and you can enjoy the great feature of syncing it up with the porn you are watching.

This interactive model can also be synced up with a webcam model's movements. For example, imagine seeing a great pussy or ass on the screen, and having the model make certain movements to simulate sexual intercourse, all the while you feel it all directly on your cock thanks to the Fleshlight Launch.

Crucial details:

  1. You should charge your Fleshlight Launch via USB.
  2. The usage of lube is recommended. If you use some, make sure not to apply silicone lubricants as they can seriously damage the sleeve and make it harder for the Fleshlight to move.
  3. Remove the sleeve of your Fleshlight after using it and wash it with warm water. Remember: the device itself is not waterproof.

Autoblow AI

If you want a terrific blowjob experience, go for the Autoblow AI by IndieGoGo. You won’t regret it as it can please you just like an experienced mouth and tongue in real life. This male sex toy is by far the best among all blowjob machines.

The Autoblow AI has a silicone dick sleeve that will bounce on your cock in the smoothest of ways imaginable. There is a series of mechanical beads lying inside it too, and they play the main role in pleasuring you. The motors push the sleeve up and down your dick creating friction and stimulating all parts of the penis.

The creators of this blowjob robot spent a long time researching. They studied various ways of blowjob techniques only to choose the top nine and incorporate them into this artificial intelligence male sex toy.

Different Stroking Modes

Based on what we’ve said, there are ten modes:

  • Full Stroke
  • Intense Edge
  • Fast Edge
  • Teasing Slow Stroke
  • Top Stroke
  • Bottom Stroke
  • Top & Bottom stroke
  • Masterstroke 1
  • Masterstroke 2
  • Full AI experience

The Full Stroke mode causes the sleeve to move from top to bottom, while the Top Strokes settings are for the upper part of the dick. The Bottom Stroke option stimulates the lower part of the dick. This mode makes the machine stroke the head for a few seconds and then the root of the shaft for a couple of seconds.

The Teasing Slow starts gently and is then followed by two long strokes and a one-second pause.

The Masterstrokes 1 and 2 combine the full, top to bottom strokes. These two are very similar. The only way they differ is in speed.

Edging fans can enjoy the Intense Edge mode with three seconds of stroking and one or two seconds of pause. On the other hand, the Fast Edge option gives you pleasure by stroking for 15 seconds and having a break for two seconds.

The last one, the Full AI Experience, combines the rest of nine functions. That means that, if you opt for this setting, you will hardly ever get the same experience twice as the number of combinations is very large.

That’s Not All

If you don’t play with one of the nine pre-set and basic functions, the tenth will keep the blowjob machine sucking you in various ways. The process stops when you either cum or turn off the device. The Autoblow AI will use its artificial intelligence core to learn which strokes you love to give you a personalized experience.

What's more, the Autoblow AI has a fan-cooled motor system. That means you can keep on playing with it for hours without causing any damage to this automatic blowjob machine.

Crucial details:

  1. The Autoblow AI doesn’t have batteries. You have to plug it into an electrical outlet in order to use it.
  2. Clean it by removing the sleeve and washing with soap and water.

Onyx 2

Yet another product by Kiiroo brings a powerful and intimate experience. The Onyx 2 is smaller than the Fleshlight Launch. It’s cozy, really lightweight, and quiet. If you are curious to try using some automatic masturbators, this one is really great for beginners.

The Onyx 2 is a masturbator that has the same dick sleeve material as the Fleshlight Launch. That stuff proved to be great and contributes to the creation of realistic sensations. What is more, the sleeve is replaceable and reusable. It has ten contracting rings that simulate the impressions of having real sex. No matter what kind of intercourse you prefer, this toy can give it to you. Vaginal, anal, and oral sex are all achievable with this small masturbator toy.

Different Modes

This sex toy has two modes, just like its Kiiroo peer, the Fleshlight Launch. The manual settings enable you to control the speed, power, and type of strokes. You can do that by changing the features using the touch-sensitive pad. The interactive option is hands-free. It gives you pleasure by riding your dick and producing up to 140 strokes per minute. You can sync it with your partner’s automatic sex toy via Bluetooth.

Moreover, you can immerse yourself in sheer masturbation pleasure by connecting the Onyx 2 to 2D, 3D, and VR porn content. There is even an option of synchronizing the device to interactive video games that are encoded for that. Is there better fun than playing a porn computer game and feeling the same strokes your in-game avatar feels?

So who is this male sex toy for? Who will like using it most? Those aren’t difficult questions. The answer is that the Onyx 2 is definitely for men who love feeling milking sensations. And its main advantage is that it is compatible with loads of other automatic sex toys, especially other Kiiroo products. Guys who are in long-distance relationships love this toy too as they can easily connect to their partners’ sexual devices and receive the pleasure that the person on the other side of the wire or screen provides.

Crucial details:

  1. It has a battery that needs to be charged.
  2. The sleeve is easy to clean. Just rinse it with water.
  3. Use a water-based lube!

Lovense Max

Another device that can give you a perfect blowjob is Lovense Max. Its updated version is the Lovense Max 2, which is more popular now. Its female counterpart is the Lovense Nora, and they can connect. But more about that later.

The sleeve of the Lovense Max is textured. It sends vibrations into your dick together with the stimulation by the air pump. This male sex toy fits almost all cock sizes, so most men don’t need to worry about that. This hole is not a size queen!

The Lovense max uses an air pump to simulate a blowjob. It also has an air vent so that you can create your own suction. All that combined with the vibrations make this toy unique and one of the best male masturbators.

Different Models and Modes

The key differences between the Lovense Max and the Lovense Max 2 are that the latter has the following features:

  • Adjustable air vent, which helps you control the intensity.
  • Air release feature, which helps you adjust the pressure.
  • Extended part for vibrations.
  • 360-degree contractions.

But what is so special about this male sex toy? In fact, the secret lies in its three modes.

The solo mode, as its name says, is for one-man action only. You can use it just like an ordinary male masturbator if you feel like doing so.

The Bluetooth music mode allows you to connect to computers and phones. While you are listening to music, the Lovense Max will react to the rhythm and sound.

The couples’ mode is the best one. If you have a partner living far away from you, then you two can connect your Max and Nora to have some fun together. When it comes to the LGBT community, there is an excellent feature of connecting you Max to your partner’s Max, or your Nora to your partner’s Nora. Couples can even record a session. The Lovense Max (and Nora too) will remember it, so you can replay it later.

Critical details:

  1. It is charged via a USB cable.
  2. You can clean it by rinsing the sleeve. However, because of the material, it needs to be dry before it is put back inside.

Lelo F1 Penis Vibrator

The Lelo F1 Penis Vibrator is a compact male masturbator with a wide range of features available. For example, powerful vibrations combined with sensors that regulate the intensity of the sensations are just some of the novelties that this product brings to the sex toy market.

The essential thing about this product is that it operates with two motors giving you a new sensation. The first motor emits standard vibrations, but the second one is responsible for sonic waves. Those waves lead to mind-blowing orgasms because they go deep into your cock and give you a feeling that all your nerves are being stimulated at once. By penetrating deep into the tissue, they are capable of bringing about more intense orgasms.

This unique technology opens the new sexual horizons that allow you to experience the most overwhelming orgasms. Furthermore, the manufacturer guarantees that you will never experience any drop in energy that could interrupt you before you come. So don’t worry about fluctuation in the intensity of the sensation, but rather focus on the sensation.

Go With the Flow

And that is not all. The device has sensors dotted around, so they can recognize your impulses and adjust the vibration power and rhythm accordingly.

A big advantage of the product is the Bluetooth connectivity, so you can simply download the app on your phone and control the device and sensors from there. Of course, if you do not prefer holding your phone in your hands while masturbating, there are buttons on the device that enable you to regulate its actions.

Essential details:

  1. It has a long-lasting battery.
  2. It is waterproof and easy to clean. You can use it while taking a shower.

Fleshlight Quickshot Launch

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch is an automatic male masturbator made for providing a powerful hands-free masturbation experience. It means you can, without any effort, combine two of your favorite activities — watching porn and jerking off.

It works by stroking your penis, of course, and it can reach a maximum of amazing 250 strokes per minute. That speed is something that your hand can barely reach and not get tired, that is if you can do it at all. Of course, speed, intensity, lengths of the strokes, and the position of the penis can be controlled and adjusted to give you the long-lasting pleasure that you crave. It also has three different pleasure zones — base, shaft, and head, which enables you to direct the strokes, adjusting them, and tailoring your pleasure to your liking.

Because of its size — it is around fourteen inches tall and ten inches wide — the device can hardly be hidden in the deepest corners of your room (or BDSM dungeon). If you prefer more strokes, the device can get pretty loud.

If you thought those were the worst of its issues, wait to hear about this. The longer you stroke, the slower it gets. The device cannot keep the intensity of the strokes at the same level during masturbation, which means your pleasure can suffer if the toy decides to slow down at the wrong moment.

Things can get very messy while using Fleshlight Quickshot Launch too. Cumming in it is not a problem, but the real challenge is trying to keep the jizz from flying across your room. In that case, you will most definitely need to prepare some hot water and a mop.

Pros and Cons Summarized

All in all, this is more than another average automatic masturbator with a lot of adjustable effects that can make your experience personalized. It can reach amazing speed levels helping you orgasm very quickly, which is great if you are looking for a quick release.

However, there is a downside to it. As we said, it can slow down during masturbation, so it is not the most reliable of partners. Furthermore, due to the noise and its size, it is highly unlikely that your flatmates will not notice your daily masturbation routine. Of course, depending on the circumstances, it does not necessarily have to be a matter of concern.

Very important details:

  1. The battery lasts for one hour, but you can use the device while it is charging.
  2. It is easy to clean.

All in All…

As we have already mentioned, it is imperative to be picky when choosing the right automatic male masturbator or blowjob machine. Be especially careful when looking at the materials that went into the making of your toys. They have to be smooth and easy-to-clean.

Besides, don’t go for the cheapest or the most expensive models —many toys on the market feature a lot of unnecessary options and add-ons that only serve to take your money. Some innovations are a welcome change, though. For example, many models support VR and have interactive features so that you can use them to have some VR sexual activities with your partners or people all over the world.

These toys are really useful. Whenever you feel like getting your cock sucked or having a rough fuck, and you don’t have the other person for that, you can use automatic toys. They will never let you down!

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