Vibrating Pocket Pussy | Two-Hole Fully-Automatic Hands-Free Sex
Vibrating Pocket Pussy | Two-Hole Fully-Automatic Hands-Free Sex
Vibrating Pocket Pussy | Two-Hole Fully-Automatic Hands-Free Sex

What is it you desire? Is it banging the backdoor of your loved one? But she doesn't want to be fucked from her behind, does she?

Well, there's a solution to your problem! All you have to do is get this Two-Hole Fully-Automatic Hands-Free Sex. This pleasure toy will make your erotic fantasies come true.

The love tool is an advanced dong pleaser, as it has many features compared to the usual stroker. For one, it's a double-ended toy. This device has a butthole on one end and a mouth on the other, allowing you to choose how you want to please yourself.

Second, this toy is interactive. It talks dirty, moans, and even tells you to push harder when the stroking and pounding activities heat up. It's like you're having sex with a real woman but without the body.

And since it talks, it can speak two languages. These options allow you to understand what it says. Just choose the lingo you prefer.

And lastly, it gives you the illusion of banging a real ass or mouth. The lip part sucks hard as a real mouth would. This sensation excites you, even more, the moment you feel its tightness.

The love bum, on the other hand, provides an electric pinch. This pressure gives a tingling sensation to your penis, enabling you to reach the elusive orgasmic pleasure.

Both mind-blowing features come in an array of levels. You only have to press the + or - keys repeatedly or until you find the perfect pressure.

This love toy is made from premium silicone. This material is ideal for guys of all sizes, as it is elastic. It's also body-safe, for it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and non-porous.

With all these remarkable features, you have no reason to look further than this. So, go ahead and get this penis masturbator now!

Colors Casing - Black, White
Sleeve - Flesh
Materials Casing - ABS
Sleeve - Silicone
Dimensions Length: 8.66 inches
Width/Diameter: 3.07 inches


Vibrating Pocket Pussy | Two-Hole Fully-Automatic Hands-Free Sex

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