Male Stamina Trainers

How to Improve Sexual Stamina

We’ve all seen a show or two where they joke about a guy not being able to last long enough. There’s a laugh track in those shows so that we could hide our pain behind a smile. However, when it happens in real life, there’s nothing to laugh about. Perhaps the only thing less emasculating than premature ejaculation is not getting an erection in the first place. Sadly, most men have experienced it; it’s like spending 15 minutes setting up a game of Jenga only to collapse the tower in your first move.

However, most of us don’t need any premature ejaculation help, as it’s a one-off rather than a regular disturbance. But what can a man do if he gets over the finish line too soon? Is there a way to enhance your sexual prowess? Yes, there is! There’s something called male stamina training, and in this article, we’ll explain how to last longer in bed!

What Is Stamina Training?

Since you’re reading this article, you probably have one question on your mind. How to last longer during sex, or how to increase your stamina in general? Many people believe that you’re born with a specific set of skills for your sexual performance. Just like with the size of your Mister Johnson, there’s a misconception that you’ve been dealt a set of cards and that you’ll have to deal with them for the rest of your life. However, that’s far from the truth. You can train yourself not to cum fast, and, in turn, how to have better sex!

Think of it as working out. When you go to the gym for the first time in years, you can’t just bench 200 pounds from the off. You have to start small and work your way up. The same goes for sexual stamina. There are masturbating techniques that will help you build up your stamina. When you get near the edge, you (your body) needs to learn how to stay there for longer.

Also, many sex toys (i.e., male masturbators) can greatly help you on your road to achieving your goal. These sex toys are fantastic for stamina training, and on top of that, they make masturbation more pleasurable. It’s a win-win situation. You’ll not only learn how to build stamina but also have an unforgettable time doing it!

In its core, stamina training is getting yourself to last longer bit by bit every time you have a go. As we’ve said, the point is to learn how to contain yourself (and your ejaculation) and not spill over too soon. But before we get into the details, let’s check out why you should be doing this training in the first place!

Why Do Men Want to Last Longer?

We treat sex duration the same way we treat penis size — the longer, the better! There’s an expectancy of a man to perform for an extended period. Let’s face it — when no sex toys are lying around, once the man is done, sex is done as well. So, as a man, you have a duty to make your partner reach orgasm before you do (if it’s a woman, then even multiple orgasms). Simply, men want to please their women by giving them a jolly good time in-between the sheets.

Additionally, men tend to identify their sexual performance with their masculinity. The better they’re at it, the more of a man they feel. Not a lot of things hurt as much as embarrassing yourself in front of a woman you like. So to avoid such mishaps, men seek to increase their sexual stamina. So what time should you find satisfactory?

How Long Do Men Last on Average?

The question really is, “how long should a man last before ejaculation?” In our quest for sexual longevity, men often set themselves unrealistic goals. Usually, these desires are a product of the porn industry, where you can watch hour-long videos where men just keep on going. Many people get the impression that porn depicts how real-life sex should look like, and they get demoralized when they find out they simply can’t do that.

In reality, a study has shown that an average male lasts 5.4 minutes. Those 5.4 minutes represent the time from when your penis becomes erect to the moment you reach an orgasm. It doesn’t include foreplay or oral sex you may give before or after the main course. So five minutes is regular and something you should be okay with, as well as something your woman will be okay with. You know, as long as you do the other stuff right.

Premature Ejaculation

In some cases, premature ejaculation can be a medical condition. It can be a result of many different things, most of them being psychological. A man innately feels pressure to perform, especially when he gets intimate with a new partner. That can be stressful for a man if he doesn’t feel good about himself. And that is especially true for men who have not been active for a while. The truth is, like with everything in life, you need experience and training to perform well at sex. If you haven’t had any action for a while, the chances are you’re not going to be great for the first few times. You need several goals to build your stamina. And when you step onto the battlefield with these thoughts in your head, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction are lurking just around the corner!

Additionally, leading a stressful life can also affect your performance. If you’re not physically fit (i.e., you don’t work out), that may also cause your penis to press the eject button. Other potential causes might include a lack of self-confidence, which many men face, especially when they’re not that familiar with a partner.

So how do you cure premature ejaculation? Men with the aforementioned issues can use stamina training to get past the problem in hand. Aside from medical premature ejaculation solutions, you can use stamina training to get rid of the problem. While you can do it with just your hand (your loyal companion), it’s much easier to reach your goal by using a male stamina trainer.

What Is a Male Stamina Trainer?

Basically, a male stamina trainer is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a sex toy specifically designed to help you last longer. You can practice with just your hand. However, the point of these sex exercises is to make the masturbation process last as long as possible. So get yourself erect and play with yourself. Switch between hands to get a different sensation. Change the pace from slow to fast to make sure that switching gears doesn’t cause you to burst. When you feel you’re getting close, stop masturbating and try to hold onto that feeling for as long as possible.

However, the best way to do it is by utilizing a male stamina trainer. These toys offer a different experience from pure hand masturbation. With skin-on-skin masturbation, your brain receives information from both your penis and your hand, and you just get used to it. But these trainer toys will simulate the pressure and texture of a vagina (or another orifice, depending on what you’re in the market for). As a result, your penis will go up against different sensations and will become better equipped to do the real deal.

With these trainers, it’s also easier to edge yourself. As we’ve said, the best way to train is by getting as close to an orgasm as possible and then pulling back. Each time you make yourself sit at the brink of orgasm without cumming, you will last longer next time. If you’re just beginning, it will take time to get there, but you’ll eventually reach your goal.

Types of Male Stamina Trainer

There are different types of male masturbators, all of which you can use for stamina training. The most common and the most popular of them is a fleshlight. As you probably already know, fleshlight is a toy that simulates a vagina. It gets its name from its shape — it looks like a flashlight. But instead of a lightbulb at its end, it has a vagina-looking opening, and an unsuspecting eye could look at it while remaining none the wiser.

Obviously, that’s its traditional shape. As time went by, fleshlights have evolved, and now, they don’t just simulate a vagina. They can be in the shape of a mouth (to simulate oral sex) or even a butt. Depending on your budget, you can even buy realistic fleshlights that accurately simulate the vaginas of your favorite pornstars so that it feels almost exactly like the real thing.

If stamina training is your primary objective when buying these masturbators, you should check out the Stamina Training Unit — STU. The STU is designed in a way to replicate intercourse accurately. It’s tighter than most fleshlights, and it will put more pressure on your penis. That way, if you can last ten minutes with an STU, you can go to your lady confident in your performance.

Aside from fleshlights, there are vibrators that stimulate your shaft and glans. Other masturbators are chunkier and look more like the real thing, but the bottom line is the same. They help you get off, and if you do it right, you can teach yourself to last longer. Prices of these toys range from $30 to $500. Obviously, the quality also varies a lot between them. But there’s no need to go all in and buy the most expensive toy. For instance, the STU costs only $100.

How to Train With a Male Stamina Trainer

As we’ve already said, the way to train yourself to last longer in bed is by edging yourself. Edging is a masturbation technique where you get yourself as close to orgasm as possible without actually cumming. Then, you pull away from the sensations, stop, and wait for your penis to ease up. After that, you continue jacking off and repeat the process as long as you can. Aside from the fact that it’ll help you build up stamina, edging can be extremely pleasurable. Once you do cum eventually, it’ll be much more intense and rewarding than usual.

Getting There

Edging requires some self-discipline, and at some point, you’ll just want to reach climax. However, it’s crucial to steer away from that and press on with your training. That’s why a male trainer is helpful. You can make specific moves with it and train yourself easier than you can with an actual woman sitting there.

One of the reasons men ejaculate prematurely is because they can’t recognize how close they are to orgasm. When focusing on the sensations you feel, you will learn where you are in the process and how to differentiate between different stages. Once you feel like you’re close, you have to stop masturbating or thrusting the toy. When men get close, our penises expand, and you’ll feel added pressure from the toy. Wait for that feeling to die down (don’t wait too long and lose an erection though) and then gently start again. You’ll see that you can do it for longer as time goes by. At first, your training sessions probably won’t last that long, but that’s about to change.

How often should you do it? That’s entirely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Generally, you should practice a few times weekly; basically, do it whenever you usually masturbate. It’ll take a few weeks to notice some results, but it’ll be worth it.

Benefits of Stamina Training

The first and the most obvious reason you would want to get into stamina training is to increase your sexual stamina. But there are other benefits as well. First of all, stamina training is a legitimate way to cure any premature ejaculation issues without going to a doctor and using medication. Secondly, you will be able to perform better in bed and satisfy your partner. Some reviews say that people who last ten minutes with an STU can comfortably expect to last at least 20 minutes during actual sex.

With that in mind, you will get rid of sex performance anxiety, and your self-esteem will improve. Many studies have shown that people’s attitudes are what most get attracted to. As your self-esteem grows, so will your confidence. And with that, you will become more attractive and less stressed out. And all of that will happen just because you practiced masturbating regularly!

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