Transparent Holy Chastity Trainer
Transparent Holy Chastity Trainer
Transparent Holy Chastity Trainer
Transparent Holy Chastity Trainer

Your man has been naughty, and you are not taking any of this attitude anymore. He says he was taking off steam and was playing with his dong, but he knows the rules, and going out of your boundaries is a clear indication of his bad attitude.

It would help if you had something to keep him from even thinking of playing naughty when you are not around. A physical penitentiary for his cock until he learns that you mean business. The Transparent Holy Chastity Trainer will keep your guard on him even when you are not around. This chastity device is a stunning, resin-made cage that features a clear shaft enclosure. This design means that even if you can't touch his cock, you can still see it through the transparent covering. This material is smooth and skin-friendly, so you can restrain his dick without chafing it or causing pain. A convenient way to lock it discreetly when he wears his regular clothes. No one will ever know he is powerless on your commands even when he wears his suit and tie. Keep the keys handy, just in case he feels any discomfort. A safe cock caging is far more important than anything!

Keeping it locked will intensify his cravings for you. Cock cages are a fantastic way to tame. But, a significant effect of wearing a cock tamer is a more robust dick during sex, his libido going wild, and of course, you alone can manage all of these. Hence, you become the center of his attention. You can't complain about that!

Ensure that you give him breaks in between for him to clean his dong for hygienic practice. You want an immaculate penis to fuck and not a smelly pecker! Don't worry; this cage has a designated slot for him to piss without taking the device off.

Tame that wild Slave; he needs some real lesson from his Master. Add this to your purchase today.

Color/Type Clear
Material Resin
Dimension Length: 1.77 inches (45 mm)
Cock Cage:1.34 inches (34 mm)
1.42 inches (36mm)
1.57 inches (40mm)
1.77 inches (45mm)
1.97 inches (50mm)


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Transparent Holy Chastity Trainer

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