Sex Toys for Trans Men — A Guide with Tips

For ages, numerous playthings for both straight and gay men have existed. We all know about dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, masturbators, etc. However, sex toys for trans men have only recently come to the market. That is why we will show you some of the best aids trans men can enjoy!


You can find numerous types of strap-ons to suit your wishes and needs! Most pre-surgery F2Ms prefer these so that they can feel like they already have a dick. And strap-ons are usually universal, so they can easily fall into the category of sex toys for trans men.

When you imagine a strap-on, you usually think of a harness holding a dildo. Suffice to say that it is crystal clear how the bottom partner is pleasured. No matter if the toy penetrates a pussy or a butt, it stimulates by thrusting. Some strap-ons are even specially designed to stimulate a clitoris or a prostate.

However, the mysterious question is how much pleasure the wearer of a strap-on gets. Well, many types have dildos on the other side as well, which penetrates the genitals of a pre-surgery F2M. And if you don’t enjoy that kind of toy, you can buy one with a bottom dildo and a surface on the other side designed specifically for trans men. While you are fucking your partner passionately, the inner part of your toy rubs the whole area of your clit.

Extra tip: Use it after even surgery for double penetration if your partner wants it!

Packing Underwear

Do you have a trans packer down there but can’t hold it in place? Is it absolutely frustrating when you constantly have to touch and move your bulge? Do you go to the gym or just go jogging, and ordinary underwear doesn’t fix it well? And what if the worst nightmare happens — your packer falls down in a restroom or a change room?! Is there anything that can help with that?

First, let’s answer the question: “What is a packer for trans men?” It is a penis-shaped object that most pre-surgery F2Ms wear in their pants to leave and have an impression of possessing a cock.

Fortunately, the world’s advanced technology, in cooperation with the trans community, has designed perfect fit underwear for trans people wearing packers. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It doesn’t truly belong to the category of sex toys for trans men, but is worth mentioning! Such boxers have special harnesses, pockets, or holes for the dick and balls. Depending on the type, there is more or less freedom for hanging and moving.

Stand-To-Pee Underwear

If you have a special kind of trans packer through which you can piss, then we suggest you get some STP (stand-to-pee) underwear. It will hold your boner safely in place. But guess what? As its name says, you can easily stand and pee at a urinal! It has a front opening for the shaft and head, allowing you to do that. Isn’t it amazing?!


The good thing about vibrators is that you can use them to stimulate any part of your body, which makes them not only excellent for both straight and gay people but also for trans people. First of all, a trans man clitoris is still one of the most sensitive spots. Second, try playing with your butt! Find out what makes you horny. But you don’t necessarily have to thrust a vibrator into your ass if you don’t want to. Tickling sensations during the massage of your anus with that toy are also highly pleasant. Third, send some vibrations to your nipples, thighs, or other body parts.

Stronger vibrators proved to be useful transgender sex toys for those who suffer from dysphoria. Their main advantage is that you can stimulate your genitals over clothes. So there is no need to expose them.

What’s more, vibrators are fantastic devices for trans men who have difficulties getting an erection post-op. These can help with the sexual arousal of a trans man dick.

Extra tip: Explore your body; look for new erogenous zones and stimulate them with some vibrations!

Masturbation Sleeves

These are definitely among the favorite sex toys for trans men and one of the rare ones explicitly designed for them. The lucky ones with larger clits or post-op dicks might easily use ordinary masturbation sleeves. However, those F2Ms with smaller genitals find the regular types quite tricky to use. That’s why the sex toy industry has invented masturbation sleeves for a trans man dick. They usually come in smaller sizes.

Most people transitioning from female to male have a problem with dysphoria when the feeling of not being masculine enough prevails because of not having a penis. During the testosterone treatment, the clit becomes larger. And that’s where this sleeve is extremely useful. It creates suction and enables an F2M to stroke without touching the vagina. It makes for a fantastic sensation — like truly having a cock.

Extra tip: Try masturbation sleeves in combination with other toys! Play with a vibrator and a sleeve simultaneously. If your dick is too small, enlarge it with a penis pump and stroke with a sleeve. Some trans men even came up with the idea of attaching a sleeve to the inner side of a strap-on.

types of strap-ons

Penis Pumps

One of the ways to enlarge your clit or trans dick is by pumping. The most important thing to note here is that it is a gradual process. And you have to know when to stop! Otherwise, you risk injuring yourself severely.

Penis pumps, just like packers and sleeves, help boost the confidence of a trans man. You will start with a small cylinder and pressure that doesn’t cause pain and bruises. Don’t go too far. Maintain the vacuum for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

After several weeks or even months, you will move on to larger cylinders. You just have to be patient and persistent. Your hard work on it will immensely boost your confidence and excitement.

Penis pumps rock it, especially when you want to have sex! They ensure you get a lasting erection! Your dick can grow larger and hard for about 15 minutes, which can be enough to penetrate and satisfy your partner.

Extra tip: You don’t have to hold the pump attached to the cylinder all the time. When you put enough pressure into it, remove the pump and just keep the cylinder on. That way, it will be much easier for you just to sit and enjoy watching a good movie.

Cock Rings

Cis men can use cock rings when they have problems with erection or just for the sake of pleasure to make their erections last longer. However, trans men don’t utilize cock rings to help their erection problems since that is done by a special device after the surgery. However, they can enjoy vibrating cock rings!

The main advantage of vibrating rings is that they are worn at the base of a dick, so they can spread vibrations all over it. Some trans men say that the stimulation of the shaft is extremely pleasing. So wearing a cock ring on a trans man dick seems like a fantastic idea!

Besides, some cock rings have special attachments for the stimulation of the partner’s G-spot or P-spot. You can put such a cock ring on your penis or strap-on dildo. That way, your partner will get vibrating sensations as well.

Extra tip: Turn on the vibration and use your cock ring to play with other erogenous zones, such as nipples, thighs, etc. Or put it on your dildo to penetrate your hole or holes if you wish so.

Be Creative

It is essential to remember that having a different penis from a cis man doesn’t make you less masculine. You need to learn to enjoy your body! Use your imagination and creativity. After all the worries during your transition period, you deserve to find your perfect toys, get horny, and unleash your masculinity.