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Sex Toys

Lo and behold! The days of taboo and sex are gone! Since the cultural shift of the ’60s, everyone became more or less free to explore and experiment with their bodies as much as they desire. Therefore, seeking improvement in their sex lives, people throughout the globe keep reaching new levels of enjoyment with their “best friends” — sex toys!

These are specially designed for maximum pleasure and can vary in shape, size, and design. But most importantly, they vary in ways of use. Yes — they range from dildos dealing damage like full-on porn studs to vibrating cock rings and butt plugs. It’s like your dirtiest fantasies come to life looking to serve delicious erotic dishes made from your wildest dreams.

So, without hesitation, let’s embark on this journey through the valley of pleasure and adult playthings. There’s no need for red cheeks here. We’re all gathered to improve and upgrade your sex life.

Level Up Your Sex Game

Experimenting with ways of getting more pleasure is not so strange and obscure anymore. While locking yourself in a conservative box for your whole life is certainly safe, is it really for everyone? Well, no, it’s not. We seem to think it’s cool and all to be a regular fella when it comes to lovemaking and masturbation, but it’s definitely more fun to poke around and try new stuff.

That said, let’s talk a bit about these chariots of improved sexual experience. What are they, what benefits do we get from them, and, of course, are they safe?

First, let’s answer that last question. Yes, they are completely safe!

Designed to improve one’s sex life or lonesome masturbation, these erotic products are made for adults. Helping tons of couples around the world, these body-safe inventions are favorites among all genders. Straight and gay people both enjoy its benefits when in need of some action. The flames of desire burn all the same.

Some couples, bored to death by their ordinary and unimaginative intercourse, tend to introduce sensual devices to their relationships. Experimenting with one another, they up their level of fun and enjoyment. Contrarily, “lone rides” lacking a partner also find these bundles of joy very helpful. Pleasuring themselves with these, they might realize that maybe they don’t even need their crush after all.

The right toy in the right place at a weird time can make all the difference. After all, it’s not a secret that experimenting got us to where we are today.

How To Use

When it comes to tips and tricks, knowing how to use an adult toy is paramount. To become a master of lustful arts is not as complicated as some might think. The only thing the user should be aware of is how to choose the right toy for you.

Luckily enough, that’s not hard at all. Just ask yourself what do you like when it comes to sex. Connect the dots of pleasure and fantasy, and you’re all set.

For example, if you’re into anal play, find a lovely dildo and some water-based lubes, and try it on. It’s all open for interpretation. Therefore, experimenting is the key to success. Lubing the toy and the anus is pretty simple.

The more you do it, the easier the penetration will become. See, it’s no science. Start playing gently and after a while speed up. Finding the right balance between pleasure and friction will be essential to maximal enjoyment.

Also, if you’re willing to try it with your partner, you should talk about it first. Sharing thoughts about ways of improving your relationship can be very useful. Not only will you experience something new and take your private life to the next level, but both of you will also learn much more about one another.

It’s not only a way to get more out of intimacy, but it’s also a game-changer in the bigger picture. Maybe you’ll uncover and release deeply buried desires. Consequently, experimentation with adult shop products can breach barricades and make old flames burn bright once again.

Perks of Experimentation

How often do we hear stories of couples breaking up because of bad and dull sex? It’s like we’re living in a Carrie Bradshaw story. Knowing that you’re not good enough can hurt more than being on the receiving end of a boring partner. It’s lame as heck!

Thus, trying out something new in the sack is a quick and easy patch to all bedroom-related problems. For example, incorporating a feel-good wand vibrator while having intercourse can resemble a threesome, adding an extra layer to the whole game. After all, these playthings for women can also help men. Double tagging your partner with a dildo and an actual penis can prove to be a turning point.

But if that’s not enough, trying out something riskier can provide that extra spark. More and more couples tend to participate in submissive and slightly more aggressive play. Trying out leather, whips, or cock cages not as strange as one might think. Dominating partners, looking to degrade their lovers, can certainly be fun.

But, if BDSM stuff sparks interest in someone, they should come up with a safe word. This little tip can prove to be a useful asset in a rougher relationship, avoiding the danger of going over the top. It’s all fun and games, but pain and pleasure have a thin line between them, and it makes a lustful experience involving rough play a dangerous game to try.

Penetration Toys

Since we’ve already mentioned dildos, it’s only fair we talk a bit more about them and other tools designed for penetration. At the end of the day, both hetero and homosexual relationships mainly rely on probing. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about couples or solo players, piercing something is essential.

The first thing anyone thinks of when talking about penetrating gadgets is dildos. These phallus-looking probes come in all shapes and sizes. Made from different body-safe materials, some dildos resemble giant dongs seen in hardcore porn, while others look and act like animal penises (e.g., canine dildos).

Depending on one’s needs, these can fill any need and desire, let alone different holes. So, if you’re looking for some help in the intimate department, check these well-known vintage toys because they rarely disappoint. There’s a reason they are stone-cold classics when it comes to adult shop products.

The next obvious choice we’d like to mention is the famous strap-on toy. Mainly used by women, these devices are among the favorites when it comes to femdom. If you’ve never heard of or seen one of these beasts by some chance, it is basically a dildo attached to a belt. Lesbian or heterosexual couples who enjoy women penetrating the other partner find this toy to be the epitome of great experience in bed.

Let’s say we have a straight couple who enjoys a bit of female power. Often enough, they’ll include pegging in their routine. Pegging is a position that consists of a girl fucking her man. She wears a strap-on and penetrates the bent-over male from behind.

Just think of it as reversed standard roles.

Penetrating Toys for Solo Play

People could ask themselves — what’s the use of a strap-on if I’m all alone? Well, adult toy shops are also for people who’d like to try this just by themselves. Fleshlights, Tenga eggs, sex dolls, and rabbit vibrators are some of the most prominent stuff a lonesome cowboy looking for action could buy.

When we say Fleshlights, we’re not referring to your regular light source device. If you didn’t notice, there’s a slight difference in spelling here. We’re talking about a toy that resembles vaginal or anal openings, made for penis insertion.

Since the late ’90s, these are designed for discrete sperm collecting and are gaining more attention in the world of masturbation. Nowadays, it’s fairly common for famous porn stars to advertise their own official Fleshlights, tailored to replicate their vaginas or anuses.

Next up are the world-famous Tenga eggs. Brought to us by a Japanese company, these come in 13 different shapes and types of sensation. Due to their design, they can fill any whole.

Unfortunately, these boys, just like real eggs, are for single use only. Nonetheless, they offer a lot of fun once you opt for them.

As we’ve mentioned, sex dolls are still a thing. They are very useful for people in need of something concrete to hold while they pleasure themselves. Fucking an actual object can easily beat any previously mentioned erotic toy, as it offers the illusion of having a partner in front of you.

Finally, rabbit vibrators are devices designed to look like phalluses, but they differ from a regular remote control toy. They include a clitoral stimulation part that looks like a rabbit’s ear, hence the name. This little distinct spot-stimulating addition attached to the electric vibrator is what sets it apart from the competition.

Stimulation Devices

When it comes to devices that add stimulation, there are quite a few interesting products out there. Some include cock rings, nipple clamps, bullet vibrator, and clitoral and pussy pumps. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at what they are and what they actually offer.

Cock rings are rings worn around the base of the penis. Their main purpose is to keep the blood in the erected penis, maintaining a longer and stronger erection. They go by many names, such as penis rings, shaft rings, etc.

Used in different situations, cock rings can also serve as a great foreplay tool, and many couples opt to use them while having intercourse. Of course, some people wear them for ornamental purposes. Commonly manufactured from stainless steel, penis rings vary in shape and size.

Erotic accessories are common in the BDSM culture, and more than a few people into these kinks like to use them. Therefore, it’s hard to pick a favorite among them, but we opted for nipple clamps.

Restricting the blood flow and causing pain is a major turn-on for a lot of people who like breast torture. These clamps are usually used on both nipples, and both males and females enjoy wearing them. In most cases, they are connected by chains that are attached to additional weights, putting extra pressure on the nipples.

Also, some people connect the nipple chain to another one, linking it directly to the clitoris or the cock ring. Chaining to furniture is another option people do while using these slightly extreme accessories. All in all, they guarantee stimulation and pain if that’s what you’re aiming for.

Pumps and Vibrators for Stimulation

Pumps for vaginas and clitorises are extremely popular amongst the more mature population. The reason behind it is the fact that age takes its toll on the body, relaxing it and making all body parts more wrinkly. Some find this to affect their relationships. Therefore, they choose to fix their genital appearance without getting awkward surgery.

Besides the body’s aesthetic, pussy pumps offer great stimulation for the user. Making a vacuum and increasing the blood flow in the genital area creates more pleasure and sensation. Naturally, different sizes are for different parts of the crotch. For example, the small ones are for clitoral stimulation.

Stimulation and vibrators go hand in hand without a doubt. But we’re not thinking about your regular throbbing device. We’re all about discretion. The so-called bullet vibrators, a.k.a love eggs, are small bullet-looking devices with a remote control.

Averaging just over a few inches, these little bundles of joy can be easily hidden from the public. This top-secret design can add to the whole erotic experience. Just imagine pleasuring yourself in the office, completely safe from the eyes of your co-workers. Also, they are made from safe materials, such as rubber and silicone.

Last but not least, clitoral vibrators are also a thing amongst kinky women. Designed for clit rubbing, they don’t usually fall into the penetrative category, although some are actually made for both. They work at different speeds, making pleasure and stimulation all in the hands of the user. What’s more, using these electric toys underwater is completely fine too.

The best thing about them is the fact that they are made in all sorts of shapes, resembling objects not necessarily associated with sex. They range from ones that look like mobile phones to discrete lipstick-looking ones.

Anal Toys

As with most stimulation devices, the anal ones are more oriented towards foreplay. Most people tend to use them to prepare their assholes for things to come. Unlike the vagina, the anal canal is tighter, and without applying lubes, intercourse can be fairly difficult. That’s where the anal toys come to play!

Designed to have a flanged end, these anal probes can’t get stuck inside of the rectal canal. Using different objects without such a rim can result in health problems, as most dildos lacking the mentioned design can get trapped inside the body if the user isn’t careful. Butt plugs come in all sizes and colors. Some resemble actual penises, but for the most part, the real things are fairly short compared to your average dildo.

It’s important to point out that sharing this toy can cause serious health issues and is not recommended! Also, using a condom can help clean all the nasty stuff one might find inside the canal.

Anal beads are also meant for rectal use. These little beasts look like a series of spheres or round objects, linked on a chain, ready for anal insertion. The whole point is the feeling of getting them out, as the sensation of them exiting can easily up the intensity of the orgasm itself. Different lengths and sizes are made for different body types, which can suit all people who are into this fetish.

Again, like with all tools made for stimulating the asshole, it is not cool to share them with others. The risk of infection is very high, and that’s the last thing anyone would want.

Massagers, Hooks, and Anal Vibrators

It’s widely considered that stimulating a man’s prostate can produce a better orgasm than ordinary penile stimulation. Some males prefer this option, but it can be somewhat tricky for their partner to accomplish. As we’ve said already, the rectal canal is tighter than the vaginal one. Therefore, helping tools are necessary.

Devices for prostate massage are in a way similar to standard dildos, but they come in a thinner form. From vibrating to classic cones, they are more curved, so that they can reach the man’s prostate gland. It’s not uncommon for people to call that part of the male’s body his G-spot. Using lots of water-based lubes, simple vibrating, or massaging can make the male go completely bonkers with pleasure.

On the other hand, anal hooks are for rougher play. These usually consist of two ends, with one shorter than the other. The longer one doesn’t go into the anus and is linked to a string that can be tied up to a surface, piece of furniture, or held in the hands of the dominant partner. In opposition to that, the shorter part, which has a sphere attached to it, is inserted into the rectum of the submissive participant.

It’s a fairly common practice amongst people in the BDSM world. After all, this kind of play can and usually does involve a bit of pain. And we all know submission and discomfort are an integral part of the mentioned culture.

Also, we’d like to mention anal vibrators. As one could imagine, these can stimulate the asshole of either man or woman. Just like butt plugs, these boys have a flanged rim so that the risk of anal intrusion is more or less none. They are battery-charged, and they can operate in different ways.

Get Extra Kinky

We’ve already mentioned some extreme sensual devices, but we’re yet to take a closer look at them. When we say extra kinky, we mostly think of bondage gear, whips, and weird fantasy-based dildos. In the sex shop world, all doors are open, and it’s a place where reality and dreams become one.

So, if none of the previously mentioned erotic devices can scratch your itch, there’s no mistake that the next few ones will rock your world.

Firstly, sex swings are harness devices that serve as helping tools for couples in need of domination and submission. The whole relationship between them works without cooperation. One of them is active, while the other is completely relaxed and passive.

Varying in design, these devices can, for example, swing from the ceiling. Made from steel, leather, wood, and other materials, the passive participant lays completely at the mercy of their active counterpart. Slowly wandering around the locked partner, the dominant one is free to penetrate and touch the “prisoner” from all sides.

Bondage is quite similar and works well together with the sex swings. Tying up, blinding, and humiliating one’s partner for pleasure is the pillar of the BDSM culture. Introduce cock cages and teasing to that, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination. Experimenting with these elements can lead to great results in satisfaction and emotional relief.

Now, let’s talk a bit about these so-called cock cages we’ve mentioned above. These stainless steel contraptions are mainly made for restricting the male of his erection. Wrapped around the penis, the cage doesn’t allow blood to flow through the organ, making the submission total. Of course, discomfort is present. But for some, that’s the whole point of BDSM.

Whips, Penis Plugs, and More

Just like sex swings, whips and leather are an integral part of the sadomasochistic culture in the bedroom. It’s hard to imagine domino dames without their long, extended hands of punishment. While giving out orders and elegantly swinging their slick whips around, every mistake and disobedience can lead to pain. Nothing says dominant like a leather whip loudly cracking in a dim-lighted room.

Add to that a penis plug, and we’ve got ourselves a beautiful nightmare, complete with a darkwave EBM soundtrack. Also known as the prince’s wand, a penis plug is a piece of jewelry attached to the urethra. The tip of the stainless steel object is usually a sphere, easily removed if the male wearing it needs to urinate. Coming in different shapes, people use these so-called penis plugs as ornaments of some sort, encircling their whole phallus.

But before we leave the land of BDSM and fantasy, we’d like to mention some extreme types of dildos. Made by various companies around the world, these come in all sorts of believable and unbelievable forms. From animal-looking ones to xenomorph penises, the variety is huge. So, let’s mention a couple, shall we?

One of the most popular designs is the canine dildo. The dog-like cock looks and acts like the real deal. When we say acts, we mean it’s different from a human penis. Dogs have extra muscles just above their testicles, which when aroused lock in position and leave the couple mounted on each other for a while.

Another extreme example is the alien egg-laying dildo. Looking like it came straight out of Ellen Ripley’s worst nightmare, this xenomorph carries jelly balls that it lays inside of the “victim.” Of course, it’s all safe because the eggs melt in the body.

Health-Related Toys

It’s not a secret that sex has a close relationship with health. Therefore, when people mix pleasure with their well-being, they end up hitting the jackpot! Having this in mind, we’ve assembled a list of the best adult toys that can improve your general condition and offer sensation beyond your standard sex shop products.

For centuries now, powerful women in China have been using mysterious Yoni eggs. These oval-shaped objects made from precious materials such as jade offer health improvements and greater desire. Increasing libido in old age, they also have positive effects on women’s vaginas after childbirth. Among other things, they up the natural lubrication process in female bodies, which leads to increased blood flow in the genital area.

Women around the world don’t just use this ancient hands-free toy for pleasure. With its beautiful natural colors, some people place them on furniture in their homes as decoration. Also, another great thing about these jade eggs is the fact that they don’t look like your average toy, which makes them perfect for any situation.

Just like Yoni eggs, Kegel and Ben Wa balls offer both pleasure and health improvement. Strengthening the pelvic area muscles, these can help get women’s vaginas back in shape.

Alongside other parts of our bodies, genitals age, and they start to look worn-out and wrinkly. A ton of people find that their mature bodies aren’t as attractive as they once were, so they opt for expensive and unpleasant surgeries. To avoid that, some women tend to use Kegel and Ben Wa balls, which yield arguably better results.

When inserted inside the vagina, these balls provoke pelvic muscles to start working out again. Also, they offer pleasure for the user and are completely discrete.

Health Toys for Boys

Just like with women, age takes a toll on men’s private parts. As years go by, some males start noticing that they have problems with keeping their penises erect. Sure, there are pills and meds, but safety is not always guaranteed when taking them. Hence, cock rings come into play!

Designed for the shaft of the penis, cock rings help put pressure on the male’s reproductive organ and restrict blood flow out of it. Anyone can achieve a longer erection using a cock ring. They come in all sizes, so people less gifted in the downtown department need not worry.

Also, their practicality isn’t the only reason males around the globe use them. Worn as their personal accessories for decoration, these circular products get made mostly from stainless steel. As we’ve mentioned previously in this article, some guys just like how it looks to have a ring down there, especially when combined with a view of their partner during oral intercourse.

Another great toy men use for greater sensitivity, more interesting foreplay, and size problems is penis pumps. This product isn't as discreet as cock rings, but they have their fair share of users.

Creating a vacuum around the flaccid penis, pumps urge the blood to come rushing down into the genitals. Of course, we advise trimming the pubic hair for comfort and vacuum success. It all depends on the soft skin around the phallus.

Using these pumps can also treat erectile dysfunction. If someone’s got a problem getting their penis erect, using this device can fix the problem for some time. It’s not a cure by any means, but it can do the job just fine when it’s called upon.

Add to that the idea of using it as a foreplay tool, and we’ve got ourselves an all-around player. And yes, of course, pumps are completely and totally safe!