Pussy Pumps

Pussy Pumps

Just like the rest of the human body, female genitals age and lose their youthful look and plumpness. This natural process can affect people’s lives on many levels, and one of them is the sex department. Less pleasure, ineffective intercourse, and self-doubt are just a few problems a mature woman can experience. Hence, they often indulge in awkward and expensive surgical procedures.

Puffy vagina operations aren’t exactly safe and can cause health-related problems. Also, if we add to that the price most clinics have for such surgeries, we’ve got ourselves a big problem. Luckily, there’s a great alternative for all women out there. Not only is this substitute cheaper, but it’s also a phenomenally pleasurable sex toy!

So, without further introduction, we present you with the pussy pump. This sexual arousal device will not only give the user the best-looking pussy, but it will also teleport their genitals to the time of youth and lust. Bear with us here, and read all about these vacuum-making bundles of joy!

What Are Pussy Pumps?

Since we’ve already mentioned them, it’s only fair we briefly explain what they actually are and how they work. Just like their male-centered counterparts (the penis pumps), these sex toys exist for upping sensation and pleasure, and also for curing medical conditions. Constructed to increase the blood flow in the crotch area, they make a vacuum around it.

Coming in different shapes and sizes, they can be a useful asset in the bedroom. Women who generally don’t have the problems with the look of their vaginal lips mentioned above also use them as a foreplay tool. Even if it seems somewhat flow-breaking, the use of this device can prove to be a major turn-on for some couples. For example, allowing your partner to control the plumpness and wetness of your lower region can definitely make for a great power exchange experience.

Labial puffing can also help women who have medical problems with their bodies. Some bodies just have a harder time getting the blood to the crotch, which in turn makes them stiff and less relaxed for intercourse. Labia puffing provides stronger orgasms, making regular and boring sex a thing of the past.

Depending on the size of the toy, its use differs. From small ones used for clit pumping to the big ones made for the whole genital area, these contraptions offer a wide array of ways you can have fun with them. Therefore, it’s safe to say they’re interesting for all adult women looking for stimulation.

Different Kinds of Pussy Pumps

Like we’ve mentioned previously, there are different types of vaginal pumps. Depending on their use, these devices come in many forms. From small clit sucking toys, through vibrating ones, to whole pussy pumps. They’re all designed for different needs. Hence, they offer contrasting results.

Accordingly, the benefits of pussy pumps can vary quite a lot. But one thing is common for all of them —they make pussies look amazing. Therefore, talking about the best pussy pump is nonsense, as it all depends on the user’s intentions with it.

We’ll try to cover all three main types in brief detail. That will hopefully help everyone interested in these products find the best solution for them.

Whole Pussy Pumps

First, let’s talk about the big guns. These pumps, designed to up the blood flow in the entire genital region, aren’t discreet at all. They consist of two main parts: the chamber and the pump. In most cases, the chamber is transparent, which lets the user look at their vagina while it changes under pressure.

The chamber on these bigger products is usually around 3 to 4 inches wide, which completely covers the labia majora, labia minora, and the clit. As for the colors, they come in all sorts of cheerful and sexy shades. Also, some are pretty basic in the color scheme department, and they resemble classic medical gadgets.

Besides the two main parts we’ve mentioned, some large vagina pumps have quick release valves. These circular parts immediately release the pressure from the chamber if the vacuum becomes too intense for the user. Some even come with two valves, allowing both partners to control the pressure.

Some kinky minds might come up with a foreplay game that involves these air-release features. When using these toys, your labial puffing fantasies and pussy worshiping dreams can all become everyday sex routines.

Clitoral Pumps

Next up, we have clit sucking toys made by the gods of sex and pleasure. These products mainly differ from whole pussy pumps in their size and use. Although the pump itself is, in most cases, the same, the chamber is logically smaller. After all, the whole point is to bring pleasure to the clit, not the whole crotch.

Most of these clit contraptions come with a few different size chambers. Thus, if someone has a large clitoris, it will fit in one of the suction cups. Also, some even come with small bullet vibrators to help add more pleasure.

Just like the bigger pumps, these toys are mainly made from two separate parts: the suction chamber and the pump itself. The latter, in some cases, looks like a trigger handle, which can make the pumping easier. Between the two main parts is a hose that has a pressure gauge attached to it, to show the level of vacuum the clit is facing.

It’s also worth mentioning that the premium clit-sucking toys come with medical-grade acrylic chambers. That only adds to the whole impression, as it clearly shows the level of care the manufacturers put into their product.

Vibrating Pumps

Like their name says, vibrating pussy pumps offer more than the regular ones we’ve talked about above. These motion-based toys, coming in different shapes and sizes, bring additional pleasure to the user. Making a vacuum while also vibrating, these battery-charged beasts offer the feeling of being orally pleased by an actual human.

More advanced types come with little ticklers inside of the vacuum chamber. These little silicone tongues only add to the whole sensual immersion, replicating the best pussy eaters from the porn industry. Of course, as we’ve said, they are battery-charged and don’t involve pumping.

Most of them have different levels of vibration and pressure. Therefore, the only downside can be the fact that the user needs to change the batteries after an intensive pleasuring session. Fortunately, a large amount of these vibrating pump toys have USB ports for a quick and easy recharge.

Also, another con is the noise they make while vibrating. But then again, for all the things they offer, it’s not a big deal to hear a bit of sound while enjoying yourself. Come to think of it, you’ll probably completely disregard the noise while getting a mechanical rundown by one of these studs.

Different Kinds of Cups

When looking for a perfectly pumped pussy, people should consider the type of cup the toy comes with. Just like other toys, pumps come with different options for pleasure and action, which can make the selection hard. Therefore, after deciding whether they want a classic one or a battery-charged toy, checking the suction chamber should be imperative.

What’s it used for, size, color, and the transparency of the cup are all important factors you should consider when searching for the best one. Some might be perfect in the way they look and act but come short when it comes to the size of your fat pussy lips. Others might not have a transparent chamber, which sucks if you’re all about watching your clit get plumped.

These are all things people should pay attention to, but there’s another catch here. We suggest that you look for the design and texture inside of the chamber itself. That just might be the most important aspect of the pussy pump.

Some might find silicone more attractive than acrylic when it comes to cups. Meanwhile, others might think that a suction chamber with little bumps and tongues are superior to your classic, empty ones. Texture, design, and material are all essential for maximum pleasure and sensation.

Most of us are comfortable with the materials used for the making of sex toys. Unfortunately, certain people have sensitive skin that easily gets irritated. Therefore, consider checking the stuff used for the cup. It’s cool and all to have a great-looking pussy pump, but what’s the use if it makes your body uncomfortable?

How to Use Pussy Pumps?

Once you’ve opted for a certain pussy pump that seems like a match for you, you’ll want to know how to use it properly. So let’s be frank here: it’s no science. Anyone can understand how these toys work, as it’s pretty simple.

The first thing we’ll mention is that water-based lube is the best friend of almost all sex toys, and amongst its familiars is the pussy pump. Lubing the rim of the suction chamber is essential for making the vacuum around the genital area or the clit.

Once the lubed chamber is placed on the desired area, checking if the quick-release valve is closed is the next step. Some people miss this little detail and end up thinking that the device doesn’t work, but it’s just the fact that they’ve forgotten the circular switch. After that, the user’s ready to pump. But at first, we recommend you slowly press the gauge/pump to see if the suction is working.

We recommend starting slowly and eventually speeding up the pumping process as the whole thing might feel weird at first. If the chamber falls off of the vagina, it means you did something wrong. It should be attached to the crotch without the help of the user’s hand.

After a short while, the person will feel their pussy or clit swelling. Once again, it might feel a tiny bit weird, but that’s normal. The user should stop pumping when the swollen skin begins to touch the inner part of the cup.

The next thing to do is to activate the quick-release valve on the chamber. That will allow air to enter the chamber. After that, it’s safe to gently remove the cup and enjoy the plump and youthful-looking vagina.

Once It’s Pumped

As the chamber comes off, we suggest relaxing for a couple of minutes. This pause will allow the blood to start circulating normally through the genital area. It’s no big deal, but the difference in intercourse or masturbating will be hugely improved. Thus, taking your time is the smart option to go for.

Also, using lubrication after pumping is essential. Sucking the air out of the chamber will dry the skin enough that some lube will be more than welcome. We suggest applying some oily products after taking off the pump too.

This whole process can be fun for couples and can serve as great foreplay. As we’ve said before, some pumps come with two quick-release valves, and they let the partner control the vacuum release. Just imagine giving full control of the pump to your lover. Wouldn’t that make a great scene?

If the steps we’ve listed are each done carefully, trouble with these toys won’t be possible. It’s simple as hell. Therefore, panicking isn’t an option. Some might say it’s easier than putting a condom on. Well, they just might be right.

Safe Pumping

When it comes to safety, pussy pumps are completely safe to use if the user follows the instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you buy them through a safe provider or in a local sex shop, the risk of unwanted consequences is nonexistent.

That said, it’s also important to mention some tips people often forget. For example, we’d always go for a pump with a transparent chamber. The reason is that a see-through cup lets the user follow the changes on the vagina by looking at it, not just by feeling.

Therefore, if the genitals begin to change colors abnormally under pressure, it’s important to remove the pump immediately. Also, if the user feels any pain or discomfort, we suggest removing the device. It’s not necessary to repeat how fragile human genitals are.

Some pump manufacturers color their chambers for aesthetic purposes, which is fine and all, but we’d always go for clear and transparent ones. Looking good is cool, but being safe is even better.

Another essential safety tip is to pump slowly and in short bursts. There’s no need for frantic pumping at all — it can only cause trouble. Suction can be very hurtful if it’s done at high speed. So, going nice and easy is the only acceptable way.

Also, pumping for longer than ten minutes isn’t recommended at all. That is the maximum for any pump, and there’s only potential trouble if the user exceeds it. After all, no one wants their pussy to look out of proportions.

Consequently, it’s only fair we once again mention water-based lube after pumping. Air suction dries the skin and makes it a bit hard for penetration afterward. Like with all things, being moderate is the key for a fresh and plump looking vagina.