Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump
Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump
Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump
Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump
Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump
Do you want it plumper to get undivided attention? Let's make that happen with our Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump. If you want your pussy to look like a porn star in an instant, then this pump will do the trick! Sit back and find out how it does just that.

The entire product is composed of a cup, a tube, and a hand pump. The ellipse-shaped cup mouth is 4.13 inches long and 1.85 inches wide. It has smooth, rounded edges to ensure maximum comfort when you bury it against the skin during suction. Right in its center is a soft tongue-like protrusion surrounded with equally soft spikes for a lingering stimulation after the pumping.

Made of silicone, it resembles a human touch for maximum comfort. Turn on the vibrator after the suction, and you will be ecstatic. Why so? Because an engorged clit and plumped up pussy lips are super sensitive to stimulations.

You know the drill. Pump fast, release slowly. You can work the hand pump single-handedly, and once you have created the desired seal and vacuum, reach for the valve and twist it to let air in slowly. The pump makes use of ABS, a sturdy material that can withstand strong impact.

The tube and the cup are silicone made, a popular sex toy material that's safe for body use. It's the same high-quality material preferred by most because it's non-porous; hence, it won't be ideal for bacteria build-up.

To wash the pussy cup, remove the vibrator first. Lather it with mild soap, rubbing every part of it with your hands. Rinse and let it dry naturally. Store it properly, ready for its next use.

Pump up more blood into your pussy lips and clitoris with this fantastic toy, and you will have a super porn star coochie that's so sensitive you'll moan with the slightest touch. Buy now to enjoy soon!


Color Pink
Material Cup & Tube – Silicone
Hand Pump – ABS
Dimension Length:
Cup – 4.13 inches (10.5 cm)
Tube – 23.62 inches (60 cm)
Hand Pump – 6.3 inches (16 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.85 inches (4.7 cm)


Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump

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