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Sex and women don’t always go hand in hand. Unlike men, who can orgasm relatively easily, many women struggle to enjoy themselves as much from penetrative sex.

Where a penis fails though, sex toys are ready and waiting to provide. Find all the pleasure you’ve been looking for, enhance sex, or try something new with our huge range of sex toys for women.

Women’s Sex Toys

Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to sex toys, with many options to provide all kinds of sensations and stimulation to many different parts of your body. These include:


A huge category on their own, vibrators are a favorite for many women for their ability to provide targeted pleasure. You can choose from plenty of different styles, such as bullets, rabbit, wands, or even huge vibrators.

For those who struggle to orgasm, the most common option is a small bullet vibrator, which can be used to directly stimulate the g-spot. This can be done solo, or during sex to help you reach orgasm when you might otherwise find it difficult.


When the real thing isn’t enough, there’s always a dildo ready to provide. Like vibrators, these come in a wide variety of styles and which one you choose will depend on what you’re looking to experience.

Simple dildos will let you enjoy penetration without a penis, vibrating dildos will add some extra stimulation to your penetration, and double penetration dildos will let you see how it feels to have both holes filled at once.

Strap Ons

For the more commanding woman in the bedroom, don’t be afraid to explore strap ons. These toys let you wear a dildo as if you have a real penis, and enjoy doing everything you’d expect.

A standard dildo gives you the chance to try pegging, which can be an entirely new world of fun. Meanwhile hollow strap ons can help if your partner is a little on the small side, as they wear it to enlarge their penis and give you the pleasure you deserve.

Anal Toys

If the back door isn’t off limits for you, then there’s plenty of fun to be had with anal toys. These can include butt plugs,dildos, anal beads or even anal vibrators. You can combine them with other toys or even use them during sex to enhance your experience.


It’s not all about penetration though. There are plenty of other options that can provide different sensations and kinds of stimulation. Suction based toys are a great option for women who find oral stimulation the best way to cum. These can include different rhythms, pulses, and some even include tongue like features for even more pleasure.

Nipple Clamps and Toys

Increase the stimulation of any sexual situation by adding nipple toys to the mix. There are a few different choices here, but one of the most popular is nipple clamps. These small clamps are usually made of metal, and can apply varying amounts of pressure to a woman’s nipples. Some even come with chains that can intensify the sensations when pulled, leading to some truly memorable sex.

Pleasure Machines

Take your pleasure to the next level with a fully featured sex machine that will take all the effort out of your orgasms. These can be mechanical thrusting dildos, that perform just as well as the real thing, or saddle like machines that you can ride on while they vibrate with varying intensity.

Which Sex Toy Should I Choose?

With so many options, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. So where do you start?

It’s a good idea to think about what kind of pleasure you want, and how experienced you are with sex toys. You might ask yourself:

Do I want something simple and easy to use, or am I willing to put in more work?

Do I want to use my toy during sex?

Do I want to use my toy for masturbation?

Am I interesting in vaginal, anal or nipple play?

Will noise be a problem?

Sex Toy Materials

Another important consideration is which material the toy is made of. There are three main materials to choose from.

Silicone sex toys are the softest option, feeling supple and smooth to the touch. Many women find these more comfortable to use than other materials.

Metal sex toys are much firmer, providing more pressure during use. They’re still smooth, but often will feel cold when you first use them, so it’s a good idea to warm them up first.

TPE or thermo-plastic elastomer is a skin like material that’s designed to mimic the feel of real flesh. Using toys like these can provide some of the most realistic experiences possible with sex toys.

There are a few other materials such as plastic, glass or even rubber, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Not all toys will be available in all materials, and you might find you prefer one over the other, so bear this in mind when choosing your toy.

Enjoying Your Sex Toys

If you’re looking for more advice on how to use your sex toys, and how to get the most out of them, then check out some of the blogs listed below:

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Stop putting up with average sex and start enjoying everything your body has to offer. Choose from Lovegasm’s massive range of sex toys for women now.

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