The Best Dildos For Women: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s really fun and exciting to shop for a new dildo. On the other hand, having too many options can be overwhelming. You’ll have to check various sizes, shapes, materials, and features, then decide which suits your taste and level of comfort. If you're an experienced enthusiast or a curious beginner, this blog post is for you.
Dildos aren't modern-day inventions, as they've been around for centuries. These toys have evolved from ancient, phallic-shaped artifacts to the modern ones we see today. While they were considered taboo before, dildos for women are now popular contributors to sexual wellness for females around the globe.
This blog post will give you a clear, simple guide with no hint of judgment.

Types Of Dildos

Unlike the vibrator, a dildo is typically non-motorized. Consider it as your 24/7 bestie for solo sessions or a plus-one for partner play. It's designed to simulate a real-life partner's erection without batteries or charging cables needed.
There are several types that you can choose from. Realistic dildos are made to look and feel like a man’s erection, with bulgy veins and pronounced penis glans. If you’re curious about trying something different from a penis, try non-realistic ones. They come in different colors and unconventional shapes. And if you fancy a bit of rhythm, a vibrating type offers delightful pulses. The double-ended ones are perfect for couple play, letting you share the fun and bliss with your partner.
Materials matter. The most preferred materials for these toys are metal, glass, and silicone. Silicone is easily cleaned, skin-like, and soft. Glass, on the other hand, offers a smooth slide and is temperature-responsive. Metal is the heavyweight champ—durable, with a firmness some find irresistible.
Pick body-safe because your health is second to none. Opt for phthalate-free, non-porous dildos, which won't grow bacteria or trigger allergies. For these reasons, silicone is a highly regarded substance.
Silicone is flexible, soft, and hygienic. Glass slides flawlessly and is temperature responsive, but careful not to drop it from height—no one wants a bedroom mishap. If you're looking for unyielding and heavy stimulation, pick metal. While some love its tough nature, others find it too much to handle.

Size And Shape Considerations

While size matters, "bigger is better" is not relevant in this context. It isn’t a case of one size fitting all, either. What’s pleasurable for you is deeply personal, and what’s right for you should fit snugly. Anything that's too big can cause discomfort and anything too small will fail to reach your sweet spots.
Shapes and curvatures are there for a reason. These are your secret ingredients that target your G-spot with precision. So, look for that curve that seems tailored for you.
"But how do I know what size is my size?" you ask. That’s easy. Grab a soft measuring tape and think about what felt pleasurable in the past. If you're a first-time user, don’t immediately go big time. If you've got experience, measure something you already enjoy and use that as your benchmark.
Let's touch on the psychological aspect for a second—size preference can be a big deal mentally. It's normal to feel intimidated by larger sizes or to have your eyes light up at the sight of a sizeable toy.
Overall, your main consideration is what makes you orgasm; don't base your choice on what you think you should enjoy. Find your fit, enjoy the curve, and most of all, revel in blissful orgasms.

Features To Look For

When looking for that perfect dildo, don’t rush. Consider the extra features that can take your intimate encounters to intense sensations that will leave you breathless.
Pick the ones with suction cups. Toys with strong suction cups allow you to stick your pleasure tool to a flat surface and enjoy hands-free action. Imagine exciting possibilities — a solo session in the shower or a hands-free ride while you multitask. Safety alert – if you're into anal play, a flared base is a must, as it prevents the toy from going on an unplanned journey.
And for those who enjoy the company of their partner, harness compatibility can transform your playtime together. It means your dildo can be strapped on, allowing for partner play that's as close to the real deal as it gets.
These toys are offered in different textures — from smooth as silk to ridges that feel like a mountain trail. Each texture hits different spots and can trigger new sensations. So, if a bit of variety enhances your experience, keep an eye out for those bumps, grooves, and ripples.
And then, some come with those extra-special features. Ever heard of ejaculating dildos? They cum at the time of your choosing, making fantasy play realistic. Some also have a heating feature. You simply press a button, and your experience will feel like you're having a blast with a real ejaculating penis.
Ergonomics also improves the experience significantly. User-friendly designs and ergonomic handles allow easy control and manipulation, ensuring that orgasms are very likely and easy to reach. These must-have features can turn your toy into a pleasure powerhouse.

The Best Dildos For Different Preferences

There isn't a single size or shape that can satisfy everyone. Everyone has unique tastes, preferences, and comfort levels. Check out the list of our top choices by category.

Realistic Dildos

Craving for something realistic but with extra skin? If you haven't tried an uncut penis, now is your chance.
  • The Realistic 8 Inch Dildo With Foreskin: This pleasure buddy mimics the texture and appearance of an uncircumcised penis. It has a satisfyingly substantial girth. Its strong suction cup lets you have fun hands-free. And because it's silicone, it's safe to use and quick to clean.
  • Why It Stands Out: Enjoy a unique experience with its foreskin and lifelike veins.
  • Price Range: Mid-tier, offering both quality and affordability.

Fantasy Dildos

Maybe you're craving something out of the ordinary—a fantasy dildo is your perfect weapon. These toys are ideal for letting your imagination run wild.
  • Purple Dragon Dildo: Its curved shape and fantasy-inspired ridges will give you amazing orgasms.
  • What Makes It Special: Its prominent curved shape and fantasy-inspired ridges promise targeted, intense stimulation.
  • Price Range: A little pricey, but worth it for a toy that looks like a masterpiece and feels amazing.

Discreet Dildos

If you want to keep it a secret while you're at it, discreet toys are made to be hidden easily.
  • Elastic Dildo Briefs: This discreet option easily hides under the elastic brief that it comes with. Nothing's more exciting than having a concealed pleasure.
  • Why You'll Love It: Looks like a typical dildo, but no one will ever get a clue that you're having fun while you go about your day.
  • Price Range: Budget-friendly option because pleasure comes in discreet packages.

High-Tech Dildos

For the gadget-loving pleasure-seeker, high-tech toys incorporate the latest advancements in sex tech.
  • Enchanted Wand Pumping Dildo: Eight dynamic functions for clitoral and prostate stimulation, and more, with realistic telescopic motion for personal pleasure.
  • The Tech Advantage: Tailor your pleasure with its ergonomic grip and intuitive controls, perfect for solo or partnered play.
  • Price Range: High-end pleasure doesn't always come with a hefty price tag.
To find your match, understand what you genuinely enjoy. Are you drawn to the realistic, the fantastic, the discreet, or the high-tech toys? Try experimenting and putting quality and safety first on your list while hunting for the right one.

How to Use A Dildo Safely And Comfortably

You use this pleasure device for pleasure, not for discomfort, pain, or hassles like infections. Let's go through the essentials to ensure your experience is hassle-free.
Always start with prep work. Before you begin, spend some time to relax and set the mood. A relaxed body and a calm mind promise to bring a comfortable experience. Next, build up some arousal – do whatever turns you on. And lube up! Reduce friction by making it wet and slippery.
Then, find an angle that feels good. Although you don't have to be an expert on Kama Sutra, try out different positions. Whatever helps—lie down, squat, or put a pillow under your hips.
Never disregard hygiene. Make sure your hands and toys are clean before and after each session. This will protect your body from bacterial infections and keep your toy in excellent condition. It's alright to feel anxious if you're a newbie. You'll get past it if you want to experience pleasure you’ve never felt before.

Cleaning And Maintenance

Maintaining your toy's good condition and safety for usage can be achieved with regular cleaning. Each material has its cleaning requirements.


  • Soap and warm water should do the trick, or sterilize in boiling for up to 10 minutes.
  • Water-based lubrication is recommended for silicone toys since it won't harm the material.


  • It works well in warm, soapy water, but you may even get it squeaky clean in the dishwasher without detergent.


  • Treat it like your finest silverware—a warm, soapy bath or an isopropyl alcohol wipe-down.
After cleaning, pat your trusty companion dry with a clean, lint-free towel or let it air dry. Then, store it in a cool, dry place to maintain material integrity and avoid unwanted guests.
Material lifespan varies—silicone can last years with love and care, while plastic pals might call it quits sooner. Know when it’s time to part ways with your favorite buddy; if it's discolored, sticky, or has an odor that won't go away, it's time to bid farewell.
Discreet storage? Easy. Slide your dildo into a clean sock, a storage bag, or a dedicated drawer. Remember, the cleaner the toy, the safer and more enjoyable your playtime will be. So, clean up, play on, and relish the good, clean fun!

Overcoming Stigma And Embracing Pleasure

Man has traveled the moon and invented rechargeable cars, yet the stigma of women using sex toys is still around. The story needs to change. Sex devices ought to be welcomed, not frowned upon.
It's perfectly fine to desire more pleasure and to find out what gives you more profound, more powerful orgasms. These toys are created to help you explore and experiment. There’s nothing wrong with them to regard them as taboo.
Many women have talked positively about dildos, saying that the toy has transformed their relationship with their bodies and sexuality. A woman claimed, "It's about taking control of my pleasure, and I've never felt more empowered."
If you’re planning to introduce this device during playtime with a partner, discuss it first with them openly to avoid awkward surprises. You can raise the topic casually. Make it clear that these toys are not to replace anything or anyone. Be honest about your curiosity and desire to explore together.

Shopping Tips: Where And How to Buy

Once you've decided to buy one or more, find a reliable store where you can shop with confidence, either online or in person. Take the following insights to heart for hassle-free shopping.

Read Reviews And Research

Reviews provide valuable information. They offer practical perspectives that are important in helping one make a decision. Look for trends in reviews; if a feature or benefit is mentioned by several reviewers, it's probably true. Understanding what you're buying and whether it's the correct fit for you can be achieved with a bit of research.

Sex-Positive Shops

Why not support stores that support you? Sex-positive stores frequently give information and knowledge to help you in making the best purchase for your sexual wellness. These stores maintain the quality of their products and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Return Policies And Warranties

Before hitting the buy button, read the retailer's return policy and warranty policies. Send your inquiry to their customer service should you need clarifications. Look for retailers who have honest and open policies. A warranty assures that the store and manufacturer vouch for the quality of their items.

Counterfeit And Unsafe Products

Counterfeit products aren't usually body-safe and can be more than a disappointment. Prices that look too good to be true should be avoided, as should merchants that withhold information regarding the materials or sources of their products. Ask questions, and stay with well-known and reliable companies when in doubt.
You deserve a shopping experience free from worries. You're also entitled to receive a product as good as advertised.

Exploring Squirting Dildos: Functionality And Satisfaction

A squirting dildo gives your play an additional degree of realism by simulating the feeling of ejaculation. It accomplishes this through several techniques, most commonly employing syringes that you press to release a desired liquid or bulbs you may squeeze.
These toys are popular since they provide an element of surprise to your role-play or make your solo sessions more fun. They satisfy a variety of fantasies, maybe gratifying your need for a realistic encounter or giving your playtime a fresh sensory component.
Let’s get to the 'cum' part. Look for a product that's body-safe and gives you the desired effect—whether that's a specific texture or temperature. You might prefer a commercial lube that's specially designed to mimic the real deal or create a concoction that's uniquely yours.
With great pleasure comes great messiness. Common issues with this type of dildo include getting the expulsion right or cleaning up the mess. With practice, you’ll get the hang of it. As for cleaning, keep a towel handy to make tidying up easy once you’re done. Also, a little prep makes hassle-free enjoyment.

The Sensation Of Being 'Cummed' In: Expectations vs. Reality

The sensation of being ejaculated inside offers physical and psychological thrill. You’ll enjoy a blend of intimacy and a dash of risqué. And while a partner can easily provide this sensation, a squirting phallic-shaped toy can serve as a substitute when they’re away.
This pleasure pal can mimic the action, but it's not an identical twin to the real deal. Depending on your chosen toy, sensitivity can vary from a gentle gush to a more pronounced release. Some claim that the warmth and texture might differ while the physical sensation is closely identical.
Consider warming the lube if you want fantasy to be closer to reality. A bit of heat can make things feel more lifelike. Also, play around with the pressure to discover what makes you gasp with delight.
Before you purchase, manage your expectations. Dildos that squirt are great. They add newness to the usual bedtime routine but won't whisper tender words in your ear. Enjoy the experience they provide, laugh when things get messy, and accept that the toy isn’t a replacement for the real deal.

DIY And Customizable Options For Ejaculating Dildos

Customizable and DIY cumming dildos are becoming popular among pleasure seekers. The great news is that you can design a squirting mechanism that suits your preference.
You can easily find the components of a homemade squirting toy. While not difficult, it does need a few handy skills. You can easily buy a bulb or a syringe for your lube. You will imitate ejaculation by squeezing at the right moment. Simple, yet effective.
Ensure every material you use is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and body-safe. Secure every component to avoid any surprises that may ruin your momentum. And remember, if you're integrating electronic components, be sure they’re water-resistant.
Customization allows you to tailor the size, pressure, and volume to your needs and preferences. It's easy to adjust the mechanism to suit your taste, and it’s satisfying to create a part of your pleasure device.

Health And Hygiene: Keeping Your Squirting Friend Clean

Keeping your toy clean is crucial. Skipping this is inviting germs to your party. Let's discuss maintaining your toy's best condition to avoid infections and ensure every kinky time is safe and enjoyable.
First, clean your toy after each use. Not a single but, and, or if. It’s more than running it under the faucet. See to it that it’s thoroughly cleaned, every nook and cranny included. Flush out all the fake cum with water. Next, give its surface a gentle rub using unscented soap. If it's silicone without electrical parts, boil it in water for a spotless finish.
If your squirting buddy has a tube or pump, a pipe cleaner or a tiny brush will reach those tight spots. Remove all residues hidden inside. Use distilled water to avoid mineral build-up, which can save your life. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they could compromise the material of your toy or irritate your skin when you use it again.
Maintaining a clean squirting dildo sounds like a lot of work, but it's a must to ensure an amazing time in the sack—safely. You cannot place a price on worry-free play.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We've gathered most of the common questions and concerns about dildos, and we'll answer them. Your comfort and knowledge are our goal, so let's get to it!
Q: Are dildos safe to use? A: Yes. They're safe for body use if made of non-porous and hypoallergenic materials such as silicone, glass, or metal.
Q: Can I use one for anal play? A: You bet! Choose one with a flared base to keep things safe. Don’t forget to lube up.
Q: Will using it too much desensitize me? A: No worries here – your body is resilient! If you ever feel a bit numb, take a break. Your sensitivity will get back to normal.
Q: Is it normal to use it if I'm in a relationship? A: Normal is what you make it! A lot of couples bring toys into the bedroom for greater fun and intimacy.
Q: When should I replace my toy? A: When the material begins to deteriorate or exhibits wear and tear.
Q: What if I have more questions about dildos? A: Keep 'em coming! Connect with a sex-positive expert or retailer like Lovegasm. They will be delighted to guide you.


We've discussed a lot of important points about dildos, from their history to the amazing choices that will delight you. You've learned that they're available in different sizes, shapes, and materials. You’ve also discovered that despite the many incredible options, the ideal one should fit your sexual preferences and needs.
Share your journey with us without hesitations. If you've overcome challenges before or if you’ve finally found the dildo that has turned your boring sex life into a thrilling one, please write them in the comments section below. Cheers to your exploration!
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