Best Sex Toys for Women

There are a lot of options when it comes to sex toys for women. Not only are there many different types available, but even within those types there are literally hundreds of different variants which can all stimulate your body in different ways. Trying to figure out which one you should buy can be a real challenge!

So if you’re feeling ready to try out something a little bit different, then check out our top picks for each kind of sex toy a woman can use.


For many women, their trusty vibrator will be the one and only sex toy they own. It does the job, and provides them with some incredible orgasms, so why would they need anything else?

It doesn’t always just have to be a small vibrator that you use on your clitoris though. There are many different kinds of vibrators available, and they all have very different purposes.

Rabbit Vibrators are probably the most famous kind of vibrator out there, in part due to being featured in Sex and the City. The name comes from two “ears” which poke out of the shaft of the vibrator, and stimulate your clitoris. The main body of the vibrator is put inside your body, so you get twice the fun from one toy!

Magic Wand Vibrators are another interesting addition to any collection. These are all based off the original Hitachi Magic Wand, which was developed in the late 60s as a muscle massager. However, women quickly found that these wands could provide immense sexual pleasure, and the device became incredibly popular as a vibrator capable of unbelievable speeds and unmatched stimulation.

Wireless Vibrators are a recent addition to the roster, thanks to bluetooth and other wireless technology becoming more and more easily available. These offer something most other vibrators don’t, with the ability to control and change the vibration intensity and pattern with a remote control rather than having to press buttons on the device. Some are even able to be operated remotely with a smartphone so your partner can give you pleasure even if you’re apart!

G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulation

While vibrators can already do a fairly good job of stimulating the important parts of your vagina, manufacturers are always looking to improve and deliver better and better products. Now there are a whole host of sex toys designed to specifically target these pleasure hot-spots.

Clit Suckers are a unique toy which focuses specifically on clitoral stimulation. Rather than rubbing or buzzing though, they use air pressure to create a sucking motion instead. If your partner is one to shy away from oral sex, or you’re single and you miss that the most, then a clit sucker could be just what you need.

Tongue Vibrators are another way to seek targeted stimulation to the clitoris and G-spot. This time though, these toys don't seek to provide a different sensation, but rather replicate a human one. The main purpose of a tongue vibrator is to feel as close as possible to the real thing!

Vaginal Training

Training your vagina might sound like something strange and alien, but really it’s a muscle just like any other muscle in your body. If you don’t take care of it throughout your life, it will gradually become weaker. This can have drastic consequences on your sex life.

In order to combat this problem, you can pick up sex toys which are specifically designed to improve the health of the muscles in your pelvic region.

Kegel Balls or Ben Wa Balls are some of the most common choices for this. While they have different names, they are largely the same. A small set of one or two spheres, which are inserted into the vagina and held in place. Just by putting these balls inside their vaginas, women can gradually increase the strength of their muscles, and as a result, improve their sex lives.

Yoni Eggs are the other well known vaginal training device. Many women will have heard of the amazing healing powers of Jade eggs. These and eggs made of other precious crystals are said to have many mystical properties which can help you physically, mentally and even spiritually. Whether or not you believe in their higher powers, yoni eggs are a great way to train your vaginal muscles, and they look fantastic too!

Penetration Toys

Of course, sometimes you aren’t interested in anything fancy. You simply want something that feels like a penis. For these times, it’s always good to have a penetrative toy handy to give you what you need.

Dildos are of course, the favourite here. If you’re looking for something that feels as good as sex, then a lifelike soft dildo is the closest you’re ever going to get. You can also experiment with different sizes and lengths, to stimulate your body in ways you might not experience during sex.

But the range of dildos extends beyond just the lifelike. You may start small and go with a beginner dildo or go for toys with additional features, such as the inflatable dildo which is great for vaginal and anal training. There are specifically designed toys like the anal dildo which is thinner for a safe and satisfying anal penetration, and for an immersive experience, try a squirting dildo which imitates a real climax.

You may also explore different types of material, ranging from the glass dildo or glass wand, which is smooth and firm and also has potential for temperature play, to the silicone dildo, which is known for its safety and easy maintenance.

Butt Plugs and Anal Beads are also great choices if you’re looking for something specifically for anal play. Plugs can stretch your butt to it’s limit, providing a completely unique feeling. Anal beads on the other hand, offer stimulation when you insert them and pull them out. This is often described as a popping feeling.

Whether you’re single and sex-starved, or happily satisfied with your partner’s sexual capabilities, or want to wear a collar, a chastity belt, there’s always a sex toy that can give you what you need!