Choosing the Right Sex Toy

In this guide, we're going to teach you how to choose the right sex toy. We'll walk you through the steps to making an informed decision that will have you nodding with confidence when you say, "This one's mine!"

There's So Many Toys, How Do You Choose?

The selection of sex toys is vast and, let's be honest, it can be a bit much to take in. Vibrators, dildos, plugs, rings... the list goes on. How do you even start to choose?

First things first, think about what you really want. Do you crave soft, gentle stimulation, or are you looking for something that packs a punch? Are you into the visual appeal of the toy (imagine a shiny cock cage or a tall, slender dildo), or is it all about the sensation like the ones a vibrator can give? Your personal desires are key here, and they should be the compass that guides your choice.

You might not strike gold on your first go. Personal experimentation is part of the fun. Start with something that intrigues you, and be open to the experience. If you're new to this, ease into it. 

What’s Off Limits?

If you're bringing toys into the bedroom with you and your partner, consent and communication are your best friends. Have a chat before the action starts. A little conversation can go a long way!

Now, onto safety and hygiene.  Always follow the care instructions to a T. And if you're sharing, cover up—use a condom on the toy to keep things spick and span.

If you're scratching your head about how to keep things safe, don't fret. There's a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Reputable websites and forums are chock-full of folks who've been in your shoes and are more than happy to share their wisdom.

What Do You Enjoy?

Knowing what floats your boat in the bedroom is crucial when it comes to picking out a sex toy. Are you into chastity play? Then you might like chastity devices such as cock cages or chastity belts that will help bring more excitement. Your personal likes and dislikes are the deciding factor here.

If you're not quite sure what you're into, that’s okay! Treat it as a journey of self-discovery. Solo exploration or chats with a partner can shed light on what you’re looking for in a sex toy. 

You can also switch things up with different types of stimulation to see what sends shivers down your spine. Maybe vibrations are your thing, or perhaps you're curious about suction sensations. You won't know until you try, right?

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

When you're eyeing up that next pleasure-pusher, budget considerations are key. You don't need to break the bank to hit the high notes, but you do want to ensure you're getting a bang for your buck.

Finding that sweet spot between quality and affordability is crucial. It's easy to be tempted by a budget-friendly price tag, but remember – you're investing in your pleasure and safety. So, it's worth shelling out a few extra bucks for a toy that won't call it quits after just a couple of rendezvous.

There's a whole spectrum of options out there, from the wallet-friendly basics like plastic dildos and butt plugs to the higher-end, feature-packed marvels that have extra features. You've got choices galore across various price points. Just like a good buffet, there's something for everyone – and every budget.

More tips?

Peek into online forums. Users are sharing their goldmines of finds where the price is right, and the quality is tight. Sign up for newsletters, stalk their social media, and you might just snag that dreamy device that's perfect for you. So, when you're ready to add to your collection, weigh your options, check those reviews, and don't be shy to hunt for deals. 

Making an informed choice is not just smart, it's essential. It's like picking a new smartphone or a pair of sneakers—you want the best experience for your investment. Prioritize what you want and need, and don't forget to keep things safe and squeaky clean.
Simone Brooks

A Southern-based author brings clarity to the intimate world of sex toys, focusing on user-friendly guides and reviews for dildos and nipple toys. Drawing from her past as an educator, she crafts content that enlightens and equips her readers, making the exploration of pleasure accessible to all. Beyond writing, she finds solace in nurturing her garden and roaming the countryside with her favorite dogs, where she gathers inspiration for her work.