Storing Your Sex Toys

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Why Proper Storage Is Important

Protect your investment—your sex toys! It's not simply tossing them in a drawer and calling it a day. Stashing your toys the right way entails they are hygienic and ready for action at all times. Doing this prevents dust or pesky bacteria from ruining your intimate moments.
More than just keeping your toys clean, storing them right ensures they hold their shape, texture, and function. That’s because your toys are made of materials that need TLC. Let's say you've got one tiny silicone butt plug. It deserves a spot that won't have it rubbing shoulders with materials that could cause degradation.
Then, there are elements—heat and moisture. They’re known as the arch-nemesis of your pleasure pals. Excessive heat can warp your toys, and moisture can result in mold. Storing your treasures in a cool, humid-free place keeps them in top-notch condition so they're ready to perform at a moment's notice.

How To Store Your Sex Toys

Putting away your sex toys keeps them hidden from view, but more than that, it preserves their quality and ensures they're ready for action when you are. Let's get into the details.
First, wrap up each of your toys in their own cozy storage bag or pop them into individual containers. Why? Because material components can react with each other, degrading your toys in the process.
Next, pick a shaded, dry area where your toys can chill out. This will prevent them from getting sweaty while protecting the material and electronic components from breaking down.
UV rays can be harsh, causing discoloration and weakening of materials over time. Imagine having a once-vibrant dildo that is now discolored. So unless you're into the faded, vintage look for your pleasure products, keep them away from sunlight.

How To Keep Your Toys Discreet

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Subtle storage that leaves your nosy housemates clueless is an excellent space to keep your precious little secrets. A lockable case or a plain-looking box that seamlessly melds with your room's vibe is ideal. A book that’s hollowed out or an innocent-looking water bottle can keep your toys under wraps, too.
If you want to add a touch of magical secrecy, use hidden compartments or furniture with secret stash spots. These nifty pieces double as decor and discreet hiding places for your toys.
Got smaller gadgets? Tuck them away in plain sight within a sock drawer or nestled in a cosmetic bag among your blush and mascara. It's the old "hide in plain sight" trick, which works like a charm.

Signs Your Sex Toy Needs To Be Replaced

Notice cracks, chips, or signs of fraying? If you see any of these, no matter how little they seem, it's time to buy a replacement. These flaws aren't just unsightly—they could harbor infection-causing bacteria. Dispose of them properly rather than experience discomfort while using them.
If an off-putting odor lingers even after a thorough clean, there’s a great chance your pleasure buddy is breaking down on a material level. You're committing a huge mistake if you brush it off as a minor inconvenience. This is a hygiene issue that deserves immediate attention.
Any unexpected itching, burning, or rash is a bad sign you mustn't ignore. Allergic reactions or discomfort tell you clearly that your body isn’t compatible with your toy. Switch out materials right away to ensure your playtime is enjoyable and comfortable.

Sex Toy Cleaning And Maintenance

Wash your pleasure tools thoroughly with mild soap and water. It's the tried-and-true method for most toys out there. Stick to a gentle-cleaning soap and a soft sponge to avoid damaging your playtime besties. They can scratch up the surface, leaving them vulnerable. So be gentle.
Play by the rules to stay ahead of the game. And who makes those? The manufacturer. They know their products more than anyone, so check the manual for any special treatment your toy might need.
Finally, play detective with your toys. Inspect them regularly, looking for cracks, tears, or any signs telling you it’s time to bid your trusty friend goodbye. Remember, a little upkeep means more playtime with your pleasure buddy.
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