Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump
Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump
Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump
Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump
Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump

Ignorance isn’t always bliss, especially when we’re talking about sex. If you belong to the percentage of women who have never tried using pussy pumps even once, you’re missing a good chunk in your sex life. If you’re curious about how it feels using one, here’s a clue: It sucks—but in an erotic, sexy way.

If you think it's time to try one now, good thing we have the Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump to introduce you to a world where aesthetic meets pleasure.

Pussy pumping is not just about feeling good. It can make your love tunnel look good, too. Surprised? Using a pump will make your pussy look plumper, helping it appear to be more delicious to lick than it already is. Everyone gets turned on when they see a pinkish chubby vag, and that’s a fact.

Using this device will make you pretty. That’s settled. Now let’s focus on making you feel good, shall we? This pleasure sucker comes in two variants: one with a manual pump and one without. Both look good and feel amazing to use as well. The back of the suction pad houses a battery-operator vibrator for further stimulation. In the insides of the pad are soft silicone bristles to brush your labia as the suction and the vibe works its magic on your lady bits. Now, if your device has a manual pump, you can control the intensity of suction, giving you a more hands-on experience. This joy toy’s strong suction directs the blood flow towards your genitals, which results in heightened sensations in this area. Have your lover lick your pussy all you want, and you’ll surely feel your spirit leave your body because the experience is not only astral, but out-of-this-world, too!

Once you’re done with your love session, make sure you clean this device so you’ll maintain its tip-top shape. Since it’s made of silicone, cleaning up is a breeze. Remove the battery first, and then wipe it with a clean cloth damped with warm water and soap.

Suck your senses out with the Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump. Add this to your cart now!


Color Pink, Purple
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Suction Cup: 3.78 inches (96mm)
Suction Cup: 2.17 inches (55mm)


Max Pleasure Clitoris Pump

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