Mile High Pleasure – Your Guide to Taking Sex Toys on Holiday

Heading off on holiday and considering bringing a little extra fun along? Many travelers like you are keen on keeping the pleasure high, even when they're mile high or basking in a foreign locale.
But before you pack your favorite vibrating buddy or that naughty set of butt plugs you've been saving for a special getaway, let's talk logistics.

You can absolutely take sex toys on holiday. However, there's a smart way to do it – and that's where this guide comes in handy. From dodging awkward airport encounters to making sure your toys are travel-ready, we've got you covered.

Can You Take Sex Toys On Holiday?

Yes, so let's get into the details so you can safely travel with your dildos and vibrators.

Which Sex Toys Should You Take

  • Go for Discretion: You don't want your personal pleasures to become public domain, so choose discreet sex toys. That means anything that doesn't immediately scream "I'm a sex toy!" can save you from blushing cheeks at the security line.
  • Size Matters: Think about your suitcase space. Compact and lightweight toys are ideal when it comes to travel. You want something that fits snugly in your luggage without taking up too much room or adding extra weight. That means you should opt for the smaller dildo just for the holiday.
  • Skip the Metals: Metal detectors and sex toys can be a noisy mix. To keep the beeps at bay, opt for non-metallic toys. So don't bring your metal cock cage with you. Silicone, plastic, or glass items are less likely to raise eyebrows or cause delays at security checkpoints.
  • Battery Considerations: Toys with removable batteries are a go-to for travel. This way, you can pop the batteries out and ensure that your toy doesn't start buzzing when it's supposed to be quiet. Plus, it's a nod to following travel regulations.
  • Know the Rules: Do a quick check on the legal stance of your destination towards sex toys. Some places might not be as welcoming, so it's better to be safe than sorry.

How to Pack Them

  • Bag 'Em Up: Grab some clear plastic bags and give each toy its own. This keeps things hygienic and allows for a quick glance by security if needed. No fuss, no muss.
  • Battery Safety: If your toys are rechargeable, give them a full charge before you leave. For those with removable batteries, take them out. 
  • Cushion for Protection: Wrap your vibrators in soft clothing or padding. This not only shields them from damage but also keeps them discreetly tucked away amidst your personal items.
  • Carry-On Compliance: If your toys have lithium batteries, they need to fly with you in the cabin. Plus, having them in your carry-on means you're prepared if your checked luggage takes a detour.
  • Accessible for Inspection: You might need to show your toys during a security check, so pack them near the top of your bag or in an easily accessible spot. Quick access can make any inspections swift and less intrusive.
Remember, a little preparation goes a long way. Pack smart, and your holiday will be all the more enjoyable.

What If You Get Stopped at the Airport?

If you find yourself halted by security because you've brought them cock cages with you, keep your cool. TSA agents are no strangers to the occasional sex toy in a passenger's luggage. It's part of their day-to-day, so there's no need for red cheeks or a racing heart.

In the event that an agent pulls you aside for a closer look, honesty is your best policy. Answer any inquiries with straightforwardness. If a security agent holds up your toy and asks what it is, simply tell them.

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of unpacking your intimate accessories in public, you have the right to request a private screening. Don't hesitate to ask for one.

Remember, if you're carrying lubes, they must comply with the 3-1-1 TSA rule for liquids: containers of 3.4 ounces or less, in a single, clear, quart-sized bag. One bag per traveler, placed in the screening bin. Stick to these guidelines to avoid any hold-ups.

Lastly, be ready to present your dildos and vibrators if needed, without a hint of shame. Security staff are professionals, and they're not there to judge your personal life. They've seen it all anyway.

Legal Considerations and Restrictions

Laws and regulations on sex toys can vary wildly from country to country, and what's acceptable at home might land you in hot water elsewhere.

Research the laws of your destination country regarding sex toys.
This cannot be negotiated. You might be surprised to learn that some places you're visiting have strict rules—or outright bans—on personal pleasure devices like dildos and butt plugs. A quick internet search or a peek at the embassy's website should give you the lowdown on what's allowed.

Be aware that some countries have strict prohibitions on such items. Yes, it's worth repeating: check, check, and double-check! The last thing you want is for your vacation to turn into an unintended adventure in international law.

Avoid traveling with toys that could be interpreted as offensive or illegal. This means that anything that might raise eyebrows or cause offense should stay at home. So keep your religious-themed sex toys at home. You know your collection best, so use your judgment here, and when in doubt, leave it out.

Declare any items if requested by customs to avoid legal complications. Again, customs officials aren't there to judge your personal life; they're just doing their job. A straightforward declaration can save you from a world of trouble.

Ensure you know the rules about adult items in checked vs. carry-on luggage. This is crucial for both your peace of mind and the safety of your toys. Some items, especially those with batteries, may need to be in your carry-on. Others might be better off tucked away in your checked baggage. Familiarize yourself with airline policies and TSA guidelines to fly your vibrators and cock cages without a hitch.

Choosing the Right Storage for Your Toys

Hunt down a case or bag that's made with your toys in mind. These specialty storage options are out there, and they're designed to be as discreet as possible. Consider a lockable case. It adds a layer of security and keeps prying eyes (and hands) at bay. 

Grab a case with some cushioning because it's a simple way to prevent any unexpected buzzing or whirring as your bag goes through the scanner. 

Spills and leaks happen, so pick a case that's a cinch to clean. Whether it's a bit of lube or your shampoo deciding to explode mid-flight, a wipeable interior will save you from a messy situation.

After the Flight: Maintaining Your Toys While on Holiday

Once you've landed and the seatbelt sign is a distant memory, it's time to ensure your sex toys stay in top condition during your holiday. 
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness—Don't forget to clean and dry your toys before and after each use. This is particularly important in humid destinations where moisture lingers like an uninvited guest. A quick wipe-down with a suitable cleaner will keep your playthings ready and hygienic.
  • Find a secret haven for your toys in your accommodation. Whether it's a locked suitcase or a nondescript drawer, make sure your toys are stowed away securely. You don't want the cleaning staff or, worse, your travel companions stumbling upon your intimate accessories during an innocent search for spare towels.
  • Electric avenue requires the right adapter. If your toys are the rechargeable type, remember to pack a travel adapter compatible with your destination's outlets. Nothing kills the mood like a toy that's out of juice with no way to recharge.
  • Avoid temperature tantrums. Extreme heat or cold can mess with your toys' materials and electronics. Don't leave them lounging in direct sunlight by the pool or shivering on a frosty windowsill. Treat them like you would your smartphone or any other valuable gadget.
  • Be a considerate co-habitant. If you're sharing your holiday space, keep your playful pals out of sight. It's not just about discretion—it's about respecting the comfort levels of everyone around you. Plus, it prevents any awkward breakfast conversations about the mysterious buzzing sound at 2 AM.
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