Clover Clamps

The beauty of the common butterfly can easily be appreciated by many. The functionality of our Butterfly Nipple Clamps might be overwhelming for some, but we promise that it'll all be worth it.

If you ask us, butterfly nipple clamps are actually our personal favorite. We'd like to call these our mini medieval torture clamps...but don't be overwhelmed by the term. Butterfly clamps literally look like mechanical devices that are designed to inflict pain, but since they're nipple clamps, they can inflict pleasure as well.

There's nothing exceptional about this collection of butterfly nipple clamps, other than the fact that this includes some of the most extreme nipple clamps we have here at Lovegasm. The distinguishing feature of these devices boils down to its mechanism. Butterfly nipple clamps have a unique spring system that increases the pressure on your tits when they're clamped.

Weirdly enough, this mechanism was invented by Japanese seamstresses, and the clamps were originally called Clover Clamps. The clamps were used to hold down pieces of fabric as the women worked on them. Seeing as how effective they were in holding down things, someone might have assumed that it would be a great idea to use them as BDSM toys.

And we can say that whoever considered that did a really great job! Butterfly nipple clamps are sturdy, solid, and built solely for your precious pleasurable pain. All butterfly nipple clamps are made from high-quality stainless steel, which should be enough for you to know how serious these toys are when it comes to nipple torture.

Only experienced nipple masochists can take the pressure from these because unlike other types of nipple clamps, the level of pressure can't be adjusted on the butterfly clamps. They either torture you or make you feel good. But they're not that intense as we say they are. All of our butterfly clamps have cushioned tips to provide some comfort whilst using them.

Another common feature of butterfly nipple clamps is the eyelet on each. This is designed to either add some class or make them even more badass. We have butterfly clamps that include dangling charms, bells, and tassels! Plain and simple butterfly clamps are provided if you want to add your own flair to it.

Do you want to inflict even more pain using these clamps? Then you should check out our butterfly nipple clamps with chain. The chain can be pulled to increase the level of torture you or your partner want to go through. If your hands are too busy to pull, then clamps with buckets are the perfect choice for you. Just use pebbles, marbles, or any weighted object to place inside the bucket to make them heavier, thus pulling the clamps downward.

We can only imagine the endless ways you'll be having fun with our butterfly nipple clamps. A simple piece of mechanism turned to dedicated nipplegasm devices. Have a look at each and see what set are you ready to take on.

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